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Paralinx Arrow HD Wireless Kit
Paralinx Arrow HD Wireless Kit

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The Paralinx Arrow Kit includes a Transmitter, Receiver, and power adapter cable.
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The Paralinx Arrow is a low-cost HDMI video transmitter that is small, low-powered, uncompressed with very low latency and simple to use. The petite transmitter and receiver lock to one another (unit-to-unit encrypted) with a range of at least 150 feet; multiple transmitter-receiver pairs can even be used in the same location.Transmitter and receiver weigh 8-ounces.

Both Arrow transmitter and receiver Feature long life from a 5V DC power input. The receiver has an HDMI (1.3 compliant) output.  All standard HD and SD resolutions and frame rates are supported.

The Arrow is both FCC and CE certified.

Please note:

With any wireless device transmission distance may vary based on the operation environment, heavy wireless signal interference, or terrain. You may not be able to reach the maximum transmission distance depending on many factors.

Images and specification are preliminary and subject to change.


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