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Ambient NanoLockit Miniature Timecode Synchronizer

Ambient Recording
Abel Code: AMB-ACN-NL
Mfr. Code: ACN-NL
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A small, wireless, and easy-to-use timecode generator in Ambient's Lockit Family.
Key Highlights
  • Transfer Timecode Wirelessly
  • Smallest TC unit in Lockit Family
  • Internal Li-Ion battery
Note: Available via ground or expedited shipping on domestic orders. Please consider picking up this item in-store, as well. Only ships within the United States due to airline restrictions.


Ambient designed the NanoLockit Timecode Synchronizer to be the most intuitive, reliable, and easy-to-use timecode generator for all applications. The unit functions well for high-end feature film and serial drama production. It's fully compatible with the market-leading ACN Lockit timecode system. It's also the smallest in the Lockit Family, which includes (from smallest to largest): NanoLockit, TinyLockit, Lockit, MasterLockit.

With its matchbox-size form-factor, NanoLockit provides timecode via Ambient's Lockit circuitry to anything from DSLRs to film cameras. Despite its small size, NanoLockit delivers tuned timecode via the industry standard: a locking 5-pin LEMO connector. To accommodate newer users who may not be using timecode gear, it includes a LEMO to 3.5mm interface cable so the NanoLockit will be compatible with DSLRs and consumer cameras right out of the box.

This timecode generator includes a microUSB to charge the unit or to plug in external power, a status LED light, an ACN Antenna (for wireless sync with other Lockits), plus a LEMO Connector interface (for timecode and metadata). The front of the NanoLockit features three buttons: Green, Red, Power. It can sync with audio receivers, cine or broadcast cameras, and DSLR cameras.

Status LED - Offers feedback to you regarding power levels, generator & transfer (TRX) modes.

Power Button - Press and hold 3 seconds to activate. Note that the NanoLockit always starts with its Real Time Clock (RTC) at the last frame rate or at default 25fps with output muted. You can, of course, adjust this. Remember to power down your NanoLockit after use or charging so you can avoid battery drain when not in use.

Red & Green Buttons - Permits you to perform specific tasks when used in combination with other buttons, such as the power button. Please refer to the user manual for full instructions. 

microUSB - Multiple functions for this port, including: helps you connect to your computer to use the FREE LockitToolbox software app (see more on this app below), etc.

LEMO In/Out Port - Jams your NanoLockit from an external device, so you can be compatible with DLSRs, Feed timecode to your camera or audio receiver, etc.

ACN Antenna - Wirelessly sync all other NanoLockits and activates LEMO output, Sets the TC and FPS. 

ACN Inside

The ACN is Ambient's Lockit-specific, long-range radio network which transmits timecode and metadata. The onboard wireless ACN system enables syncing of all units on set with one click. It provides compatibility with all other ACN Lockit devices. The days of jamming Lockits one-by-one with a cable are finally past.

This, along with the auto power on external supply feature, enables a set and forget process on hard to access configurations such as Steadicams, gimbals, and drones while the integrated battery will power the NanoLockit for at least 35 hours on a full charge.

Easy-to-Use Timecode

The buttons on NanoLockit control all important functions. There’s no need for an app to adjust settings in the field. Use the built-in, real time clock or feed in external timecode via a LEMO port. Syncing up even the most complex rig is a one button experience.

After being set to the internal Real Time Clock or jammed by external timecode, any NanoLockit can wirelessly jam sync all other units on the set. The framerate is set automatically when jammed and does not require connection to an app or in-depth menu navigation.

All About Lockit

So you have heard about Lockit, but aren't sure what it is? Introduced in the 1990s, Lockit intuitively synchronizes cameras and audio recorders and improves your workflow by making the alignment of captured material a one click operation. If you want the technical description, Ambient says it is based around a very accurate, temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCVCXO). The system can be calibrated in the field to a reference deviation of less than +/- 0.1ppm.

With the newly implemented ACN Continuous Jam (mentioned above), the drift can be brought down to 0. This allows for a synchronicity typically only found in studios, and it doesn't require hard wiring or relying on problematic RF transmission.

Lockit provides both remote control and wireless synchronization with TrueSync and a Timecode Transceiver.


With the ability to wirelessly control all device clocks on the set, the ACN delivers line-accurate syncing of all production cameras while syncing picture with sound. Along with its innovative, time-saving metadata collection/management system and distribution of our world-renowned timecode, the ACN guarantees smooth, cost-effective workflow from the set to post-production.

Timecode Transceiver

The ACN enables devices to become a fully-functional timecode transmitter or receiver. With the highly accurate generator running in the background taking over in case of a connection loss, timecode drop outs are relics of the past.

Connections & Control

Lockits are designed to perform as a central hub in your system. The timecode generator unit is able to display and control all other ACN devices on set. With built-in web access, ACN system control is also available using the browser of any computer or mobile device via WiFi or ethernet. This enables you to name your Lockits and assign them to the camera or audio recorder to which they are connected.

What’s more, you can remotely jam sync all units on set, view battery status, set the time and user bits, use time of day, see the last clap time of the ACN-LS. One ACN-ML on your sound cart or in your bag improves efficiency by enabling control and monitor capability from a single location. Simply switch on your Lockits in the morning, set them to the correct ACN channel, and mount them on the device. The rest can be performed remotely and you are always up-to-date on unit status.

Charge Time (microUSB) & Operation:

  • 15 minutes / 5 hours
  • 30 minutes / 10 hours
  • 2 hours / 35 hours - a full charge

NOTE: Although a cable is included with the NanoLockit, the specific cable required for your needs will be dependent upon the connected device.

ALSO NOTE: You will need to manually set the camera audio input level to 50% of the range and adjust the NanoLockit TC output level so the meter falls between -30 dB to -20 dB.

FREE LockitToolbox App

The Free LockitToolbox app for Apple mobile devices running iOS 3.x and higher with native iPadTM screen resolution support, features a comprehensive TC reader. The app includes level metering and a native wave form analyzer, among other things. It features an LTC-Reader, built-in analyzer, and reads LTC Timecode from the MIC input.  

The LTC reader in the LockitToolbox (Clockit Time Code App) can read and display a stream of timecode with drop-outs or leaps in real time.

What's in the Box

  • Coiled cable TC-10-35RA (LEMO to Audio Jack)
  • Ambient NanoLockit Miniature Timecode Synchronizer
  • Set of Red & Blue Antenna Caps
  • Lanyard
  • 2 x Reclosable Fasteners (NL-DL)
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty


Key Highlights

  • Transfer Timecode Wirelessly
  • Smallest TC unit in Lockit Family
  • Internal Li-Ion battery
  • Interfaces with DSLRs, too!
  • Pocket-size for run-and-gun


Battery Chemistry:
Li-Ion / Lithium-ion
Battery Features:
Rechargeable - Charge Time: 2 hours (full charge), 15 minutes (for 4 hours of operation)
Operating Time:
35 hours - (with full charge)


Output Connector/Port:
LEMO 5-pin
Input Connector/Port:
microUSB - External Power

Inputs & Outputs

Timecode In/Out:
5-pin LEMO


Power Input:
Battery Pack - Internal Power


Timecode Options:
Cable - Included, but you may need other types of cables, depending on your equipment.
Sync/Timecode Generator
Timecode Modes:
Generator Mode
TRX Mode - Will need to power differently in this mode. Refer to the product user manual or Quick Start Guide


Wireless Frequency:
2.4 GHz - Proprietary ACN communication & synchronization network. Transmits both timecode and metadata
External Antenna(s)


2.6 in
2 in
5.2 in
0.5 lb
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