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Nic’s "Herzog" Accessory Kit for RED DSMC2 Cameras

AbelCine Bundle
Abel Code: AB-RED-DSMC2-KIT1
Not Available Online
This kit was designed by AbelCine's own Nic Somera, and includes various innovative and feature-rich accessories for your RED DSMC2 Camera.
Key Highlights
  • Nic's AbelCine Accessory Kit
  • For your RED DSMC2 Camera


Nic's "Herzog" Kit includes the following items:

The ARRI Broadcast Set for RED DSMC2 includes the following items:

  • (1) Broadcast Plate for RED DSMC2 (K2.0009614)
  • (2) 9.4" 15mm Support Rods (K2.66253.0)
  • (2) 5.5" 15mm Support Rods (K2.66254.0)
  • (1) QRP-1 Quick Release Plate (K2.0000399)
  • (1) Top Plate for RED DSMC2 (K2.0009664)
  • (1) Top Handle for RED DSMC2 (K2.0008903)
  • (1) Monitor Bracket for RED DSMC2 (K2.0009582)

This set features a complete 15mm LWS broadcast-style shoulder mount system, consisting of top plate with top handle and monitor bracket, QRP-1 tripod plate, 15mm support rods, and a broadcast baseplate with ergonomic shoulder pad for RED DSMC2 camera systems. The top plate has multiple 1/4"-20 accessory mounting threads. This set enables you to quickly transition your RED DSMC2 camera from handheld mode to tripod head, and back without changing the camera configuration. 

NOTE: RED DSMC2 camera and unlisted accessories sold separately.


The ARRI Handle Extension Block (HEB-3) will lengthen and expand your Center Camera Handle (CCH-1), which is sold separately. The Extension Block fits on the front of the CCH-1. You can also attach it to any 3.8"-16 UNC threaded mounting point. It is 118mm in length which is approximately 4.64" long. Features (3) 3/8-16 UNC threaded mounting points. According to ARRI, when attached to the front of a Center Camera Handle (CCH-1), the tape hook is exactly in the sensor plane.


The Wooden Camera AIR EVF Mount for RED DSMC2 EVF is an ultra-lightweight EVF mount that enables easy positioning of the RED DSMC2 viewfinder (not included). The system travels forward and backward over the lens area on two 15mm rods, and laterally (left and right) on a single 19mm rod. A friction knuckle enables quick tilt adjustment of the EVF without needing to loosen a thumbscrew. The knuckle's thin design allows for both straight and right angle LEMO compatible connectors to be installed into the EVF.

When paired with the Wooden Camera Easy Top (DSMC2), an LCD/EVF Cable (RED, R/R, 24") is an ideal choice, as it provides sufficient length for adequate positioning in most configurations. If using the AIR EVF Mount without the Easy Top, a Male Pogo To Male LEMO Compatible LCD/EVF Cable (24") would be recommended.

A top 15mm lightweight rod mount is required for proper attachment of the AIR EVF Mount, and the Master Top Handle (shown in the example photos) is an excellent option for this. Alternatively, if you already have the NATO Handle Kit (Plus, 100mm) or similar, a Rod Clamp (15mm LW) can be added to the front, which would hold the two 15mm rods. Please contact an AbelCine salesperson if you require any configuration assistance.

The tool-free design permits quick installation and removal of the EVF, and if further extension is needed for tripod shooting, the AIR EVF Extension Arm (RED DSMC2 EVF) can be installed using the same method.


The Wooden Camera Handgrip (Right) is an ergonomic wooden handgrip, carved from a solid piece of Sapele wood, which is similar to Mahogany. Attaches via an ARRI-style rosette and M6 threaded thumbscrew. It is possible to add start/stop trigger control by purchasing the Wooden Camera Trigger Box (sold separately). A Left Hand version is also available.

NOTE: For attaching directly to rods, consider the Wooden Camera 15mm Rod Clamp To ARRI Rosette and 19mm Rod Clamp To ARRI Rosette (sold separately). Other useful accessories are the Rosette Arm and Short Rosette Arm (not included), which position the handgrip further out in front of the operator, and the Small and Large Rosette Spacer Standoff (sold separately), for adding space between grips and camera body.


