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Header image for article New Deity Mira Viewfinder for the Canon C300 & C500

New Deity Mira Viewfinder for the Canon C300 & C500

One of the lauded characteristics of the Canon C300 and C500 is their compact, run-and-gun nature. Combined with versatile EF or PL lenses, the two cameras are perfectly at home in a handheld configuration.

However, one of the most requested features from C300/C500 owners is an accessory for easier outdoor and critical focus viewing - now Deity has released something that they think fits the bill. Many folks opt not to use an EVF on their C300/C500 due to the many placement options of the included LCD screen and to keep the camera package small. Deity's new Mira, built and designed by C300 shooters, is a clip-on loupe that fits a 4" LCD screen and features excellent optical quality, 3x magnification, and the ability to be mounted and unmounted in seconds. There is a small frame that you clip onto the built-in LCD screen, which serves as a secure mounting point for the viewfinder.

We featured a Deity Mira at our NAB booth this year, and it was a big hit with everyone who saw it. Below, you can see some photos I took after mounting the Mira to one of our Canon C500s.

For even more info, check out this great video from NAB 2013 with our friend Matt Allard from NewsShooter.com interviewing filmmaker Sebastian Devaud about the Deity Mira. The Mira is now in stock at AbelCine, so make sure to come into our showrooms and check it out!

Dave Kincaid

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