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Sound Devices 688 12-input Field Mixer with 16-Track Integrated Recorder with Timecode

Sound Devices
Abel Code: SD-688
Mfr. Code: 688
Estimated to Ship – 3-7 days
Special Order Only
This is a special order item. You will be charged upon placing your order, which is non-cancelable and non-returnable.
Ideal for field production audio, the Sound Devices 688 12-input Field Mixer includes (6) mic inputs & (6) line inputs & integrated 16-track recorder for cart or bag work on set. You can save custom configurations, live monitor & record WAV & MP3s.
Key Highlights
  • Ambient timecode generator
  • Automixing with MixAssist
  • (6) mic/line-level XLR inputs


The Sound Devices 688 12-Input Field Production Mixer offers an integrated 16-Track Recorder, automixing with MixAssist, and Ambient timecode. It suits both bag and cart-based workflows. 

The 688 is a portable audio powerhouse for the production sound engineer that incorporates multi-channel mixer, auto-mixer, recorder plus optional SL-6 integrated powering and wireless system.Wouldn't you like to de-clutter your sound mixer's bag and increase reliability? Sound Devices consolidated functions so that cabling requirements are significantly decreased. The 688 takes the finest aspects of the acclaimed 633, 664, and 788T and creatively combines them with new technology. 

I/O and Routing Flexibility

The 688 features (6) The 688 features (6) high-bandwidth mic/line inputs on XLR connectors, each complete with phantom power, high-pass filter, analog input limiter and variable pan. (6) additional line-level inputs on TA3 connectors offer flexibility for more complex productions. 

All inputs are assignable, pre- or post-fade to its (8) output buses, left/right plus Aux 1-6. The 688 can send its main left/right mix to (3) cameras simultaneously via transformer-balanced XLR and Hirose outputs.


In a Bag - with (12) inputs (6 microphone inputs and  6 line inputs), the 688 delivers more than enough fader control for bag work. Pair the 688 with optional SL-6 integrated powering and wireless system and compatible receivers to gain Rx control and monitoring, plus RF scanning and frequency assignment, using the large color LCD on the 688. 

On a Cart - the 688 includes (8) assignable outputs (L/R, X1-X6) to provide fast routing flexibility so you can tailor your setup to your needs while on location. It is easy to make channel assignments. Add an optional fader controller to expand your professional audio system on a cart. 

Auto Mixers & MixAssist

The 688's powerful digital processing engine delivers 12-channel auto-mixing capability using the most sophisticated algorithm on the market today. MixAssist automatically attenuates the level of inputs that are not active and helps maintain consistent background sound levels regardless of the number of open microphones. Comb filtering and phasing artifacts are also reduced when multiple mics pick up the same sound source by inteligently attenuating redundant mics.


The 688 offers 16-track, polyphonic or monophonic broadcast WAV file recording to SD and CompactFlash cards. All common sampling rates are supported, including 192 kHz on up to (6) tracks. The memory cards can be set independently, recording either identical material for real-time backup, or combinations of WAV and MP3 files.


The 688 includes a world renowned Ambient™ timecode generator and reader supporting all common rates and modes. A helpful timecode compare utility shows the difference between internal and external timecode. The 688 also generates sound reports and supports extensive metadata, via the front panel or attached USB keyboard.

Additional Features

The 688 incorporates exclusive PowerSafe circuitry with smart sensing of available power sources, front panel warning indication of power loss, and an integrated 10-second power reserve that will, in the event of an inadvertent power loss, allow the 688 to safely stop recording, properly end all file operations, and then automatically shut down.

Although there is a built-in slate/external microphone in the 688, it is advised that this be used solely for reference purposes to notate scenes. 