The Wooden Camera Handgrip Trigger Box attaches to the Wooden Handgrip (Right or Left) to add start/stop functionality for LANC and ARRI 3-pin Fischer compatible cameras. To mount the box, simply remove the captured M3 screws and insert them from the opposite side. Includes a coiled LANC Cable (12") and coiled 3-pin Fischer Cable (20"). No external power is required for operation.


Wooden Camera Rosette Bracket provides (2) ARRI standard rosettes for attaching handles, extension arms or 3rd party ARRI Rosette accessories. Bracket can clamp directly to your 15mm lightweight rods or can be attached to the front of any Unified Baseplate, including: 

NOTE: The updated version of the Rosette Bracket is not compatible with your Legacy Quick and Fixed Bases.

The Rosette Bracket includes 1/4"-20 holes for attaching accessories to top, pass-through holes to attach to Unified Baseplate systems, plus thumbscrews to clamp onto your 15mm rods.


The Wooden Camera RED Male Pogo to Female Pogo LCD/EVF Cable - 24" allows the RED displays to be moved off the top of the RED WEAPON, EPIC-W, SCARLET-W, and RAVEN digital cinema cameras to a position more easily viewed.

The male pogo connector attaches to the camera body without tools and the female pogo connector has a slotted design that can be bolted to any two 1/4"-20 screws holes up to 54mm apart, center to center. 1/4"-20 threaded holes are also found on the bottom of the female pogo connector for attaching to Wooden Camera Magic Arms and Ultra Arms. The braided, flexible cable makes positioning easy and is ideal for gimbal use.


The RED DSMC2 EVF (OLED) is a high definition electronic viewfinder designed as the ideal single-viewer monitoring solution. Featuring the latest OLED technology, this EVF provides an unmatched personal viewing experience with a high contrast 1080p OLED micro-display, and improved color accuracy with 30-bit RGB color representation. View and monitor your RED footage as it is intended with truer colors and deeper blacks in a larger field of view.

The DSMC2 RED EVF (OLED) is perfect for use with DSMC and DSMC2 cameras. Includes a DSMC2 RED EVF Mounting Plate (Top), an 18" EVF/LCD Cable (Right-To-Right), and a RED ARM 9".

NOTE: Cable-free Mount Pack NOT included.


The 4.7" RED DSMC2 TOUCH LCD Monitor offers a 720p interactive viewing experience in the smallest and most compact form factor available for your DSMC2 camera system. The 4.7" LCD features a lay-flat hinge design with a tilt range of approximately 240° (90° forward, 150° backward) for space saving or optimizing your configuration.

Use the cable-free DSMC2 RED Touch 4.7" LCD as your primary display by mounting it to the top of your BRAIN with 1/4"-20 mounting points, or mount it to the secondary (side) EVF/LCD port for a low-profile secondary display. The built-in 180° image rotation feature (mirror and flip) provides additional display mounting options by allowing monitor footage to be displayed upside down. This monitor is a cable-free display for shooters looking for a small and lightweight camera rig.

NOTE: It is also compatible with RED EPIC® and SCARLET® cameras using the DSMC2 LEMO Adaptor B.

When used in conjunction with the DSMC2 LEMO Adaptor Collection, the user can mount the DSMC2 display away from the camera body.


The RED LCD/EVF Cable (Right-to-Straight) - 24" provides a universal, high-resolution connection to any RED® display.


  • Right angle-to-straight connectors
  • Braided cable
  • Length measured from end-to-end, including connectors


The pocket-sized RED SIDEWINDER Multi-Tool provides all the drivers (flat, Phillips), Hex, and Torx keys you need for your DSMC system. The durable housing features thread guides to ensure the proper screws are used to secure hardware.


  • SAE Hex: 1/8”, 5/32”, 3/16”
  • Metric Hex: M2.5, M3
  • Torx: T6, T8, T10, T20
  • Screwdriver: Slotted, Phillips #1
  • Thread Guides


The RED DSMC2 SIDEKICK - Magnesium is a lightweight interface solution offering intuitive and integrated control over critical camera settings. Engineered for the DSMC2 camera system, this interface provides full access to basic and advanced menus via a 1.7” OLED display.

