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AbelCine 20” Resolution Analysis Chart
AbelCine 20” Resolution Analysis Chart

Product Overview
Comprehensive analysis tools built for today’s wide range of formats, sensor sizes, and resolutions
Abel Code AB-LENSCHART20-100
Mfr. Code AB-LENSCHART20-100

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High-resolution cameras and lenses require analysis tools that are more informative than the legacy charts commonly used today. The inherent limitations of star-like patterns make it extremely challenging to determine accurate, repeatable measurements of any cameras and lenses that resolve 2K, 4K and higher. AbelCine has designed a system that solves this challenge, and provides many additional evaluation capabilities for camera techs, camera assistants and equipment owners.

Resolution Analysis Charts include:

Discrete, Logarithmically Progressed Frequencies – for accurate, easy-to-read focus of all focal lengths and all resolutions.

Circular Patterns, Symmetrical Layout – to reveal differences in resolution across different axes and areas of the frame.

Multiple Aspect Ratios – provides markings for 16:9, 1.85:1, 2.39:1 and 4:3.

Colors and Grayscale – provides colors correlating to the six primary and secondary axes on a vector scope, as well as skin tones and progressive grayscales.

Frame-Relative Units of Measurement
All resolution measurements are printed in frame-relative units of Line Pairs per Picture Height (LP/PH), so no knowledge of the camera’s sensor dimensions is needed to get readings that can be compared to readings from a different sensor. As a result it is not necessary to measure the distance between the camera’s focus plane and the chart or know the precise lens focal length to get accurate readings.
The system also provides slant edge targets to support software MTF analysis.
The charts are available in three sizes to accommodate all working conditions, ranging from rental house and service environments to field use.

• Measures 20.5" x 13", 52cm x 33cm
• Designed for use in tight spaces and in the field
• Frequencies for testing up to 2k resolution
• Color for camera matching
• Includes padded sleeve

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