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Amimon CONNEX Wireless HDMI HD Link for UAV

Model: AMN-AMN0811MS_01
Designed for gimbal and aeriel use, the Connex Wireless Unit features zero-latency at a range up to 3300 ft. (1000 meter)

Our price : $1,599.00
Stock: In stock
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Boxx Atom HD Video Assist System

Model: BX-ATOM
The Boxx Atom provides a zero delay microwave transmission
solution for a host of Video Assist requirements in a small lightweight
form factor. Operating within the 5GHz license exempt...

Our price : $11,995.00
Stock: Estimated Ship in 2-4 weeks
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Boxx Cerulean Backhaul Link

The Boxx Cerulean delivers the quality and reliability of full HD uncompressed fiber links in a cable free, latency free, error free, wireless environment

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Boxx Cobalt SD Wireless Microwave Transmitter

The Cobalt wireless microwave system is a unique broadcast technology providing a live-to-air microwave link for any camera without ghosting, break-up or interference at a fraction of the cost of...

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Boxx Meridian Zero Delay Wireless Microwave Broadcast System

The Meridian wireless microwave broadcast system is designed for high quality, uncompressed zero delay HD and SD live transmission, where extremely low latency is essential. It is ightweight,...

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Boxx Zenith Portable Transmitter

The Zenith wireless system is designed for wireless ENG and HD live productions where range and signal reliability are essential. The unique network capability of the system allows for an almost...

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IDX CW-3 Wireless 3G-SDI Transmission System

Model: IDX-CW3
The CW-3 is the lightest, uncompressed, full HD 1080p60, zero delay (less than 1ms), 3G-SDI transmission system. It is a perfect wireless HD monitoring solution for Steadicam, drone, handheld...

Our price : $1,480.00
Stock: Estimated Ship in 1-2 weeks
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IDX CW-7 HD-SDI and SD-SDI Uncompressed Wireless Transmission System

Model: IDX-CW-7
The CW-7 retains many of the features of its popular predecessor, the CW-5HD, but now includes higher image quality, greater range, more mounting options, and compatibility with more video formats

Our price : $2,380.00
Stock: Back Order - Estimated Ship in 1-2 weeks
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Nebtek microLite HD CODFM Transmitter

Model: NB-MicroLite HD
The Nebtek microLite Transmitter is a complete video RF link in a portable package with all the accessories chosen to optimize total system performance

Our price : $23,500.40
Stock: Contact Sales for availability
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Nebtek microLite HD CODFM Transmitter and Monitor System Bundle

Model: NB-MicroLite HD Bundle-AB
The Nebtek microLite Bundle combines theri Transmitter System, Professional Monitor & Custom Bracket with IDX or Anton Bauer battery capability

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