The rotary dial, D-Pad, function buttons, and configurable preset buttons provide an improved user experience while configuring your camera system settings. The SIDEKICK provides full menu control housed in a low-profile, lightweight magnesium casing, retaining the advantages of your camera system’s small form-factor and weight.

NOTE: Mounts to the camera assistant (or, "dumb") side of the camera body.


The RED DSMC2 Gold Mount Battery Module Pro is a low-profile, cable-free module that enables you to power your DSMC2 BRAIN® and camera accessories using standard Gold Mount batteries. The Gold Mount and protected release button ensure ongoing power even during mobile shoots.

This DSMC2 battery module features a P-Tap connector on top and an auxiliary port on the side for powering peripherals and accessories. Together the P-Tap and auxiliary connectors support a maximum combined current of 3.8A. This module also offers a DC IN power port that can be used to power the camera system when the module is attached to the BRAIN. When DC IN power is supplied to the module, and the camera is turned off, this module can also trickle charge a wide variety of attached Gold Mount batteries.

Manufactured from robust aluminum alloy, this DSMC2 battery module offers a combination of utility and power support in a lightweight and compact form factor. The DSMC2 Gold Mount Battery Module Pro is an ideal power solution for use with most DSMC2 expanders. Alternatively, connect the DSMC2 Gold Mount Battery Module Pro directly to your DSMC2 BRAIN for a low-profile, battery-only power configuration.


The Teradek OMOD XLR2 is a second generation OMOD XLR module for your RED DSMC2 camera that adds professional in-camera audio features, including physical controls, high pass filters, peak warning indicators, per channel line/mic level control, and per channel Phantom Power (+48V). This module accepts AES or analog audio input.

This new version features headphone confidence monitoring from the camera brain, so you hear what the camera is recording and can also listen to audio on playback from the camera. Other improvements include an adjustment to the limiter allowing operators to ride the levels higher, in addition to new, improved knurled knobs. Units ship with Teradek's MOD GUARD attached for added protection when your module is not installed on your camera.

Features & Specifications:

  • Full size, balanced XLR inputs
  • AES or Analog audio input
  • +48V Phantom Power (per channel)
  • Line / Mic level selection (per channel)
  • 3.5mm Headphone Monitoring of DSMC2 camera for confidence and audio on playback
  • 3-pin Aux Power + Run/Stop Trigger
  • 5-pin Timecode Input
  • CRTL input for RT Motion MDR-M or MDR-SK
  • SDI out + HDMI out
  • DC/AC power input (DSMC/DSMC2 6-pin)
  • Compatible with all RED approved DSMC2 battery modules and all DSMC2 cameras
  • Weight: 1.3 lb
  • Length (from back of camera): 2" (51.5mm)
  • Audio Specifications:
    • Max. Gain:
      • Mic: 65dB
      • Line: 35dB
    • Max. Input:
      • Mic: 0dBu
      • Line: +20dBu
    • Input Impedance:
      • Mic: >2 kOhms
      • Line: >10 kOhms
    • Mic Power: +48V Phantom
    • Frequency Response: +0; -1.5dB 20Hz to 20kHz
    • Hi-Pass Filter: -3dB @ 90Hz 6dB octave
    • Harmonic Distortion: <0.03% @ 1kHz 0dB, <0.15% @ 40-20kHz +15dBm
    • Crosstalk: <70dB 40Hz to15kHz
    • Max. Output Level: +18dBm, +14dBm Monitor
    • Output Impedanec: <20R Monitor Paths
    • Noise: <-125dB EIN; MIC 20Hz-20kHz; 200R SOURCE < 80dB SNR; LINE 20Hz -20kHz
    • Limiter Threshold: +8dB


The RODE NTG3 Precision Broadcast-Grade Shotgun Microphone is a supercardioid microphone designed for professional use on film, television, electronic news gathering and wherever high-resolution broadcast audio is required. As RODE's premier directional microphone, the NTG3 exhibits superlative audio quality with a rich, warm quality and a full frequency response.

Its RF bias technology makes it almost completely resistant to moisture, making it the only option when recording in demanding environments where condensation is an issue.

