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Arri L7-C Color Controllable LED Fresnel w. Passive Cooling & Onboard Controls
Arri L7-C Color Controllable LED Fresnel w. Passive Cooling & Onboard Controls

Product Overview
The Arri L7-C is one of a series of LED fixtures to truly incorporate Fresnel characteristics such as continuous focusability from spot to flood and a smooth, homogenous light field. The L7-C is color controllable.
Abel Code AR-553500C
Mfr. Code 553500C
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Conventional Arri Frensels are known for their smooth intensity, uniform color, and even illumination--these characteristics are now shared with the L-Series. They operate the sames as the standard Fresnels, so they have a comfortable feel to lighting designers and technicians.

The L-Series are just as versatile as traditional Fresnels with the ability to spot and flood the beam as needed. Its continuous focusability (unlike traditional Fresnels, which have significant light waste in spot focus) ensures the L-Series optical system maintains the same field lumens in all focus positions. They also provide the same clear, defined shadow properties that have traditionally been a trait only of single source tungsten and daylight fixtures.


  • Onboard control - provides access to all lamphead parameters, such as manual intensity adjustment; color temperature and plus/minus green can be switched to asjust hue and saturation
  • Advanced cooling options - passive cooling system with no moving parts or fans; completely silent
  • Weather protection - IP54 rated for weather resistance; fixture is protected from falling rain and splashing water, at any angle; internal electronics, optics and LEDs are protected from dust, dirt and humidity
  • Focus Knobs - knobs on both sides of the fixture ensure easy access from all positions
  • Sliding Stirrup - for precise adjustment of the fixture’s center of gravity; to compensate for front-end accessories
  • Yoke - extruded aluminum yoke provides high strength without added weight
  • Tilt lock - provides extremely secure locking, eliminating movement and slippage and ensuring that the fixtures will stay in place
  • Pole operation - Optional pole operation is available for studio use

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