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AJA Ki Pro Quad 4K / Quad HD / 2K / HD Solid State Recorder

AJA's Ki Pro Quad is a tapeless video recording device that combines the components of a 4K workflow in a compact unit.

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Cinedeck Extreme

Designed by cinematographers, the Cinedeck is a portable and rugged direct-to-disk, cinema-grade HD/2K video recorder, monitoring, and playback system. As small as an onboard LCD monitor, yet...

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Convergent Design Odyssey7Q

The Odyssey7Q is a professional 7.7 OLED monitor with high-end monitor features in a compact, affordable, versatile unit that is perfect for any camera system--from DSLRs to high-end 4K raw cine...

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AJA Ki Pro Mini Ultra-Portable Digital CF Recorder

AJA's Ki Pro Mini is a tapeless video recording device that records high-quality Apple ProRes 422 QuickTime files onto compact flash cards. Use with optional mounting plate to attach to hot shoes,...

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Sound Devices Pix 240 Portable Video Recorder

10-bit solid state recorders that will record to compact flash cards or 2.5" SSDs as Apple ProRes 422 and, optionally, as Avid DNxHD files. The PIX240 has HDMI, as well as HD/SDI inputs and...

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Codex S On-Board Recorder

Single Channel 3G-SDI, 4:2:2/4:4:4 10/12-Bit uncompresssed and JPEG2000 Wavelet recording platform, embedded audio inputs, embedded TC, LTC input, GPIO, Control Panel, 10-34V input range, battery...

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Convergent Design Gemini 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 Recorder 5" Display

Convergent Design, makers of the popular NanoFlash, have created the Gemini, a new 10-bit uncompressed video recorder with high brite LCD and transfer station.

Now available with the...

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AJA KI Pro Portable Digital File Recorder

AJA's Ki Pro is a tapeless video recording device that records high-quality Apple ProRes 422 QuickTime files onto computer-friendly media.

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Convergent Design nanoFlash HD/SD Recorder/Player

The nanoFlash is a compact, portable professional HD/SD recorder and player.

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The NEXTO NVS2500 is a fast and reliable portable storage device for professional video cameras, and reads directly from Sony SxS and Panasonic P2 cards.

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