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AbelCine Wireless Video Solution
AbelCine Wireless Video Solution

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The AbelCine Wireless Video Soultion transmits full HDMI or HD-SDI signals with audio and without signal delay. Complete with 12v battery power via standard P-Tap.
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The AbelCine Wireless Video Solution utilizes the WiHD transmission standard to transmit an HD signal up to 150 feet (line of sight). The kit supports HDMI and HD-SDI at both the transmitter and receiver ends and the two standards can be intermixed (ie, an HD-SDI camera source to an HDMI monitor). Power is regulated so that all components are fed from a single industry-standard 12v P-Tap at both the transmitter and receiver end. Components are connected via a locking HDMI cable to protect connectors and prevent signal loss. All HD-SDI & HDMI video standards are compatible with this solution, including time code and trigger pulse signals.

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