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Header image for article Anton/Bauer Power Subscription Program

Anton/Bauer Power Subscription Program

AbelCine has designed this unique program with rental houses, production companies and equipment rooms in mind to reduce downtime, increase performance, and maximize the efficiency of your battery systems. With this program you can ensure your power is Always Up. Always Fresh.

About the Program

The Anton/Bauer Power Subscription Program ensures your battery fleet is always functional and fresh. If, at any point, a battery is not holding a charge or a charger is not operational, AbelCine will replace the suspect gear immediately at no additional program cost.

  • Subscription options – Find the plan that best fits your specific needs
  • No upfront fees – Spread out the cost for dozens of batteries and chargers when you lease them
  • Minimize battery down time – Don't worry about batteries being out of commission or extra service fees
  • Maximize performance in the field – Keep your clients happy with peak-performing batteries
  • Reduce sub-rental costs – Always have the batteries you need, when you need them
  • Scalable to add units as needed – Expand your battery power to suit production needs

Program Options

AbelCine offers three different subscription plans to meet your power needs.

  • Option A: Enroll in the plan with a minimum of 5 chargers and 20 batteries
  • Option B: Enroll in the plan with a minimum of 40 batteries
  • Option C: Enroll in the plan with a minimum of 20 batteries after the purchase of 5 chargers. To qualify, chargers must be invoiced no more than 30 days before enrollment. Previous charger purchases do not quality.

The number of enrolled batteries and chargers can be increased at any point during the 3-year program period. Fees are rolled into one monthly payment, and pricing is based on the selected quantities and models. Find out your price for various battery and charger combinations by using the pricing calculator at the bottom of this page.

Calculate your price >


Qualifying Models


Battery Performance

As batteries age, they naturally lose some of their runtime capacity. Why spend time hot swapping those batteries or pausing a shoot when you and your clients can have fresh batteries? With the Anton/Bauer Power Subscription Program, batteries that have fallen below approximately 1/3 of their original capacity qualify for an exchange (see chart for details). In a real world scenario, that’s similar to a battery that used to provide an hour runtime, but now only delivers 40 minutes.

Model Standard Capacity Low Capacity
Anton/Bauer Dionic XT90 6.5 Amps 4 Amps
Anton/Bauer Dionic XT150 10.5 Amps 8 Amps
Anton/Bauer Dionic 26V 3.8 Apms 1.3 Amps
Anton/Bauer Dionic 26V  9.2 Amps  3 Amps


Pricing Calculator

Enter your desired quantity for each model, and your monthly cost will update in the calculator. You can mix and match among the eligible models to reach your plan minimums. All batteries and chargers are available in Gold Mount or V-Mount. 




Contact AbelCine Sales to request a quote and get started with the Anton/Bauer Power Subscription Program, and visit the Program FAQ for more information.

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