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Matthews Floatcam HD DC Slider
Matthews Floatcam HD DC Slider

Product Overview
The Floatcam HD DC Slider is a multifunctional camera platform that is a unique combination of slider and jib in one unit, and can accommodate cameras weighing up to 70lbs.
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The HD DC Slider features all of the same functionaltiy as the DC Slider, but can handle cameras weighing up to 70 lbs.

By combining an unusually long variable-angled camera slider track with mini-jib functionality, the HD DC Slider allows the camera to be adjusted to almost any angle. It can quickly transform into a vertical 6-foot tower, and the counterbalancing feature ensures precision camera moves are smooth and steady.

The HD DC Slider can be operated in variable angles. The counterbalance system assures steady and stable camera movements, even in the most acute angles. A simple, positive-locking adjustment feature allows for camera placement at the exact vertical or off-axis position. Minimum and maximum heights in the multi-angled positions are dependent on the tripod's height.

When in Mini-Jib mode, the HD DC Slider operates a working diameter of 63" (160cm) on the horizontal. The counterbalance system is locked to ensure unvarying movements through the full-range of the jib arm's capabilities. An easy adjustment of the parallelogram bar will allow the camera to stay locked on to a subject through the range of the jib arm's vertical travel rather than staying in a fixed attitude. The maximum and minimum operating heights of the Mini-jib function are also dependent on the tripod's height.

Two handles can be repositioned, turning the HD DC Slider into a tower, allowing for an exact vertical camera move through the full range of the 63" (160cm) track. Minimum and maximum heights of the camera moves, when mounted on the tower, are dependent on tripod configuration. The counterbalance system maintains a steady resistance to camera moves reducing the possibilities of irregular movements during the start or finish of a camera move.

The HD DC Slider can be mounted on a single tripod, or placed on level or uneven surfaces, and the constant counterbalance feature will always maintain a uniform pressure that ensures uniform camera movements throughout the full tracking length of 63" (160cm).

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