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Projects of every size require a strategy for the long-term storage of their media assets. We offer hardware and software tools to organize your media library and make your workflow more efficient. Many of our solutions are scaleable to accommodate your changing needs.
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At the Bench: mLogic mTape LTO-6 System
Data archiving is not something most of us want to think about, but its a reality that all filmmakers have to face today. The demand for lower compression and higher resolution material is increasing, meaning that we all eat through hard drives much faster. On the bright side, archiving is... more »
At the Bench: Sony Optical Disc Archive System
Sony is known for their reliable and proven Optical Disc technology. Many of us have countless numbers of their XDCAM discs on our shelves serving as an archive, just like we used to do with tape stock. Sony has recognized the need to archive material in a larger format with the same... more »
Cover Your Assets: Media Management and Archiving
AbelCine offers scalable software and hardware to manage your digital assets effectively and affordably. These systems have been chosen because they work well together and offer simple, straightforward solutions that can leverage your existing resources rather than over-complicate your workflow. We... more »
Why Do I Need A Digital Asset Management System
Upon hearing the term Asset Management System most production people think of a tape library or a system to keep track of equipment. In todays world of tapeless acquisition, our master assets are digital, and a comprehensive method to keep track of them is usually referred to as a Digital Asset... more »
Data Back Up and Archiving: Understanding the Differences
Many productions today consider the archiving of acquisition media something to be dealt with after completion of the work. Other projects consider the backing up of original data onto additional hard drives as their archive. These, however, do not utilize the organizational and long-term... more »
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