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Canon HJ40x14B IASD-V HDxs Series Telephoto HDTV Zoom Lens
Canon HJ40x14B IASD-V HDxs Series Telephoto HDTV Zoom Lens

Product Overview
HJ40x14B IASD-V HDxs Series Telephoto HDTV Lens:
2.0x Extender: yes, Zoom Servo: yes, Focus Servo: no, Weight: 12.02lbs
Abel Code CN-HJ40x14B-IASD-V
Mfr. Code HJ40x14B IASD-V
MSRP $95,700.00
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The Canon HJ40x14B IASD-V is a portable EFP telephoto lens designed for documentary, natural history, and wildlife shooters that need to capture sharp, crisp images from a great distance. Its superb built-in image stabilization also makes it ideal for aerial, concert, and sporting events that require both longer zoom ranges and portability. Shuttle Shot, an enhanced servo system, lets the operator zoom back and forth between two positions for either checking focus or precise zooming, while the design incorporates a dual lens approach to broaden the shooting options, achievement of an adequate sensitivity, maximization of image contrast, and preservation of the highest MTF over the long focal ranges.


Zoom Ratio: 40x

Image Size: 2/3"

Range of Focal Length:

Maximum Relative Aperture (in 16x9 and Switchable 4x3 Aspect Ratio):
1:2.8 at 14~307mm
1:5.1 at 560mm
1:5.6 at 28~614mm
1:10.2 at 1120mm

Angular Field of View in 16:9 Aspect Ratio:
37.8x21.8 at 14mm
1.0x0.6 at 560mm
19.4x11.0 at 28mm (2x Ext)
0.5x0.3 at 1120mm(2x Ext)

Angular Field of View in 4:3 Aspect Ratio:
28.8x21.8 at 14mm
0.7x.0.6 at 560mm
14.7x11.0 at 28mm (2x Ext)
0.4x0.3 at 1120mm(2x Ext)

M.O.D from Lens Front: 2.8m (10mm with Macro)

Object Dimensions at M.O.D in 16:9 Aspect Ratio:
177.1x99.5cm at 14mm
4.5x2.5cm at 560mm
88.6x49.8cm at 28mm (2x Ext)
2.3x1.3cm at 1120mm (2x Ext)

Object Dimensions at M.O.D in 4:3 Aspect Ratio:
132.8x99.5cm at 14mm
3.4x2.5cm at 560mm
66.4x49.8cm at 28mm (2x Ext)
1.7x1.3cm at 1120mm(2x Ext)

Approx. Size (WxHxL): 174.1x133.0x355.5 mm

Approx. Weight 12.02lbs (5.45kg)

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