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7.7” Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q OLED Monitor/Recorder
7.7” Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q OLED Monitor/Recorder

Product Overview
The Odyssey 7Q is a professional 7.7” OLED monitor with high-end monitor features in a compact, affordable, versatile unit that is perfect for any camera system--from DSLRs to high-end 4K raw cine cameras

AbelCine will now provide support or loaner equipment for anyone experiencing an issue with their unit. To lean more about the Odyssey Quick Response Dealer Program at AbelCine click here.

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The Odyssey7Q simplifies on-camera setups, eliminating the need for separate products. The result is a recorder/monitor with greater reliability, lower power, and less weight (features that have defined the Convergent Design brand). The user interface is simple and easy to use, minimizing set-up time and on-set frustration. The Odyssey 7Q automatically detects the incoming video format and, when possible, sets up the entire recorder/monitor, based on camera metadata (ARRIRAW, Canon Raw, 2K Raw, etc.). The 1280x800 OLED allows for an uncluttered video display. Multi-stream monitoring lets you display up to four HD (1080p30) streams in a quad-split viewing mode with live switching (Multi-stream recording is capable with the Multi-Stream HD Option, sold separately).

The Odyssey 7Q includes a set of professional features such as Waveform, RGB Parade, Zebras, 1:1 Pixel, Focus Assist (Peaking), Vectorscope, Histogram, LUT Support, False Color and more. The 7.7” OLED has a 1280x800 RGB pixel array, wide color gamut, and 3400:1 contrast, with virtually no motion blurring and true blacks. Bluetooth LE supports simple remote control through iPhone and Android apps.

As a recorder, Odyssey7Q supports a wide range of recording formats including Avid DNxHD (up to 120fps), uncompressed HD/2K RGB 444 (up to 60p), 2K/HD Raw, ARRIRAW (4:3 and 16:9), and Canon 4K Raw. All recording formats are extra-cost options. New 2.5" highly-reliable “Server-Grade” SSD’s in 240GB, 480GB, and 960GB support read/write bandwidths in excess of 500 MBytes/sec per drive, enabling Canon 4K Raw at 60 fps on a single recorder. The unique dual SSD architecture can be configured in spanning mode (to double record times), RAID 1 mode, for auto-backup or in RAID 0 mode for data-rates in excess of 1 GByte/sec.

The Odyssey 7Q ships as a monitor only, which can be upgraded to a recorder as needed. For the first time, support for recording options can be purchased outright or “rented” at competitive rates. Add optional features anytime from anywhere, via a secure online purchase from the Convergent Design website to obtain an activation key, provided at the point of purchase and you’re up and running.  Rental of recording options (ARRIRAW, for example) provides many benefits including no shipping hassles, no insurance certificates, and none of the scheduling issues of traditional rentals. Recording options are rented in 24-hour blocks, with unused blocks available for future use.

Odyssey7 and Odyssey7Q comparison:

Feature:                                   Odyssey7                   Odyssey7Q
HD/3G-SDI BNC Ports      2-In + 2-Out          4-In + 2-Out or 2-In + 4-Out
Embedded Audio, 48K, 24-Bit    2 Channels                       8 Channels
Video Streams Supported                     1                                      4

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