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KipperTie Diffusion OLPF for RED DSMC2 - Gold
KipperTie Diffusion OLPF for RED DSMC2 - Gold

Product Overview
The KipperTie filter range is carefully designed to provide the most effective, beautiful and consistent diffusion for your RED camera. A rare product that improves your images yet simplifies your rig. Each filter combines precision scientific-grade optical components with artisan hand-production techniques. The true optical low-pass filter function is maintained, and color calibration is matched to Red’s standard options.
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Gold softens and expands highlights, retaining sharp focus. The specialized dichroic particles split warm and cool color temperatures, softening skintone and warming harsh light sources, while keeping cool and shadow areas crisp and clean. Bokeh is rendered faithfully to the taking lens, with only slight patterning. Available in two diffusion densities, both using KipperTie’s own optimized color calibration.

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