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Phantom HD Gold Camera
Phantom HD Gold Camera

Product Overview
The Phantom HD Gold gives you a broad choice of acquisition formats and frame rates. It is capable of resolutions beyond 2K, with frame rates in excess of 1000 fps at 1080p and 1500 fps in 720p. The imager achieves 35mm depth-of-field, and the camera is fully compatible with all 35mm accessories. The camera boasts an excellent dynamic range and a high sensitivity (ISO 550) making it useful even under normal lighting conditions.
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 Details   Package Includes 
- Vision Research Phantom HD Gold camera body
- Windows laptop computer camera control unit
- 1x 15mm lightweight rods adapter with rods
- 1x 15mm or 19mm sliding baseplate system with rods
- 1x Remote camera trigger
- 1x Ethernet & battery cables
- 1x Sony color HD viewfinder
- 1x Phantom Breakout Box
- 1x 400W Juicebox Power Supply

NOTE: AbelCine requires trained Phantom Technicians to accompany every Phantom camera rental. For more information, click here.

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