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Header image for article AbelCine is Now a Reseller of Bright Tangerine Lens Accessories

AbelCine is Now a Reseller of Bright Tangerine Lens Accessories

Bright Tangerine's lineup of innovative matteboxes fit a wide variety of applications -- no wonder they are quickly finding a place in many filmmakers' tool kits. AbelCine is now a reseller of the Bright Tangerine mattebox line, as well as the soon to be released, highly anticipated Revolvr follow focus.

Bright Tangerine matteboxes are designed to have the widest field of view possible to cover 4:3 for anamorphic photography and the large sensor sizes of today's digital cameras. Bright Tangerine matteboxes arrive this week at AbelCine and will soon be on display in our NY & LA showrooms.

Revolvr Follow Focus - Coming Soon

The Revolvr is designed to allow you more options for placement than conventional follow focuses. It is slimmer than other models and has a dual mountable arm, allowing more space for other accessories. The conical handle matches the contours of your hand, even when the camera is hard to reach, and can be used on either side. The removable hard stops move independently, and you have the option to use one or both.

Join our interest list now to be notified as soon as we begin taking preorder deposits.

Strummer DNA Mattebox

The Strummer DNA is a studio mattebox that is both strong and compact. It makes lens changes simple, while retaining an incredible field of view suitable for a just about any lens. The Strummer features quick release filter stages that can be added or removed easily, as well as unique 3/8" and 1/4" side mounts which give users the freedom to set up the camera however they wish.

Viv Mattebox

The Viv mattebox is a 4x5.65 compact mattebox. A fusion of clamp-on, rod-mount and swing-away, Viv is a lightweight hybrid with an impressive field of view. Combining adjustable flags with revolutionary filter stages, users simply undo a few screws, remove the back, and insert another filter tray. Additionally, the second and third filter stages rotate through 360 degrees. A Viv 5" mattebox is also available.

Misfit Mattebox

The Misfit is a 4x5.65 clamp-on mattebox that's designed to be ultra compact and lightweight, yet has the field of view to cover wide lenses. Combining adjustable lightweight flags with 2-stage to 3-stage flexibility, the Misfit retains the simplicity of a clamp-on mattebox, but adds a range of innovative features.

Blacklight Mattebox

Designed for extremes, Blacklight is able to clamp onto seriously large zooms, take 6x6 filters, and has the field of view to cover ultra wide lenses. Featuring adjustable flags with 2-stage to 3-stage flexibility, as well as a carbon fibre core and anodized-alloy construction, the Blacklight is engineered to have an incredibly high strength to weight ratio.

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