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FireWire 1394A Cable - Port Isolator
FireWire 1394A Cable - Port Isolator

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This 6" FireWire isolator cable will help protect the FireWire ports on your computer and other equipment. You will still be able to hot-swap devices as this cable does not pass bus power. The isolator cable even will help you weed out bad cables since a cable that does not adhere to specs will fail using the isolator cable.
Abel Code FW-1394API
Mfr. Code CFE-66-8-NP
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This isolator cable fixes problems in long chains of many separately self-powered FireWire devices. These isolators prevent noise from the interconnected power lines from causing problems in long chains or where major differences (+10% on one supply and -10% on another is the worst case) exist between connected devices.The isolator cable has been designed to prevent charges from bad cables and faulty devices from going back up line and damaging the phy on the motherboard (such as the reported PowerBook problem many users have encountered).For bus powered devices using the isolator cable and then either the power supply that comes with your bus powered device or a powered hub/repeater is strongly recommended. The cable does not pass bus power.This is a 6 pin male to 6 pin female cable approximately 6 long so you can attach this cable to the FireWire port on your computer and then attach another cable to the Isolator to go to your hub or device(s).

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