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Arri ALEXA Camera Family
Arri ALEXA Camera Family

Product Overview
The Arri ALEXA has a Super-35 sensor with high sensitivity, amazing dynamic range with a camera design offering great ease of use and a variety of recording options. Choose from the Alexa Family below for additional functionality.
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Alexa Family

 Details   Package Includes 
- ARRI ALEXA camera body with SxS recording module
- Top handle with extension
- EV-1 color viewfinder with mount & cable
- Extension mount and cable for EV-1
- Mounts for video or studio bridgeplates, 15mm or 19mm
- Shoulderpad
- Abel ALEXA Power Supply
- 2x 32GB SxS Pro cards

Alexa Family Details:

Alexa Plus option adds integrated wireless control with Arri's WCU systems, as well as a a 4th HD-SDI output and a 3rd 24v output, along with the LDS / Lens Data System.

Alexa 4:3 Plus option offers everything the Plus option has, along with a 4:3 sensor suitable for anamorphic lenses.

Alexa Studio option offers everything the 4:3 Plus has, along with an Optical Viewfinder and a Mechanical Spinning Shutter.

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