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Header image for article Gates Underwater Housings Overview

Gates Underwater Housings Overview

AbelCine is the first to join Gates' global dealer network as a Proud Partner Member of Gates Underwater Products, home of the world's most reliable, "bulletproof" underwater imaging systems. We have put together a quick overview of some of the most popular Gates Underwater Housing Products.

Gates Underwater Products can be financed, purchased and rented. Contact AbelCine to see how we can assist you with your next underwater production, and starting July 1, you can see some of the products in person at our NY and LA locations.


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AbelCine is an Official Training Partner for Gates Underwater Operator Training. Workshops focus on teaching the Setup, Test and Operation (STO) of Gates professional underwater imaging systems.  


AbelCine is the preferred financing partner for Gates Underwater Products, home of the world's most reliable, "bulletproof" underwater imaging systems. Contact AbelCine Finance Services at financing@abelcine.com to get started with your application.  

Gates Housings

Gates FLEX4K Housing

Designed specifically for the Phantom Flex4K camera, the Gates Flex4K housing provides underwater imaging at 4K resolution and an unprecedented 960 fps. The Flex4K housing was developed in close collaboration with Vision Research and includes features like remote run/stop and full camera menu access. Two year renewable warranty and legendary reliability are standard with the Flex4K housing. Compatible Cameras: Phantom Flex4K Rental Information  

Gates Deep Dragon Housing

Gates Deep Dragon digital cinema housing ushers in a new level of underwater cinematography. Designed for RED Digital Cinema cameras, the Deep Dragon housing has 6K lines of resolution, more than 16 stops of dynamic range and native 2000 ISO. The Deep Dragon housing offers exceptional handling of challenging underwater lighting conditions. Compatible Cameras: RED SCARLET, EPIC and EPIC DRAGON Rental Information  

Gates F55/F5 Housing

The F55 Gates housing is a marquis member of the Gates family of housings for digital cinema and broadcast TV. Designed specifically for the Sony F5 and F55 CineAlta cameras, the F55 housing features include full camera and lens control, support for a wide variety of DSLR and PL mount lenses, fully adjustable buoyancy/trim, and Gates Precision Ports for no-compromise image quality. Compatible Cameras: Sony F55 and F5 CineAlta Rental Information  

Gates C500 Housing

Specifically designed for the Canon EOS C300 and C500 cameras, the Gates C500 housing is the latest in underwater imaging for TV and big screen productions. The C500 housing has features including full camera and lens control, support for a wide variety of Canon and PL mount lenses and Gates Precision ports for no-compromise image quality. Compatible Cameras: Canon EOS-C300 / EOS-C500 Rental Information  

Gates Z100 Housing

The Gates Z100 housing embraces features for discerning professionals, including an adjustable weight system for perfect balance and trim, SWP44C Super Wide Port resolving to 4K full zoom-through performance and HD-SDI surface feed for topside DP monitoring. Compatible Cameras: Sony PXW-Z100 and FDR-AX1  

Gates PMW-200 Housing

The PMW-200 takes center stage as the de-facto standard for underwater broadcast television productions. The PMW-200 housing includes Gates' adjustable weight system for perfect balance and trim, SWP44C Super Wide Port, 100° field of view and full zoom throughout for macro imaging. HD-SDI surface feed and EM43 high resolution monitor are optional features that contribute to the sharpest subsea HD images. Compatible Cameras: Sony PMW-200  

Gates EX1R Housing

The Gates EX1R housing is revised and improved for the underwater professional, with new features including support for larger batteries and external recording units. The EX1R housing also has adjustable trim weights that afford perfect balance and trim. The Gates Precision ports, HD-SDI surface feed and EM43 high resolution monitor are selectable features that contribute to the sharpest subsea HD images. Compatible Cameras: Sony PMW-EX1R  

Gates XA25 Housing

The Gates XA25 is a professional HD system designed for the underwater videographer. The Canon XA25, XA20 and HF-G30 camera sensors are native 1920/1080, which means pro-grade image quality when paired with Gates Precision Ports. The XA25 locks and holds sharp focus on your subject with a window for the 3.5" diagonal XA25 LCD. Compatible Cameras: Canon XA25 / XA20 / HF-G30  

Gates XA10 Housing

The Gates XA10 housing has the highly popular 5.5 in/14 cm diagonal window feature for wide viewing angles of the big 3.5" diagonal camera LCD -- your built-in high-resolution widescreen viewfinder. The Canon XA10 /HF-G10 cameras have native 1920x1080 sensors which means pro-quality underwater HD images and superior low light performance when paired with Gates Precision Ports. The Gates XA10 housing provides reliable fingertip mechanical control and access to all camera functions. Compatible Cameras: Deep Dragon, PF4K, F55, C500, PMW200, Z100 and EX1R  

Gates AX100 Housing

The Gates AX100 combines Ultra High Definition UHD resolution with a platform dedicated to underwater motion imaging, with instant auto focus for tracking subjects, internal color correction flip filter and a big window for a clear view of the camera LCD viewfinder. The AX100 housing is compact, lightweight, good for travel and has an extraordinary 20MP still image capture. Compatible Cameras: Sony FDR-AX100/HDR-CX900  

Gates TVL55 External Monitor Housing

The Gates TVL55 External Monitor Housing is a compact, feature-rich external monitor option for Gates broadcast and cinema caliber underwater imaging systems. Designed specifically for the TV Logic VFM-058W field monitor (monitor not included), the TVL55 is a full 1920x1080 resolution on a 5.5"/125mm diagonal display. Compatible Housings: DEEP Dragon, PF4K, F55, C500, PMW200, Z100 and EX1R  

AbelCine Team
Our Technical Specialists contributed to this blog.


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