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Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Extreme Control

Blackmagic Design
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Control up to 8 decks with this HyperDeck Extreme Control from Blackmagic. Features traditional broadcast editing functionality in a 1/2RU wide space. Pair it with HyperDeck Extreme 8K HDR to provide more functionality.
Key Highlights
  • Controls up to (8) decks
  • Compatible with HyperDeck Extreme 8K
  • Traditional deck control style


The Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Extreme Control provides traditional deck control features with a built-in editor for automating the ingest of legacy videotape-based programming. Pair with HyperDeck Extreme 8K HDR (optional), delivers an efficient professional deck solution that combines into a 1RU wide space. Included on the HyperDeck Extreme Control front panel are transport control buttons, timecode, deck status, plus a large search dial with electronic clutch for jog, shuttle and positioning. Controlling up to 8 separate decks is possible using standard RS‑422, which ensures compatibility with virtually any type of deck. You can also edit between different video standards, so you can up convert old 4:3 interlaced SD masters to 1080p HD in 16:9 via a Teranex Express converter.


  • Traditional broadcast controllers in a VTR style design
  • Control up to (8) decks at a time
  • Edit between tape and HyperDeck
  • Compatible with HyperDeck Extreme 8K HDR
  • Full Timecode display
  • Pre-Roll and other editing functions
  • Flexible In and Out Point editing

NOTE: HyperDeck Extreme 8K HDR sold separately.

Automate Editing Between Tape and HyperDeck

The built-in editor allows deck-to-deck editing. Operating the same way as traditional decks, the controller can operate both the HyperDeck recorder (sold separately) and your legacy broadcast deck all from the same front panel. This allows editing of old video tape simply by selecting the player button and entering in and out points on the tape, then selecting the recorder and pressing edit. The HyperDeck Extreme Control will now cue and play your broadcast deck while recording on the HyperDeck Extreme 8K HDR Recorder.

Often streaming services need 1080p24 masters. Simply add an inline Teranex Express converter (not included) to de-interlace, up convert, aspect ratio convert and remove pulldown while you are editing.

Control up to 8 Broadcast Decks

The top of the HyperDeck Extreme Control from panel includes a row of 8 buttons for the recorder selection, plus a row of 8 buttons for the player selection. This playback and record section helps you with multi-deck editing. A built-in remote control router makes multi-deck work possible. The connections are all standard RS-422 control, so each device can be plugged into one of 8 rear-mounted RS-422 sockets. You can even use the 8 ports to control 8 HyperDecks. The RS-422 control has been tested to ensure compatibly with legacy broadcast decks, such as the BVH-2000 series 1-inch C format machines, D2, Betacam SP and your legacy Digital Betacam broadcast decks. 

Familiar Broadcast VTR Style Design

The transport controls are a hybrid of controls from HyperDeck as well as traditional decks. They operate like your traditional VTR did back in the day with buttons for rewind, fast forward, stop, play and record. To protect videotape masters, recording requires pressing both REC and PLAY. An eject button will eject your cassettes, while you also are provided with an input button for changing EE/PB modes plus a pre-roll button for cueing your tape.

NOTE: Check out a closeup of these buttons with the other images.

Traditional and Elegant Transport Controls

You get familiar transport controls, such as PLAY. Pressing PLAY during a recording will cause the recording to stop, then the deck will continue to play from the same point. To start a recording, press the REC and PLAY button simultaneously. If you hold down the REC button while a HyperDeck is in record, it will change cards. When either REW or F FWD is pressed, the deck will shuttle reverse or fast forward at the maximum rate. The search direction indicator will also show full speed shuttle.

Available when used with HyperDeck, the SKIP REW and SKIP FWD buttons will move you to the previous clip or the next clip in the recording.

Premium Search Dial for Jog and Shuttle

The high quality search dial features both jog and shuttle, plus an electronic clutch that stops the knob at the end of the shuttle travel or allows free spinning when in jog mode. HyperDeck Extreme Control replaces varispeed with a position function that allows rapid movement up and down the recording. The search dial uses twin bearings so you can free spin it for fast jog.

Full Timecode Display and Deck Status

Full deck status is included with a large, easy-to-read timecode display. This display indicates the timecode of the current selected deck and the timecode source switch will control to whatever is displayed on the time counter. The horizontal light bar indicator allows you to see the position of the search dial and provide a visual feedback, which is important when working with remote decks. The servo indicator light will show when the deck is in Play or Record Mode and the servo system is correctly locked. Because remote decks will still display the time counter and transport state, the remote indicator will let you know if the deck is in remote. HyperDeck Extreme Control also includes an external video reference status.

Flexible In and Out Point Entry for Editing

For editing, you need to enter In and Out Points for the remote deck. Simply select the IN or OUT buttons and the ENTRY button simultaneously to enter the points within your footage. To display each edit point on the time counter display, simply press the IN or OUT buttons only. That way the time point will be shown.

While the entry button is used for entering the In or Out Point data, you can also clear these Points by pressing the IN or OUT buttons while pressing DELETE.

To trim edit points, you can press the TRIM + or - button while pressing the IN or OUT button, and you will advance or delay the edit point by 1 frame at each press. 

Pre-Roll Edits to Cue Decks

For cueing decks, a pre-roll button is included. When this button is pressed, the tape machine will run to the pre-roll point (which is generally 5 seconds before the IN point). If you are using an older broadcast deck, it could take a few minutes for the deck to get to the cue point as the machine has to spool the tape. When connected to a HyperDeck, it will cue instantly. If the PREROLL button is pressed (when simultaneously pressing the IN or OUT point), then the deck will cue to the IN or OUT point. This feature is great for cueing to a specific location set via the IN or OUT points.

Perform Automatic Edits

Once you have your in and out points set, you can perform an edit automatically by pressing the EDIT button. If the EDIT button is pressed before setting an IN point, then the current tape position will be automatically entered as your IN point, and then the editing will be performed. This means you can select the EDIT button and it will set the IN point and then perform the edit all in one step.

NOTE: See the Technical Specs for more details.

What's in the Box

  • SD Card with User Manual
  • Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Extreme Control


Key Highlights

  • Controls up to (8) decks
  • Compatible with HyperDeck Extreme 8K
  • Traditional deck control style
  • In and Out Point editing
  • 1/2 RU width, 3 Rack Units tall


Operating System:
Mac 10.13 High Sierra, Mac 10.14 Mojave or later; Windows 8.1 or Windows 10


Output Connector/Port:
1 x Ethernet
8 x DB-9, RS-422 - for Deck control
1 x REF
Input Connector/Port:
1 x USB Type C - for updates
1 x DC In
1 x AC In
1 x REF

Editing Control Panel

Control Panel Notes:
Front Panel Controls include - Timecode display, Playback & Record Select buttons, Trim buttons, In and Out Points, Transport controls, Player/Recorder mode select, Shuttle/Jog knob, Shuttle/Jog/Position mode select


Input Voltage:
100-240V AC
12V - DC

Software / Apps / Plugins

Software/App Notes:
Internal Software Upgrade - Loaded at system start, or via Blackmagic HyperDeck Setup (not included) using USB port.


Operating Pressure:
32°to 104°F - (0° to 40°C)
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