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Boxx Zenith Portable Transmitter
Boxx Zenith Portable Transmitter

Product Overview
The Zenith wireless system is designed for wireless ENG and HD live productions where range and signal reliability are essential. The unique network capability of the system allows for an almost infinite shooting area by deploying inexpensive receiver nodes wired with Category-5 cabling
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The bandwith is adjustable (between 5-40MHz) and one of the strengths of the Zenith system is its ability to navigate around interference when operating in "wide-bandwith mode" making the link robust and extremely stable. Zenith is fully configurable via a Web interface and statistics can be monitored on portable devices (such as an iPhone) allowing the operator the flexibility to configure the system for optimal HD wireless transmission within any environment. Zenith provides a scalable modular solution allowing trade offs between budget and performance.


  • 80 milliseconds latency
  • 5.1 - 5.9GHz license-exempt band (approx. 20 x 10MHz channels available)
  • Range from camera back transmitter up to .62 mi
  • Range (pointo-to-point) up to 3.1 mi
  • 1 - 30Mb encoding bitrate
  • Configure and monitor statistics via web page using a laptop. iPad, iPhone, or other popular portable device
  • Secure encrypted transmission
  • LED signal strength meter on transmitter and receiver

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