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AbelCine has all the tools that DITs need: carts, routers, monitors, scopes, LUT boxes, on-set color management systems and devices for storing all their data. We also offer a series of workshops on DIT and engineering topics that cover these tools in detail.
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The Anatomy of a DIT Cart
As you might know, we offer a variety of workshops on DIT & Engineering topics, and we are often asked about what you might find on a DIT cart. Speaking with many DITs and building on my own experience, I put together a souped-up cart for demonstration purposes and created this video series... more »
High Dynamic Range Explained
For years we have been hearing about the next great innovation in television displays. 3D, 4K, curved, you name it, there is always a new buzzword that is used to push consumers to buy new TVs. These display trends certainly mirror the trends in camera technology, both the good and the bad. The... more »
Live Color Grading with the VariCam: Part 2 - Working with Pomfort
Using Pomforts LiveGrade you can remotely color grade the VariCam 35. In my previous post, I explained how to set up the camera in preparation for the next step - working with the LiveGrade software. The software connects to the camera over a wired or wireless network and can work in a couple... more »
Live Color Grading with the VariCam: Part 1 - Camera Setup
One of the great features of the Panasonic VariCam 35 is its built in color management. The camera can record in VariCam Log while applying look up tables (LUTs) to all outputs, including the viewfinder. The camera can load in both 3D LUTs for full color adjustment, as well as CDLs (Color... more »
An Updated Guide to Applying LUTs to Log Footage
One of the most popular blog posts Ive written was a guide to Applying LUTs to Log Footage in various NLEs. Since I posted it, a lot has changed in the popular NLEs; the tools used to apply Look Up Tables are now included in many of them, and they are generally better than ever. Here is a break... more »
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