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This is a summary of our rental policies and procedures. A complete rental agreement can be found on the back of each rental contract.

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FAX / AbelCine NY: 212-462-0179
FAX / AbelCine LA: 818-333-1899



Please reserve your equipment well in advance to ensure availability. If an item you need does not appear in our catalog or website, please inquire with your rental agent.

Our facility is available for examination and testing of equipment before acceptance of the rental.

Long-term rates are available and must be discussed and confirmed with the rental department.



When renting any equipment from AbelCine, an insurance certificate must be provided. We have outlined below the specific requirements that must be met to insure full coverage.

  • General Liability: You must have liability insurance that covers at least $500,000. AbelCine must be named as “Additional Insured” under Special Provisions.

  • Equipment Coverage: This must cover all equipment being rented – not just from AbelCine. Your rental agent can provide you with the value of the gear you are renting from us, but make sure that the total amount being rented for your production does not exceed the limit outlined in your policy. AbelCine must be listed as “Loss Payee” under Special Provisions.

  • The “Unattended Vehicle Theft Exclusion” will not be accepted. Confirm with your insurance provider that you will be covered in the event that equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged while in an unattended vehicle.

  • International productions shooting within the United States must have US based insurance. US productions shooting outside of the country must provide a certificate showing worldwide coverage on rental equipment.

AbelCine is happy to provide a list of insurance brokers if you do not have one. We do not provide insurance ourselves for clients to buy. Please let us know if you have any questions beyond what is outlined here.

For reference, we have provided this sample insurance certificate.

Please be sure that your personal equipment is covered under an insurance policy. AbelCine will not accept responsibility for non-owned equipment.


Any and all equipment returned after 10:00 AM on the expected day of return will be charged for that day at the standard daily rental rate.

We accept the following methods of payment for all rental charges:

  • Cash
  • Check – must either be a certified check or an official bank check
  • Traveler's Checks
  • Credit Card – Visa, MasterCard, American Express

For your security, we require that you complete this credit card authorization form for all credit card transactions. Please download and fax the completed form to us.

All clients of AbelCine must follow this standard rental payment procedure:

  • All rental charges incurred in NY are subject to an 8.875% New York sales tax, unless a valid New York State Tax Exempt Certificate is provided.
  • All returned equipment will be thoroughly checked, and any lost or damaged equipment will be communicated within 1 week after return. Any lost and/or damaged equipment will be charged accordingly.

In addition, all new clients must follow standard COD rental payment procedure. Full payment of rental is due prior to checkout date.

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