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Header image for article Lens and Accessory Guide for RED Cameras

Lens and Accessory Guide for RED Cameras

RED has opened the doors for third party manufacturers to work natively with their DSMC2 cameras, including the WEAPON, SCARLET-W, and RAVEN. This allows for some some fantastic integrations, both mechanically and electronically. In addition, a number of lens manufacturers have options that work perfectly with the RED platform. Below, we have put together a list of the latest RED accessories available at AbelCine.

Lenses | Rigging | Power




Zeiss' new Milvus and Otus Full Frame lenses are available in both Canon EF and Nikon F mounts. The Milvus line is a modern update to the classic Zeiss focal lengths, nearly distortion free all the way down to the "Master of horizons," the 2.8/21mm, with equally as outstanding chromatic aberration correction. It's a great choice for anyone looking for the classic Zeiss look. And then we have the Otus line. With perhaps some of the finest optical quality ever seen in a still lens, the Otus lineup offers top-of-the-line Otus-1.4-28-ZE-und-ZF081_4c (1)performance and construction. These lenses have been described as having an almost medium format-like look, offering exceptional sharpness on both the Dragon and Helium sensors. The AbelCine team wrote up a comparison chart for the complete full frame lens lineup offered by Zeiss, so be sure to check that out for additional information.


KipperTie has developed a series of third-party Optical Low-Pass filters for the RED ecosystem, recently updated for DSMC2 products, which are available in either 5K/6K or 8K coverage options. These filters replace the RED stock options, providing a way to craft the look of your image with more specialty filters, including diffusion, IR and ND options. The diffusion filters offer control over fine detail, as well as highlight performance, and come in various strengths. The IR and Full Spectrum false color filters are truly an artistic, unique way of visualizing Kippertiethe world, perfect for conveying a surreal, dream-like state. The behind-the-lens Neutral Density solution frees up a stage in your mattebox, potentially eliminating the need for one all together and allowing a smaller and lighter camera package, perfect for gimbal and drone usage. The ND filters will also be available for RAVEN.




tilta From a rigging perspective, one of the most innovative features of the DSMC2 system is the cable-free design. TiltaMax has picked up on this and has begun creating accessories with power, data, and video all routed through the cage system, maintaining as few cables as possible. The rig is highly customizable, offering several solutions on the top plate for Trigger, Genlock, Timecode and 16-pin Lemo for DSMC LCD/EVF. For outputting power, you can choose from 14.8V 3-Pin Fishcer and 14.8V 2-pin Lemo, all with zero need for additional cables making a mess of your rig.

Wooden Camera

19004_1024x1024 Wooden Camera has also developed accessories that take advantage the cable-free system, with an eye toward compatibility between DSMC and DSMC2 products. If you have previous a DSMC LCD, for example, you can use the RED Male Pogo to Male Lemo LCD/EVF Cable to allow usage on the new DSMC2 lineup. Likewise, if you have purchased one of the new RED LCDs, you can use the RED Male Lemo to Female Pogo to use it on original DSMC products. In addition to these adapter cables, Wooden Camera has also created a Power Distribution unit referred to as the D-Box. This module interacts with their various battery plates to provide several power outputs, both regulated and unregulated, which can be custom configured depending on your needs. The plate also provides a DC input, which receives priority to allow hot swapping of batteries without having to power down the system, saving time better spent focusing on capturing the shot.

RT Motion

This is truly groundbreaking. RT Motion has developed a product called the Latitude, which provides wireless control of EF Lenses, ISO and shutter on RED digital cinema cameras. This allows you to use an RTMotion Controller (MK3.1) to adjust both the focus and iris settings of EF lenses, utilizing the internal motors already integrated into their designs. If you would like to add a zoom axis to the system, there is an additional motor port on the unit. If you are using some other glass, like PL for example, they have also developed a breakout cable that can allow you to connect up to three motors to the standalone unit. Lattitude offers special integration with FOOLCONTROL, allowing complete camera control through your one handset. For single-operator, handheld shooting there are also thumbwheels that can easily be added to almost any rig handles for focus and iris control, with a zoom rocker also being released in the near future.


OffHollywood has released a series of extension modules designed to expand the functionality and features of your RED WEAPON, SCARLET-W & RAVEN DSMC2 cameras with advanced signal, power I/O, and lens control using integrated OMOD camera modules. OffHollywood refers to this as a C3 Engine, providing Command, Control and Communications between your camera, cinematographer and crew. From pro-level audio inputs to real-time HDR-2084 monitoring, there is almost certainly an OMOD to meet your needs.




switronix_hc7r_hc_7r_hypercore_slim_red_1212733Because RED DSMC2 bodies can draw significant amounts of power, especially with several accessories attached, Switronix has designed a series of batteries with higher amperage ratings, the Hypercore Slim RED and Hypercore RED. The slim, as the name implies, is a much thinner battery, perfect for mounting on gimbals when space is at a premium. The RED series of Hypercores can be easily distinguished by the red label on the front of the battery, a handy visual indicator letting you know they will power your DRAGON or HELIUM.

Corey Christian
Camera Tech Specialist / Trainer, AbelCine NY

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