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Evertz 5601 SPG/Master Clock System

Abel Code: EV-5601MSC+2PS
Mfr. Code: 5601MSC+2PS
Estimated to Ship – 5-10 Business Days
Ideal for broadcast or post facilities. The Evertz 5601 SPG/Master Clock Generator features 6x independently timeable programmable reference outputs, bi-level or tri-level outputs selectable, and much more.
Key Highlights
  • 6x BNC out (timeable & programmable)
  • 2x LTC/IRIG-B Time Code output
  • Reference Loop input for video


Evertz 5601 SPG/Master Clock System is a broadcast quality, master sync pulse generator (SPG) and a master clock generator. It provides all of the synchronizing signals needed in a television station or post production facility at the same time as solving the problem of locking the in-house master clock system to the master video sync pulse generator.


  • 6x independently timeable programmable reference outputs
  • Bi-level or Tri-level outputs selectable
  • 2x Independent LTC/IRIG-B Time Code outputs
  • LTC/IRIG-D Input (optional IRIG-B)
  • Reference loop input for video and 10MHz/5MHz references
  • GPS option for frequency and time reference (GLONASS option)
  • SNTP option for time reference
  • 3.58/4.43/5MHz frequency reference output
  • 10MHz frequency reference output
  • Wordclock output
  • Output frequency stability guaranteed better then 1.0 x 10-8 (or 0.01ppm)
  • 2x GPS based units will be in time and phase even when remotely separated by miles
  • Dual 6 line x 16 character Alpha-numeric display, with 10 pushbuttons
  • Rack mountable
  • Compatible with Dual GPS Data Fiber Receivers & Transmitters
  • VITC reader on reference input for time reference
  • VistLINK control for device configuration and status monitoring
  • All active components are front panel extractable & serviceable
  • Fans are hot swappable

A high stability, temperature controlled oscillator, provides the 5601MSC with better than 1.0x10-8 (or 0.01ppm) frequency reference. The free running drift of this 10MHz reference will be less then 0.1Hz (which amounts to less than one millisecond time drift per day). This guarantees that any frequency drift, with time and temperature, will be within the tolerances expected from the best SPGs or master clocks available in the industry. The 5601MSC may also be referenced to an external 5MHz or 10MHz master oscillator, if higher stability is required. Both the SPG and the Master Clock section of the 5601MSC may be referenced to high stability time and frequency standards present in the Global Position System (GPS) by adding the GPS option (+GP). The 5601MSC may also be referenced to high stability time and frequency standards present in the Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) by adding the GPS/GLONASS option (+GPSG).

The SPG section of the 5601MSC provides 6x timeable reference outputs. These 6x BNC outputs may be configured to provide independently timed color black (black burst) outputs or independently timed HDTV tri-level sync outputs. Each color black output can optionally carry vertical interval time code (VITC) on a user specified set of lines. Additionally, each output can provide 10MHz, 5MHz, PAL Subcarrier, NTSC Subcarrier, 1 PPS, 1/1.001 PPS, 6/1.001 PPS, PAL color frame pulse and 48kHz wordclock.

When referenced to the optional GPS receiver, the start of the NTSC four field sequences, or the PAL 8 field sequence, will coincide with a specific point in the GPS code. In this way, by referencing all the 5601MSCs in a system to GPS, they will all be automatically locked to each other. This is ideal for applications requiring remote facility frequency, phase and time locked! GPS heads may be remoted from the unit with standard 50ft. cables included or optional 100ft. & 400ft. weatherproof cables.

The master clock section of the 5601MSC provides two longitudinal timecode (LTC) or optional IRIG outputs on XLR connectors and a 15-pin D connector. The time code may be set from the front panel or referenced to a number of different sources.