Machined from solid brass and available in either anti-glare, nickel-plated finish or matte black (NTG3B), the NTG3 is incredibly robust while remaining light weight.

Its precise yet forgiving polar pattern ensures that whether used on-camera or on a boom pole, the NTG3 will capture audio clearly every time.

A durable aluminum storage cylinder is supplied to provide the ultimate protection for the NTG3 while in storage and transport. Tightly sealed at both ends the cylinder is highly weatherproof, adding to the microphone's rugged performance credentials. The RODE NTG3 shotgun microphone is designed and made in Australia, and covered by RODE Microphones' industry leading 10 year warranty. 


The Sennheiser AVX Camera-Mountable MKE2 Wireless Lavalier Set is the ideal wireless microphone for film projects. The digital transmission system fully self-configures and is ready to record within seconds, eliminating time-consuming radio frequency setup. Its ultra compact receiver fits directly into the XLR audio input of your camera or recording device, and rotates around the XLR connector to avoid collision with other devices mounted on your camera (the receiver also switches on and off automatically with your camera to save battery power). 

The AVX matches perfectly to your camera's input sensitivity without having to adjust the audio level on the microphone. The included bodypack transmitter and high-quality lavalier microphone are ideal for hands-free interview and documentary recording, with broadcast quality sound.


The Sony URXP03D/14 is a 2-channel portable wireless receiver providing high quality sound for ENG/EFP productions. The URX-P03D/14 operates on TV channels 14-25. The URX-P03D 2-channel portable receiver forms part of a complete UWP-D audio system offering the sound quality of digital audio processing combined with the reliability of analog FM modulation.

The URX-P03D offers wide frequency coverage with up to 72 MHz bandwidth (depending on region) across a wide range of channels, with a choice of models to choose from. Easy-to-use features include a large display and small size to fit neatly on any size camcorder or DSLR camera, automatic channel setting function, headphone output, USB connection for power supply and line input availability. The receiver also includes an external mic input for an additional mono/stereo wired microphone and 3 input mixer function. The URX-P03D can be connected directly (without cables) to many optional Sony cameras that support the optional MI (Multi-Interface) Shoe feature with the use of the optional SMAD-P3D 2-channel shoe adaptor. The UWP-D Series system provides superb transient response performance for all ENG / EFP production applications. 


  • Digital Audio Processing for high quality sound
  • External mic input for additional wired microphone
  • Wide frequency coverage with choice of channels available
  • Large display and small size receiver
  • Access 2,772 frequencies


Rycote InVision Video 1/4" Adapter Shock-Mount is a shock-mount, suspension system for high-quality external camcorder microphones between 19mm and 25mm in diameter, and up to 300mm in length, and enables camcorder users and videographers to get the best possible sound for their productions using external camera-mounted microphones.

A lightweight, durable clamp holds the microphone in place, and is itself suspended in two of Rycote's W-shaped Lyre mounts, which provide substantially better isolation from camera motor and drive noise and vibrations than traditional on-camera microphone mounts. The Lyres are attached to a mounting bar which may be slotted into the hot shoe mount on top of your camera or screwed into the quarter-inch thread available on some camcorders by means of separately available adapters.


Many professional video cameras are equipped with a V-Mount battery terminal. But only few also offer a possibility for slide-in radio receiver. The Ambient VSLOT chassis provides the solution: it is mounted between the camera and battery supply, the power is looped through to the camera, powering the receiver. 

The Ambient V-Mount for UniSlot Receiver can be used with all receivers equipped with a Unislot connector (25-pin sub-D).

New modular construction offers more flexibility. A TA5M and a Hirose jack are attached on a movable plate, offering (2) balanced outputs for dual receivers and an additional power outlet for external equipment. The connector plate can be mounted right and on the bottom of the chassis to adjust to different camera types. This formation means that dangling cables become a relic of the past.

Thanks to the Ambient VSLOT every V-Mount equipped camera can be transformed into a compact ENG camera system.

Includes V-Lock and receptable, 1 output TA5F (standard adaptor cable VSL-TA5F90L-2XLR3M), additional DC loop output (resetting fused 2A) via Hirose 4-pin, plus adapter VSL-2X3.