What's in the Box

  • Limited 2-Year Warranty
  • Sound Devices 688 12-input Field Mixer


Key Highlights

  • Ambient timecode generator
  • Automixing with MixAssist
  • (6) mic/line-level XLR inputs
  • (6) line-level TA3 inputs
  • Suits bag & cart workflows on set
  • Send mix to (3) cameras simultaneously
  • Record WAV & MP3 files on SD & CF cards


0.09% max - (1 kHz, 22 Hz–22 kHz BW, fader at 0, 0 dBu output)
Audio Accessory Type:

Inputs & Outputs

Timecode In/Out:
Input - 20k ohm impedance; 0.3 V - 3.0 V p-p (–17 dBu - +3 dBu)
Output - Output: 1k ohm impedance; 3.0 V p-p (+12 dBu)
Audio I/O:
6 x Audio Input - XLR microphone and line-level inputs
6 x Audio Output - TA3 auxiliary outputs


Sampling Rate:
Up to 192 kHz
Headphone Maximum Gain - 63 dB (Line 1-6 Input); 44 dB (Line 7-12 Input); 103 dB (Mic Input)
Maximum Gain: Mic-In to L/R/X1/X2/X3/X4 (-10) - 77 dB
Maximum Gain: Mic-In to L/R/X1/X2/X3/X4 (Line) - 91 dB
Maximum Gain: Mic-In to L/R/X1/X2/X3/X4 (Mic) - 51 dB
Maximum Gain: Mic-In to X5/X6 (-10): - 74 dB
Microphone Notes:
Powering (each analog input selectable) - 48 V Phantom: through 6.8 k resistors, 10 mA per mic available
Powering (each analog input selectable) - 48 V Phantom: through 6.8 k resistors, 10 mA per mic available

Mixers / Audio

Mixer Features:
Field Mixer
5 x Battery Power Available - AA batteries (not included), NiMH preferred
Phantom Power
High-Pass Filter or Low Cut Filter - Fixed 50 Hz, 6 dB/octave (192 kHz SR)
Limiter - Post-Fader Digital Limiters: +4 dBu to +18 dBu threshold (adjustable); 20:1 limiting ratio; 1 ms attack time; 500 ms release time
Mixer Notes:
(3) stereo returns (RTN A, B, C) - allow the sound mixer to hear camera audio to ensure quality. Monitor this on the headphone output with a toggle of the RTN/FAV switch.
Automixing - Inputs that are automixed will be open (unattenuated) when a person talks into the input's microphone and will be closed (attenuated) when the person stops speaking.
Auto Mixing - Reduces ambient noise and reverberation, improves gain-before-feedback, and improves speech intelligibility.
Equivalent Input Noise - -126 dBu (-128 dBV) maximum. (22 Hz - 22 kHz bandwidth, at lter, trim control fully up)
LCD Daylight Mode - option to toggle between light and dark themes
Line Output Clipping Level (1% THD) - 20 dBu minimum with 10k load
Maximum Input Level: RTN A, B, C (3.5 mm/10-pin) - +24 dBu (12.4 Vrms)
Maximum Input Level: XLR-3F Line - +40 dBu (80 Vrms)
Maximum Input Level: XLR-3F Mic - 0 dBu (0.78 Vrms)
MixAssist - auto mix of post-fade input signals to the left (L) and right (R) buses. MixAssist does not affect other signals.
Sampling Clock Accuracy - ± 0.2 ppm
The 688 displays metering information at a glance on its LCD.
The built-in slate and external microphones - are not suitable for critical recording applications, but designed to document/notate scenes or for communication reference purposes.
Timecode Jam Menu - displays internal SMPTE timecode generator and SMPTE timecode details. It also features a button to allow you to jam the timecode, if necessary.
To reduce or avoid distortion, Sound Devices recommends using limiters at all times. - Default threshold of all limiters on the 688 is 16 dBu.


Recorder Options:
Assignable Inputs
Recording Tracks:
Line Input Types:
Phantom Power:
Dynamic Range:
A/D; 24-Bit - 114 dB, A-weighted, typical


Recording Format:

Recording / Media

Media Type:
CompactFlash (CF)


Timecode Options:
Sync/Timecode Generator - Accuracy Notes: Ambient Generator: ±0.2ppm (0.5 frames per 24 hours); Holds TC Clock for (2) hours after main battery removal.
Timecode Modes:
24h Run
Free Run
Rec Run


11.2 in
5.2 in
16 in
7.1 lb
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