Having 2x LTC outputs provides the ability to drive 24 and 30 Fps, or dropframe and non-drop frame timecode simultaneously. Time may be externally referenced to GPS or via modem to a high-level time source or extracted from VITC on the reference input. Time derived from such sources can be offset from UTC to a specific time zone as required. Time may be externally referenced to GPS, modem, or VITC or GLONASS, LTC, IRIG or SNTP. The 5601MSC can provide RFC-1305 compliant NTP via Ethernet, and operates in broadcast and server mode. The 5601MSC can act as a PTP/IEEE-1588 server on its time port. GPS, NTP, PTP and Modem access are all options. The 5601MSC includes a battery backed-up real time clock to maintain its time while power is not applied to the unit.

On the 5601MSC, a wordclock output is a standard feature. It provides a 48kHz wordclock or may be configured as an additional sync output. Also, the 10MHz output provides 10MHz or 5MHz, or may be configured as an additional sync output.

There are 4x test signal generator options available. The SDTG option provides 2 composite analog video test generators, 2 AES and one DARS outputs (both balanced and unbalanced), and 2 balanced analog audio tone channels. The SDTG option also provides 4 standard definition SDI test signal generators.

In the 4K/UHDTV mode the four test generators are combined into one quad-link test generator.

The 5601MSC offers an optional redundant power supply. The redundant power supplies and fans are hot-swappable.

Add an Optional 2nd Unit with Automatic Changeover

Two 5601MSC units in combination with an Automatic Change Over (model 5601ACO2) provide an extra degree of reliability. Again, the ACO provides relay changeover for the 2x LTC outputs, the six sync pulse outputs, the 10MHz reference output, wordclock and the GPI/O interface. The model 5601ACO2 also provides changeover for all the optional test generator signals.

What's in the Box

  • Evertz 5601 SPG/Master Clock System with Power Supply


Key Highlights

  • 6x BNC out (timeable & programmable)
  • 2x LTC/IRIG-B Time Code output
  • Reference Loop input for video
  • 10MHz frequency reference out
  • Rack mountable


Output Connector/Port:
1 x RJ45 - Ethernet VistaLINK control
1 x Specialty - NTP Port (NTP V4 compliant, broadcast and server mode support). Time referenced to GPS, LTC, VITC or have been sync'd via model within last 10 days) * ONLY WITH: T option installed
1 x RS-232 - Communications & Control, Female (8-bit , no parity, 2 stop bits)
RJ-11 - Telephone Jack * ONLY WITH: M Option installed
1 x Ethernet - PTP version 2 support on Time via PTP/IEEE-1588 Ethernet Port * ONLY WITH: PTP Option Installed

Inputs & Outputs

Timecode In/Out:
6 x BNC - (independently timeable programmable reference outputs) re: Analog Sync Outputs with return loss > 40dB up to 10MHz
6 x BNC - (independently timeable programmable reference outputs) re: Analog Sync Outputs with return loss > 40dB up to 10MHz
1 x DB-15 Female - LTC Input. Imepedence: > 30kΩ balanced
2 x BNC Input - Loop Through
2 x XLR 3-Pin Male I/O - Shared with LTC (may be both LTC, 1 LTC-1IRIG, both IRIG), balanced
2 x XLR 3-Pin Male - LTC Outputs, adjustable, balanced) Frame Rate: 24, 25, 30 and 29.97 (drop frame and non-drop frame)
6 x BNC - (independently timeable programmable reference outputs) re: Analog Sync Outputs with return loss > 40dB up to 10MHz


Input Voltage:
100-240V AC - 50/60Hz


Timecode Options:
Sync/Timecode Generator
Timecode Modes:
4 x SDI Test Generators with 2 outputs per option - OPTIONS: SDTG, HDTG, 3GTG (all SMPTE ST 259-C (270MB/s)
Analog Audio Tone Generator - Balanced analog audio. Only with: SDTG, HDTG, or 3GTG installed
Analog Composit Vifeo Test Signal Generator - Only with: SDTG, HDTG, or 3GTG installed
Wordclock - 48kHz
2 x Loop through Inputs - High impedance, isolated, differential external termination required
Genlock Type - Autodetects standard SMPTE ST 170 (NTSC-M), ITU-R BT.1700-1 (PAL-B), Color Black 1V p-p with optional VITC and 10- field pulse; HD Tri-level Sync (same HD standards as sync outputs)
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