The Cameo V-Lock Kit provides quick and secure mounting of your camera accessories. It utilizes the industry-wide V-Lock mounting system. Comprised of male and female V-Lock components, our V-Lock Kit is constructed of precision-machined aluminum and stainless steel. The Cameo V-Lock features two methods of safety locking.

Both units allow for attachment to accessories from either the front or the back, without the need for disassembly.


The Cameo 2x4 V-Plate provides quick and secure mounting of wireless transmitters. It utilizes the industry-wide V-Lock mounting system. The V-Plate is comprised of a 2.25x4" Delrin plate and a male V-Lock. 

The 2x4 V-Plate has been tested and verified for compatibility with:


The OConnor Ultimate 1030D Fluid Head - 100mm Ball offers a wealth of features that have been borrowed from the larger OConnor 2575 and 2065 heads, enabling cinematographers to seamlessly transition from heavier to lighter payload camera setups. 

This head features stepless, ultra-smooth pan and tilt fluid drag that is specifically enhanced to provide ultimate control and stability, as well as the patented OConnor Sinusoidal Counterbalance system, providing true, accurate balance at any point in the tilt range.  Users will appreciate that the system counterbalances down to zero, a handy advantage considering the trend toward lighter weight cameras.

The new ergonomic crank-style counterbalance control simply pulls out of the rear of the head. The Action Brakes for pan and tilt unlock through a single-handed squeeze, and the new sideload platform enables rapid attachment of the camera as well as an extended range of movement for balancing front-heavy setups. For today's versatile shooter, the transition from larger to smaller payloads has never been easier. And, most importantly, the familiar OConnor "feel" remains the same, regardless of payload.

The OConnor 1030D supports a payload up to 30 lb (13.6 kg) at a 6” (15cm) center of gravity and a +/-90° tilt range.

Like the rest of the OConnor Ultimate heads, the 1030D has interchangeable bases (e.g. 150mm or Mitchell), accepts the same front box mount as larger heads, and offers full compatibility with other OConnor 1030 accessories.

NOTE: OConnor's new 30L carbon fiber tripod system (sold separately) offers an expanded payload range in a lighter weight package which makes it the perfect companion for the 1030D.


The Miller Solo 100 3-Stage Carbon Fiber Tripod features high torsional rigidity in a lightweight 100mm carbon fiber/magnesium tripod. In addition to the 3-stage telescoping design, Miller has eliminated the need for a spreader via an innovative leg angle control that incorporates a safety lock to ensure quick and easy setting of the tripod. 

The Solo 100 3-stage tripod is constructed with the most advanced carbon/basalt fiber tubing for the highest stiffness to weight ratio, high-strength magnesium, and die cast alloy components. With a low minimum height of 8.7" (22cm) and a maximum height of 73.6" (187cm) and easy ball leveling, the user can capture stable images from any angle across any terrain.


The Marsupial Cinesaddle is a full size saddle for professional cameras ranging in size from DSLR to MiniDV or from Broadcast HD to compact HD models.  Cinesaddles are filled with high tech foam balls that push the sides of the bag tight up against the camera to hold it rock steady. In similar fashion, the bottom of the Cinesaddle molds itself to the shape of the object it is resting on preventing it from slipping. The interior foam balls also absorb vibration and provide a stable surface for the camera. The Cinesaddle is also extremely lightweight and simple to set up.

The Cinesaddle allows you to be creative, because it can be used in so many ways. Place the camera and Cinesaddle on any flat surface or on top of a tripod. You can even pan and tilt with the Cinesaddle. With the included mounting kit, you can strap the Cinesaddle to any moving object and create a dolly.

Static Use

As a basic camera mount the Cinesaddle is far more versatile than the tripod. It is lighter, smaller, offers greater stability and it will never pinch your fingers.

No fluid head is needed; the Cinesaddle grips the camera tightly, keeping it rock steady while you make any shot. Panning and tilting is as easy as with a fluid head, only the technique is different.

The Cinesaddle's small size lets you mount your camera in the most confined space. Only one cubic foot in size, the Marsupial Cinesaddle's total weight is only two pounds. That's less than the weight of a standard zoom lens.

For an eye level shot, mount your camera onto any stable object such as a piece of furniture, a prop or your camera case. You can even strap the Cinesaddle to an appropriate tripod in place of a fluid head.

