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Hive BEE 1000 Plasma Flood Kit
Hive BEE 1000 Plasma Flood Kit

Product Overview
Hive Lighting's 1000 Watt Plasma bulb represents a quantum leap forward in plasma lighting technology, resulting in a bulb that is 5 times brighter than they current 250W bulbs.
Abel Code HV-BPF1K-KIT
Mfr. Code BPF1K-KIT
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The Bee 1000 Plasma Flood bulb produces the equivalent output of a 2,500W HMI or 10,000W Tungsten Incandescent while only using 1,150 total system watts. This 1,000W plasma bulb is a full spectrum daylight source with a 98+ CRI. It is ideal for imitating natural daylight. It is 100% flicker free at any frame rate and can operated as a single point source bulb. It also offers dimming control.


  • 1000 Full System Watts
  • Electronic Dimming Control
  • 50,000 Hour Bulb Life
  • Flicker Free
  • Single Point Source Bulb

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