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Header image for article Exciting New Optics Released This Spring

Exciting New Optics Released This Spring

The unveiling of new and anticipated optics products thrilled NAB visitors this year when manufacturers showcased their new lenses. AbelCine facilitated several tours and presentations at NAB to help you find relevant technology which suited your needs.

Below is an overview of lenses announced this spring:

Angenieux Anamorphic Lenses

Angenieux 40-440 NEWS The Angenieux Optimo Anamorphic Lens family gained a new member this spring. The Angenieux Optimo 44-440 long range zoom lens offers a fast T4.5 aperture and 4'1' close focus. It incorporates the traditional 2x horizontal squeeze with minimum distortion across the zoom range to achieve that classic Angeniuex creamy and organic look. Cooke's /i Technology compliments this 16.6 lbs lens whose built-in encoders provide metadata for focus, zoom, and T-stop. In addition, their unique mount design allows a quick snap between PL and PV mounts.  

ARRI Master Anamorphic

ARRI increased their lens offerings this year with the ARRI Master Anamorphic MA 28/T1.9 and MA 180/T2.8 which expands this range of high-performance lenses to nine. This line provides virtually no image breathing and optimized bokeh with illuminated out-of-focus highlights. Our own Ian McCausland toured the ZEISS Booth at NAB to learn more.  

Canon Compact Servo 18-80 NEWS

Canon Compact Servo 18-80mm T4.4 EF Mount Lens

Extremely lightweight at only 2.7 lbs, the Canon Compact Servo 18-80mm T4.4 lens can be paired with an optional grip designed for your run-and-gun days. It offers the functionality of Canon's EF lenses with the video shooting features of their Cinema lenses and will not replace the 17-120mm. The Compact Servo is 4K-ready, maintains brightness across the entire focal range, plus it offers control over the lens through the EF-Mount communication.  

Celere HS Primes

Celere 36mmMatch the high speed lenses in the Celere HS Prime family with brushless gimbals or Steadicam configurations. Due to their uniformity of size (weighs 2.31 lbs), there is no need to rebalance when you swap lenses which is a huge timesaver. Select from 25mm, 36mm, 50mm, or 85 mm in your choice of E-Mount, EF, or PL Mount. The Celere HS Prime line also features the same T-Stop of t/1.5 - t/22 and a true full frame (24mmx36mm) with no vignette. Celere Primes are compatible with RED WEAPON at 6K. Adding to their appeal, Imperial lenses in this line offer large, glow-in-the-dark markings.

Cooke Optics

Cooke 35-140mm Anamorphic NEWSCooke unveiled several exciting anamorphic lenses at NAB to multiply the ways you can capture the Cooke Look. Their 35-140mm Anamorphic Zoom functions from very wide angle to telephoto with a 4x zoom ratio. Expect the same oval bokeh you find with all Cooke Anamorphic/i prime lenses. Deliveries for this lens should begin this summer. AbelCine now offers the Cooke 135mm Anamorphic/i Lens T2.3, Cooke 180mm Anamorphic/i Lens T2.8, and Cooke 300mm Anamorphic/I Lens T3.5-T22 which feature 2:1 oval bokeh for out of focus highlights, plus control of flare, distortion, and spherical aberration. A convenient tech specs comparison PDF is available online to determine which anamorphic/i model fits your requirements.  

Fujinon Cabrio XK6x20 Zoom

Funjinon Cabrio XK6x20 700 NEWSThe Fujinon Cabrio XK6x20 PL Mount Zoom offers a detachable servo drive for versatility. This feature allows the lens to function in either a traditional Cine mode or in ENG or run-and-gun situations. It can be controlled with wireless controllers or with existing Fujinon wired units. The Cabrio XK6x20 exhibits a consistent T-stop of T3.5 through the entire focal range while the nine-blade iris enables the capture of a smooth and natural bokeh. Learn more in our April blog covering this lens.  

Leica Cine MacroLux +1 Diopter

Leica MacroLux Diopter NEWSIncrease the cinematic feel of your lens using the Leica Cine MacroLux +1 Diopter from CW Sonderoptic. This diopter can be stacked even with standard matteboxes. Achieve focus fall off and bokeh on your prime, zoom, and anamorphic lenses with 95mm front diameters. The color temp matches the look of Leica Summilux-C and Summicron-C lenses.  

Leica Summicron-C Lens Family

The Leica Summicron-C Prime Family PL mount lenses expanded to 11 when they added the 40mm T2.0 and 15mm T2.0, which debuted at NAB. Both lenses feature Leica's renowned image quality known for its creamy sharpness. The 15mm is larger than the others at 135mm front diameter versus 95mm. All the primes in this family convey natural color balance and skin tones without sacrificing clarity or resolution.  

Be sure to visit our latest blogs to learn what's new and exciting.

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