Dynamic Use

The most exciting possibilities occur when the Cinesaddle is used as a dynamic mount, such as during shots where the camera is mounted to a moving object. Using the Mounting Kit and the handy instruction manual provided to you with purchase, the Cinesaddle can be attached to any moving vehicle or moving object.

Point the Cinesaddle forward or sideways on a baby carriage/stroller, a bicycle, or a wheel chair to obtain a unique perspective on a temporary dolly.

If you mount the Cinesaddle onto a smooth surface, the Cinesaddle may be pulled or pushed across the surface without need for an external dolly. You may wish to do a sound test first, in case the sliding sound of the canvas on the smooth surface registers in your recording. 

NOTE: Please read the Instruction Manual and ensure your mounting is secure for the camera you use to prevent damage to your valuable gear.


The Sachtler Dr. Bag - 4 features an extra wide opening for rapid access, and is designed to store and protect your camera with mattebox and microphone attached. Safe-Shell protects your delicate equipment, while internal LED lighting easily illuminates contents. An ergonomic carrying handle and padded shoulder strap make transport more comfortable.

The Dr. Bag - 4 also features removable, internal rigid dividers for a customized configuration, and side pockets for additional storage. Cold-molded laminate panels provide extra protection for your equipment. An exchangeable logo frame allows for personal branding. This bag is compatible with the Snaplock wheel and trolley system (sold separately) for quick transport.


What's in the Box

  • Rycote InVision Video 1/4" Adapter Shock Mount
  • Instruction Manual
  • Mounting Kit
  • Marsupial CineSaddle with Shoulder Strap
  • Sony URXP03D/14 UWP-D Portable 2-Channel Wireless Receiver
  • 2 x 1/4"-20 Socket Cap Screw
  • Wooden Camera Rosette Bracket
  • Wooden Camera Handgrip (Right)
  • Wooden Camera RED Male Pogo to Female Pogo LCD/EVF Cable - 24"
  • RED DSMC2 SIDEKICK - Magnesium
  • Coiled 3-pin Fischer Cable - 20"
  • Coiled LANC Cable - 12"
  • Wooden Camera Handgrip Trigger Box
  • Miller Solo 100 3-Stage Carbon Fiber Tripod
  • Female Cameo V-Lock with captive 1/4-20 screw
  • Male Cameo V-Lock with captive 1/4-20 screw
  • Wooden Camera AIR EVF Mount for RED DSMC2 EVF
  • Monitor Bracket for RED DSMC2 (K2.0009582)
  • Top Handle for RED DSMC2 (K2.0008903)
  • Top Plate for RED DSMC2 (K2.0009664)
  • QRP-1 Quick Release Plate (K2.0000399)
  • 2 x 5.5" 15mm Support Rods (K2.66254.0)
  • 2 x 9.4" 15mm Support Rods (K2.66253.0)
  • Broadcast Plate for RED DSMC2 (K2.0009614)
  • RED LCD/EVF Cable (Right-to-Straight) - 24"
  • RED ARM - 9"
  • LCD/EVF Cable (Right-To-Straight) - 18"
  • DSMC2 RED EVF Mounting Plate
  • DSMC2 RED EVF Modular Optical Block
  • RODE NTG3 Precision Broadcast-Grade Shotgun Microphone
  • RM5 Durable Microphone Clip
  • Padded Zip Pouch (large)
  • Aluminium Storage Cylinder
  • WSNTG3 Pop Filter
  • USB Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Belt Clip
  • Light Shoe Mount
  • BA 20 Energy Pack
  • XLR to 1/8" (3.5mm) DSLR Adapter Cable
  • AVX EKP Camera Plug-On Digital Wireless Receiver (CH 8: 1920-1930MHz)
  • AVX Digital Bodypack Transmitter (CH 8: 1920-1930MHz)
  • MKE2 Gold Series Omnidirectional Lavalier Condenser Microphone with Accessories - Black
  • ARRI Handle Extension Block (HEB-3)
  • 4.7" RED DSMC2 TOUCH LCD Monitor
  • VSL-2X3 UniSlot Adaptor Cable
  • Ambient V-Mount Slot for Receivers
  • Teradek OMOD XLR2
  • Sachtler Dr. Bag - 4 with Dividers
  • Shoulder Strap
  • RED DSMC2 Gold Mount Battery Module Pro
  • Cameo 2x4 V-Plate for Mounting Wireless Transmitters
  • 100mm Tiedown
  • 100mm Ball Base
  • Pan Handle Extension
  • Pan Handle, 18mm diameter
  • Mini European Quick Release with Camera Mounting Plate
  • OConnor Ultimate 1030D Fluid Head


