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Arri ALEXA SXT W Basic Camera Set
Arri ALEXA SXT W Basic Camera Set

Product Overview
In a move that will increase efficiency on set, ARRI has integrated a high-quality and low-latency HD video transmitter and WiFi into the new ALEXA SXT W model ("W" for Wireless). Based on the popular ALEXA SXT Plus, the SXT W will replace the SXT Plus and Studio models. As always, there are attractive upgrade options for existing owners of ALEXA SXT EV and ALEXA SXT Plus cameras.
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The new ALEXA SXT W model is a truly wireless professional motion picture camera that combines a high-performance HD video transmitter, a WiFi radio, and the ECS – ARRI’s proprietary wireless camera and lens control system. ARRI's special design ensures that all three radios work without interference from each other, thereby saving time and reducing problems on set.

The built-in video transmitter makes the camera smaller and lighter than it would be with an external transmitter. It also avoids any cable problems, allows for faster camera setups, and enables productions to move faster. Wireless video transmission is long range (600 m), with zero delay (< 1 ms), as well as being uncompressed and encrypted (128 bit AES encryption). It includes audio, timecode, and a REC flag.

The integrated WiFi opens up a whole range of options, starting with wireless color management on set and continuing with wireless camera remote control using the ALEXA Web Remote. Other WiFi options are under development.


  • A fully wireless camera
    • Integrated wireless video
    • Integrated WiFi
    • Integrated ARRI ECS wireless camera/lens control
    • Interference-free operation between video, WiFi and ECS radios
  • Integrated wireless video
    • Smaller & lighter than with external transmitter
    • No cable problems
    • Faster setup
  • Integrated WiFi
    • Wireless look control
    • Wireless camera control
    • More features in development
  • High performance video transmission
    • Robust link
    • Long range (600 m, 2,000 feet)
    • Zero delay (< 1ms)
    • Uncompressed
    • Secure (128 bit AES encryption)
    • Includes 2 channel audio, TC and REC flag

Note: This device has not been authorized yet as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased in the USA, until authorization is obtained.
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