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20" Sony LMD-2050W LCD HD Monitor

The Sony LMD-2050W is a 20-inch LCD professional video production monitor positioned at the top of the LUMA series. The monitor offers the latest DSP (Digital Signal Processor), market-proven...

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24" Sony LMD-2451TD 3D LUMA Monitor

The Sony LMD-2451TD is the 3D version of the popular LMD-2451 LUMA monitor

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24" Sony LMD-2451WHD HD-SDI Monitor

The Sony LMD-2451WHD is a package model consisting of the LMD-2451W and the BKM-243HS HD-SDI input module.

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46" JVC GD-463D 10U 3-D LCD HD Monitor

The GD-463D10U is a 46" flicker-free 3D display that utilizes a circular polarization system that does not require active shutter glasses.

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5.6" TV Logic VFM-056WP Multi-Format Compact LCD Monitor

The TV Logic VFM-056WP monitor is ideal for HDSLR and Compact HD work. Features include a lightweight design, LED backlit LCD, DSLR Scale, Focus Assist, Various Scan Modes, Markers, Audio Level...

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7" TV Logic LVM-074W Multi-Format Monitor

The LVM-074W is a high-resolution LED-backlight LCD panel in a lightweight and durable housing

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7.9" Panasonic BT-LH80WU HD/SDI LCD Monitor

The Panasonic 7.9" BT-LH80WU is a multi-format color electronic viewfinder & production monitor with Pixel-to-Pixel Mapping & built-in wave form monitor with SDI/HD-SDI.

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Cinedeck Extreme

Designed by cinematographers, the Cinedeck is a portable and rugged direct-to-disk, cinema-grade HD/2K video recorder, monitoring, and playback system. As small as an onboard LCD monitor, yet...

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8.4" HD LCD Monitor - Panasonic BT-LH900

HD-SDI with waveform for handheld or on-board use

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9" Portable AC/DC Monitor - Sony BVM-D9-5HU

CRT Field monitor w. HD-SDI and Y, Pb, Pr Inputs, supports NTSC

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