Key Highlights

  • Nic's AbelCine Accessory Kit
  • For your RED DSMC2 Camera
Rycote InVision Video 1/4" Adapter Shock Mount

Microphone Accessories

Mic Mount Type:
Shock Mount


3 in
3 in
6 in
1 lb
Marsupial CineSaddle

Stabilizers / Steady Devices

Stabilizer Type:
Cinesaddle Sizing:
Pro Video Camcorders
Pro Film Cameras - Fits broadcast or compact HD, plus DSLR and MiniDV cameras


19 in
13 in
21 in
4 lb
Sony URXP03D/14 UWP-D Portable 2-Channel Wireless Receiver


Operating Time:
Approx. 6 hours for 2-channel use OR 8 hours for 1-channel use - with Sony's AA-size alkaline (LR6) batteries at 25°C(77°F)

Compatibility - Wireless

UWP-D Series


Power Input:
Battery Pack - DC 3.0 V (with two AA-size alkaline (LR6) batteries, sold separately)


Audio Channels:
2-Channel - 566 to 608 & 614 to 638 MHz
External Antenna(s)


5.8 in
3.6 in
9.8 in
1.4 lb
Wooden Camera Rosette Bracket


2 in
2 in
6 in
0.3 lb
Wooden Camera Handgrip (Right)

Handle / Grip

Grip Thread Sizing:
M6 screw
ARRI Rosette
# Handles:
Handle/Grip Features:
Right Hand Ergonomic
Grip Positioning:
Grip Appearance:
Wooden Camera RED Male Pogo to Female Pogo LCD/EVF Cable - 24"


Cable Type:
Cable Side A:
Pogo - Male
Cable Side B:
Pogo - Female
Cable Shape:
Flat / Straight

Compatibility - Camera



6 in
1 in
8 in
0.2 lb


Hand Tools (Misc/Multi-Tool/Hex Sets)


9 in
7 in
11 in
1.01 lb

Compatibility - Camera



Monitor Size:
5.0" and Under - approx. 1.7" active display area (160 x 128 pixels)
Monitor Type:


Camera Features:
On-Camera Controls - Rotary dial, D-pad (directional pad), [ENTER], [MENU], [MODE] key
Assignable Buttons
Accessory Interface:
DSMC2 Right-side I/O Connector - Power & Communication
Wooden Camera Handgrip Trigger Box

Handle / Grip

Grip Control Type:
1 x Button
Handle/Grip Features:
Run/Stop - LANC & Fischer 3-pin


6 in
7 in
5 in
1 lb
Miller Solo 100 3-Stage Carbon Fiber Tripod


Foot Type:


Tripod Materials:
Carbon Fiber
Die Cast Alloy
Tripod Max Height Range:
Over 70.0" - 73.6" (187cm)
Tripod Size:
Tripod Type:
Medium Weight
Tripod Min. Height Range:
5-9.99" - 8.7" (22cm)
Transport / Folded Length:
25.0"-29.99" - 25.9" (68.5cm)
Tripod Options:
Fast Set-Up
Tripod Stage:
Tripod Max Payload:
66 - 30 kg
Cameo V-Lock Kit

Compatibility - Accessories

Cameo Accessories:
Cameo Chico Clamp


2.25 in
1.75 in
3.5 in
0.25 lb
Wooden Camera AIR EVF Mount for RED DSMC2 EVF

Compatibility - Viewfinder


Monitor Accessories

Monitor Acc Options:
Viewfinder Bracket
ARRI Broadcast Set for RED DSMC2

Baseplates/Bridgeplates & Adapters

Top Plate Options:
Top Plate
Handle Included
Standard Rod Size:
15mm LWS
Baseplate Options:
Quick Release - Sony QRP-1 Tripod Plate included
Shoulder Pad
2 x Rosette
VCT-14 Wedge
Rear 15mm LWS Rod Console

