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Header image for article New Expanded Coverage Zoom Lenses From Angenieux

New Expanded Coverage Zoom Lenses From Angenieux

Angenieux today announced two new 35PL zoom lenses, both of which project an image circle of 31.4mm, covering the large sensors of the RED 5K EPIC & Scarlet, the ALEXA Studio and the Phantom Flex. These lenses are reworked versions of the classic Optimo 17-80 and 24-290 zooms, so you can expect the same optical quality that Angenieux is known for, but with the advantage of being able to use these lenses on S35+ cameras.

The new models are the 19.5-94 T2.6 and the 28-340 T3.2. Anyone who owns a current 17-80 or 24-290 and wants to take advantage of the increased image circle can have it converted by Angenieux to the new versions.

Angenieux also announced a detachable handgrip/zoom servo for their small Optimo zooms. The servo controls zoom and iris, with an auto-iris function on compatible cameras. There is even a version with focus control. The servo unit is compatible with the 15-40, 28-76, 45-120, and their two DP zooms, the 16-42 & 30-80. AbelCine will be showing the servo in our booth at NAB.

For more product details, visit Angenieux's website.

Mitch Gross

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