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Header image for article Canon RAW Support and New Firmware for Gemini 4:4:4 Announced

Canon RAW Support and New Firmware for Gemini 4:4:4 Announced

Today, Convergent Design released some exciting information with regards to their Gemini 4:4:4 recorder. If you remember back in May, they announced that the Gemini had been fully certified for ARRIRAW, and just recently, Convergent Design sold their 100th ARRIRAW option. Now they have announced full support for Canon 4K Cinema RAW.

With the excitement surrounding the release of the Canon C500, this Canon RAW option is important because it allows users to capture 10-bit Log RAW (.rmf) up to 30fps on a single Gemini, and up to 60fps using two Geminis. The Canon RAW option will be available as a firmware upgrade for $2495 and will coincide with the C500's release.

Along with Canon RAW support, Convergent Design also has some news on an upcoming firmware update for the Gemini. Here's a look at the features it will add.

  1. ALEXA 4:3 Mode will be available at no extra cost to all users who have purchased the ARRIRAW Option. This mode allows the user to record 4:3 at 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97 and 30fps. Anamorphic 4:3 images can also be desqueezed for monitoring via the internal LCD monitor or external HD-SDI monitor.
  2. Project Frame Rate support will allow the user to set a project frame rate (just like in the camera), which allows the playback frame rate to be different from the recorded frame rate. For example, a video signal recorded at 59.94fps can be played back at 23.98fps for slow motion viewing.
  3. Remote Control functions will be enabled using the remote connector on the Gemini. To inquire about pinouts or custom cables, please contact our service department.
  4. Variflag support will be added. If Variflag is enabled, and the sensor frame rate is different from the Rec Out frame rate, the Gemini will auto-detect the flags and only record the desired frame rate. This is useful in cases where the HD-SDI output is set at a higher frame rate than the sensor.
  5. Time-lapse recording will be supported. A user can send a continuous video feed to the Gemini, but only record a single frame every specified amount of time (up to 255 seconds). 
  6. This release will also add 3D Record and Playback support. This allows left and right eye recording at 1080p 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97 and 30fps in DPX mode only; two SSD's will be required. This option will be a paid firmware update for $1995.

There is also a Clip Merge Utility now available for download. Available for both Mac and PC, this utility can be used to combine the even and odd recorded frames when two SSD's are required (like for high frame rate recording).

Want more information on these Gemini updates? Be sure to check out this Gemini & C500 product video and visit Convergent Design's official site.

Juliet McNally
Camera Tech Specialist, AbelCine LA


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