Monitor Accessories

Monitor Acc Options:
Monitor Bracket / Mount


Support Rod Length:
2 x 5.5" (140 mm)
2 x 9.4" (238.76 mm)
Support Rod Size:
RED LCD/EVF Cable (Right-to-Straight) - 24"


Cable Length:
Cable Type:
Cable Side A:
LEMO - Male (Straight)
Cable Shape:


Bit Depth:
Monitor Resolution:
1920x1080 (Full HD)


EVF Weight:
Up to 0.99lbs


11 in
11 in
15 in
10 lb
RODE NTG3 Precision Broadcast-Grade Shotgun Microphone


Microphone Type:
-30.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (31.60mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz
Frequency Range:
40Hz - 20kHz
Equivalent Noise Level:
13dB-A - A-weighted
Max SPL:
130dB SPL (@ 1kHz, 1% THD into 1KΩ load)


9 in
7 in
11 in
3 lb
Sennheiser AVX Camera-Mountable MKE2 Wireless Lavalier Microphone Set


Battery Chemistry:
Li-Ion / Lithium-ion - 3.7 V DC
Operating Time:
> 4h (Receiver), typ 15 h (Transmitter with Li-Ion energy pack)

Inputs & Outputs

Audio I/O:
1 x Audio Input - 3.5mm mini-jack
1 x Audio Output - XLR

Microphone Accessories

Audio Accessories:
Lav Accessories
Lav Wind Shield


Dynamic Range:
> 120 dB(A)
Microphone Type:
Microphone Options:
Body Kit (Lav & Wireless)
Mic Mount Type:
Lav Clip
Harmonic Distortion:
typ. 0.1 %
Signal-to-Noise Ratio:
> 90 dB(A)
Frequency Response:
20 Hz - 20000 Hz
Sampling Rate:
24 bit / 48 kHz
Frequency Band:
1880 - 1930 MHz (Country specific)
RF Output Power:
Adaptive up to 250mW (peak), country specific
Microphone Notes:
Audio Output Level - -30-0 dBu in 4 Steps

Mount / Optical Lens Adapters

Lens Conversion Kit:


Tape Color:
ARRI Handle Extension Block (HEB-3)

Camera Cage

Cage Pieces:
Top Handle - Extension Piece

Compatibility - Accessories

ARRI Accessories:
ARRI Center Camera Handle CCH-1


7 in
11 in
9 in
1.01 lb
4.7" RED DSMC2 TOUCH LCD Monitor


Monitor Resolution:
Monitor Size:
5.0" and Under
Monitor Brightness:
Monitor Type:
Monitor Options:


6 in
3 in
5 in
2 lb
Ambient V-Mount Slot for Receivers with UniSlot Adaptor


6 in
2.4 in
9.9 in
1.5 lb
Teradek OMOD XLR2

Compatibility - Camera

Sachtler Dr. Bag - 4

Bags & Cases / Covers

Bag & Case Inserts:
Internal Dividers (Customizable)
Bag Shape:
Camera Case
Case Wheels:
No Wheels
Bag Physical Type:
Soft Bag with Internal Frame
Bag Handle Type:
RED DSMC2 Gold Mount Battery Module Pro

Battery Accessories

Battery Plate Type:
Accessory Type:
Battery Plate
Battery Plate Choice:
Gold Mount


Output Connector/Port:
P-Tap - Aux. Power Output
Pogo Connector - 13-pin (BRAIN power connection)
LEMO 2-Pin - 0B
Input Connector/Port:
LEMO 6-pin - 1B (DC IN)
OConnor Ultimate 1030D Fluid Head - 100mm Ball

Tripod - Heads Only

Head Max Payload:
24-39 lb
Head Mount Type:
100mm Ball
Head Tilt Range:
+90° / -90°
Head Type:
Fluid Head
Panoramic Rotation:
Head Weight:
8.7 lbs


10.4 in
7.9 in
18.1 in
13.4 lb
Included Products

Included Products

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