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Phantom Miro M320S High-Speed Digital Camera
Phantom Miro M320S High-Speed Digital Camera

Product Overview
Phantom high-speed is now at every professional filmmaker’s fingertips with the Miro M-series. The Phantom Miro M320S offers an entry into high-speed imaging with 1500 fps at 1920x1080 resolution. Its compact size, smooth workflow and entry-level pricing make the Miro M-series the most accessible high-speed cameras available today.
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Price Range Phantom Miro M-Series camera line from $45,000 to $60,000 depending on specific model and features.
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Vision Research has expanded their high-speed camera offerings with the introduction of the Phantom Miro M-Series. The new Miro M line opens up the phenomenal power of Phantom high-speed digital cameras to more filmmakers with a variety of applications. The Miro M320S can capture up to 1500 frames per second at 1920x1080 resolution, with both on board RAW recording and HD-SDI output. Miro M compliments the entire Phantom camera line-up including the high-end Phantom Flex (for Production) and the v641 (for Broadcast).

Each Miro M-Series camera is compatible with Vision Research's new and unique CineFlash storage technology. These removable, non-volatile storage devices slide into the camera body and provide a way to quickly save shots from the camera's memory without the need for time-consuming and costly downloads.

Later, remove the CineFlash module from the camera and insert it into the docking station connected to a computer. Cines stored on the CineFlash are now immediately available on the computer. You can also transfer the cines from the camera to your computer and edit the images using VRI's Remote Control Unit or Phantom Camera Control software (PCC). A 60GB CineFlash and Dock come with every camera purchase.

The Phantom Miro M-Series supports four lens mounts: F-, C-, PL- or EOS. EOS mounts allow the use of Canon EF and EF-S automated lenses. Adjust lens aperture and focus remotely using the PCU Control Unit for Phantom or the Phantom Camera Control software. These cameras also have a number of other advanced features including an internal capping shutter, Image-Based Auto-Trigger, camera synchronization, immediate playback of recorded cines, and more.

Key Features

  • Max recording of 1500 fps at 1920x1080 resolution
  • CineFlash storage technology – Record to non-volatile storage devices and download using docking station (included) and Phantom Camera Control Software
  • Internal capping shutter
  • Immediate playback
  • Available in multiple lens mounts: F-, C-, PL and EOS
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