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Canon Compact-Servo 4K 70-200mm T4.4 Zoom
Canon Compact-Servo 4K 70-200mm T4.4 Zoom

Product Overview
Ideal for video and cinematography, the Canon Compact-Servo 4K 70-200mm T4.4 Zoom lens provides full external servo control over zoom, iris, and focus. Explore all the lens features.

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Mfr. Code 2568C002
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The Compact-Servo 70-200mm T4.4 EF Mount Zoom lens delivers full external servo control over zoom, focus, and iris. The integrated servo drive unit is compatible with broadcast industry-standard lens controllers including Canon's standard broadcast lens controllers (ZSD-300D/FPD-400D). An optional ZSG-C10 Zoom Servo Grip can mount to the lens for handheld operation.

This 70-200mm lens combines high level 4K optical performance with a compact size of only 7.2 in. in length and a weight of only 2.76lb to provide great mobility. The lightweight design and compact size allows these lenses to be used in a wide range of shooting environments and applications.

Three levels of Image Stabilization and incorporated autofocus functions set the Compact-Servo 70–200mm T4.4 EF lens apart from traditional Super 35mm Cinema lenses. A 9-blade iris creates a rounded aperture which means out-of-focus highlights appear circular. The lens also features a 2.8x zoom magnification, a focal length range of 70–200mm, and a 130º smooth rotating focus ring.

The lens is also compatible with the Canon EF 1.4x III and EF 2x III Extenders. The 70–200mm T4.4 EF lens offers professional video functionality all at an affordable price, making it ideal for a wide range of video applications including documentary, cinema, news gathering, wedding, and other video production.

The Compact-Servo 70-200mm lens fits right into your kit. The zoom range, image stabilization, and lightweight body of this lens will match your CN-E prime lenses.

4K Imagery
Sharp imagery can be produced with 4K resolution on the Compact-Servo 70-200mm. Canon mentions how the contrast range associated with High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging helps ensure both deep black reproduction and excellent highlights. It also can enhance lens chromatic aberrations, but Canon’s optical design of the Compact-Servo lens family anticipated this in order to minimize aberrations.

Canon Compact-Servo lenses provide these features:

Parfocal Operation (precise focus through the entire zoom range) – Achieve Parfocal Operation in both manual and autofocus modes with the Canon Compact-Servo lenses which employ a special lens group to move and maintain precise focus while a separate lens group performs the zooming action. This helps you maintain focus while zooming.

Consistent Brightness – Canon Compact-Servo lenses provide consistent brightness throughout the entire zoom range by maintaining a wide aperture of T4.4 (F4.0). In this manner, you will be able to zoom without the image dimming.

Minimized Focus Breathing – Canon Compact-Servo lens minimizes focus breathing When you adjust focus during video capture. Focus breathing is a change in magnification of the image when adjusting focus.

Continuous Iris Control – Precise exposure control is provided by Canon’s Compact-Servo lenses due to the 9-blade iris which creates a rounded aperture. Out-of-focus highlights appear circular and the lens adjusts smoothly from open to closed. An odd number of iris blades, along with an increased blade count, can reduce distracting flares. You can also completely close the Compact-Servo irises to adjust your black balance.

Image Stabilization (IS) – Three levels of Image Stabilization are offered by Compact-Servo lenses: Standard Mode for handheld operation Maximum Mode for high frequency movement Smooth Mode for tripod-based operations You can also switch off the IS function, if required.

Color Consistency – Canon refined their color science over many generations of lens designs. They paid close attention to pleasing skin tone reproduction. You can interchange Canon’s Cinema (CN-E) lenses and Compact-Servo lenses during the same product (or use one on Camera A and another lens family on Camera B) yet retain the same warm, cine-look color characteristics in your separate footage.

Servo Drive Unit – Power your zoom servo drive controls through the lens mount or via a separate port. This unit is compatible with Canon zoom and focus broadcast-style controllers. You can also mount an optional ZSG-C10 Zoom Servo Grip to the servo drive for handheld use.

Autofocus & Autoexposure – Ultrasonic Motor drives (USM) provide fast and quiet autofocus on this Compact-Servo lens. Canon Electromagnetic Diaphragm technology incorporates a motor directly to the lens iris for precise and smooth autoexposure response.

Extend your Focal Length – Expand your zoom range with an optional extender such as the Canon EF 1.4x or the EF 2x III Extender.

Manual Operation – Disengage the Servo controls for the focus, iris, and zoom rings to operate this lens in a manual mode. All three things deliver fluid operation. In full manual mode, the barrel rings are direct controls for the precise adjustments you require. You can rotate the focus ring 130° for accurate mark settings. Due to the gearing on the lens rings you also have the option to engage separate accessory controllers.

  • Focus Ring 0.8M Gear
  • Iris Ring 0.5M Gear
  • Focus Ring 0.5M Gear
The Compact-Servo lens family supports a wide range of optional accessories. Please recall when pairing the 70-200mm with a mattebox that the front diameter of this lens is 84mm without the removable, included sunshade. It accepts 77mm screw-in filters. You can choose an optional lens support foot to stabilize the lens on rods.

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