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AbelCine offers a variety of lighting solutions for today's cinematographer, from the latest waterproof lights to interview kits to studio fixtures to high-speed flicker-free lighting. In addition to lights and lighting kits, we also carry a wide assortment of gaffers' tools and accessories.
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Arri Softbank D1 Light Kit with Wheeled Case Fiilex FLXK302 K302: All Weather 3 Light Travel Kit
Our price: $2,528.75
Our price: $2,849.00
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Advancements in LED Lighting Technology
by Mitch Gross Even with the fast pace of technical innovation seen in many areas of the motion picture industry, there still exists an underlying craftwork apprenticeship system that favors traditional methods and tools imparted over generations. This has been particularly true in the realm of... more »
At the Bench: Hive Lighting BEE Plasma Flood
During this years NAB show, Jon Miller of Hive Lighting stopped by our booth to tell me about the new BEE light, and he recently brought it by the LA office to give us a closer look. The BEE is a flood light that uses Hives proven plasma technology. The benefits of plasma lighting include high... more »
CCW 2014: Litepanels Astra
If you stopped by our CCW booth earlier this month, youll remember that we featured a Phantom Photo Booth as part of our display. Of course, when shooting high-speed footage, one of the most important considerations is having enough light - and thats where the new Litepanels Astra comes in.... more »
At the Bench: Sekonic SpectroMaster C-700 Color Meter
The Sekonic SpectroMaster C-700 color temperature meter provides data to determine a lights color temperature and compare it to other lighting instruments. In this blog, I present several lighting situations and how using different modes can determine a desired lighting setup. The C-700 is... more »
Cine Gear 2015: ARRI SkyPanel LED Light
I stopped by the ARRI booth at Cine Gear to speak with Mike Wagner, Senior Product Manager, about the new SkyPanel, a fully tunable LED soft light that compliments Arris L7-C fresnels. The user interface is easy to use with three simple knobs to adjust the intensity, color temperature and... more »
NAB 2015: Digital Sputnik DS LED System
Today I met with Kaur Kallas, Co-Founder of Digital Sputnik, to talk about their new DS LED System, the DS 3. The DS 3 is a modular system, so you can put the modules together or use them separately with one power supply driving up to three modules. The RGBW module has comparable output to 100W... more »
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