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Arri ALEXA Anton Bauer Brick Kit

Model: AB-ALEXA-B864
The ARRI ALEXA can power from the common and rugged Anton Bauer battery bricks. A single Hytron 140 can run the camera for 60-90 minutes, depending on accessories. The heavy duty TM4 charger can...

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Arri Alexa Handgrip Set

Model: AR-801105
The Alexa handgrip set includes two handgrips, two extension tubes to extend the handgrips further left and right and two extensions to place the handgrips further in front of the operator

Our price : $2,733.30
Stock: Contact Sales for availability
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Arri ALEXA One Man Band Kit

Model: AB-ALEXA-B866
The ARRI ALEXA Digital Cinema camera has gained popularity in all forms of production, so AbelCine has created a kit to make the camera more friendly to one or two man ENG-style crews. On camera...

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Arri ALEXA UniBob Kit

Model: AB-ALEXA-B865
The UniBob allows the ARRI ALEXA to be outfitted with as many powered accessories as any production could ever need. 300w of 14.4v and 300w of 28v power are available for lens controllers,...

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Arri ALEXA VEB-3 Viewfinder Extension Bracket

Model: AR-800216
Sturdy telescoping bracket that positions the Electronic Viewfinder EVF-1 at the back of the camera (ideal for use with geared heads)

Our price : $660.00
Stock: Estimated Ship in 1-2 weeks
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Arri ALEXA VMB-3 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket

Model: AR-800214
Sturdy bracket that attaches the Electronic Viewfinder EVF-1 to all ALEXA cameras (Electronic Viewfinder Adapter EVA-1 additionally required for ALEXA Studio)

Our price : $1,100.00
Stock: Estimated Ship in 1-2 weeks
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Arri BP-12 Bridgeplate w. 19mm Rods (9.4 Long)

Model: AR-801115
The BP-12 bridgeplate is compatible with ALEXA, ALEXA Plus, ALEXA Plus 4:3, ALEXA M body and Adapter Plate for Canon EOS C300

Our price : $1,267.20
Stock: Estimated Ship in 1-2 weeks
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Arri CCH-2 Center Camera Handle

Model: AR-801101
The CCH-2 Centered Camera Handle can be attached to the top of the ALEXA M and provide additional attachment points for accessories

Our price : $246.60
Stock: In stock
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Arri CLM-4 Controlled Lens Motor

Model: AR-312830
Arri's CLM-4 is a very quiet lens motor that will drive any standard lens in a smooth and pleasant manner

Our price : $2,879.10
Stock: Estimated Ship in 1-2 weeks
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Arri HEB-1 Handle Extension Block for Alexa

Model: AR-200740
The HEB-1 attaches to the Center Camera Handle (CCH-1) on the Arri Alexa camera

Our price : $290.00
Stock: In stock
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