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Freefly Systems ALTA 8

Freefly Systems
Abel Code: FFS-950-00049
Mfr. Code: 950-00049
Estimated to Ship – 5-10 Business Days
Special Order Only
This is a special order item. You will be charged upon placing your order, which is non-cancelable and non-returnable.
Expand your options with the Freefly ALTA 8 aerial copter which accommodates cinema payloads up to 20.0lb (9.1Kg). It also unfolds in minutes to limit your set-up time.
Key Highlights
  • Unpack & shoot in under 5 minutes
  • Silent-Drive ESC & 3-Phase Motors
  • ALTA 8 APP for critical flight data


The Freefly Systems ALTA 8 multi-rotor aerial device features a SYNAPSE Flight Controller which allows this aerial unit to fly payloads up to 20lbs. The ATA 8 can accommodate a M_VI with both top and bottom mounting capabilities. It offers a Quick Release Top Handle, Aero Landing Gear, folding props, plus a silent drive. The ALTA 8 pilots at up to a 45-degree angle to provide smooth, precise control of camera movement.

Ready to Fly / Easy to Pack

The ALTA 8 UAV arrives fully assembled in a durable Pelican case. A Freefly test pilot flies each ALTA after it passes a series of tests to ensure quality.

The unit folds to 50% of its operating size to assist you in your travels to/from location. This is thanks to the folding props and swan neck booms, plus use of a Toad in the Hole system.

Speed / Reliability

The ALTA 8 features sinusoidal drive motor controls with proprietary control algorithms to produce speed and reliability. It executes complex flight maneuvers and holds position in difficult weather due to FreeflyÍs fusing of GPS technology with IMU and a barometer in the SYNAPSE flight controller.

The ALTA permits a 45-degree flight angle to produce smooth, precise, and dramatic control of camera movement.

It weighs only 13lb yet carries up to a 20lb payload.

Flight Time

Efficient 18-inch props, optimized propulsion system, and lightweight carbon fiber frame all add up to exceptional flight times while carrying impressive payloads. Here is a handy list showing how the type of batteries and payload weight affect your flight time.

2x 16Ah Battery:

  • 5lb payload @ approx. 25 minutes
  • 9lb payload @ approx. 20 minutes
  • 15lb payload @ approx. 15 minutes
  • 17lb payload @ approx. 14 minutes

2x12Ah Battery:

  • 1lb payload @ approx. 25 minutes
  • 5lb payload @ approx. 19 minutes
  • 15lb payload @ approx. 12 minutes
  • 19lb payload @ approx. 10 minutes

2x10Ah Battery:

  • 2lb payload @ approx. 20 minutes
  • 7lb payload @ approx. 15 minutes
  • 15lb payload @ approx. 10 minutes

Precise Positioning

By using the latest in GPS technology and fusing that data with our IMU and Barometer, the ALTA is able to hold position even in difficult weather conditions. For our industrial users this gives the ability to execute complex flight paths while keeping pilot fatigue low.

Automatic Data Logging

ALTA 8 makes it easy to monitor and analyze the performance and health of your machine using a proprietary high speed data logging via micro SD card. This flight log providdes pilots access to a wide range of helpful data. Freefly publishes a flight data viewer application which their Engineering team uses to analyze flight data to help give customers actionable insight to their machine.

SkyView - Mount Your Camera Above the Airframe

ALTA is the first multi-rotor to accept a camera on top of the airframe. Explore a completely new world of filmmaking possibilities with SkyView which offers a wide field of view with plenty of sky in your frame.

The ALTA includes a vibration/isolation section to assist your SkyView mounted camera and create a smoother image.


Freefly Systems offers a mobile app to provide pilots with easy access to critical flight information, including:

  • Flight Pack Voltage
  • Flight Mode
  • Pilot Checklists
  • Height of Flight
  • Satellite Count
  • Attitude
  • Vibration Levels
  • Temperature
  • Accelerometer Details
  • LEDs and Battery Status

Silent Drive

The ALTA utilizes sinusoidal drive motor controls with proprietary control algorithms developed by the Freefly engineering team. The motor drives are custom tuned to match the F45 and are optimized for speed, reliability, and robustness. The motor drives are constantly monitoring a variety of parameters and reporting status to the SYNAPSE.

Also, ALTA boasts closed loop control over the propellers.

Quick Release Option

Pair your ALTA 8 with a Toad in the Hole quick release for improved speed and flexibility on location. The TITH quick release is on the top and bottom of the aircraft to allow for camera mounting either above or below.

Weather Resistant

The ALTA features a lightweight, molded plastic enclosure to cover the flight control and power distribution board which protects them from the elements. Two receiver mounting bays keep sensitive components dry and protected.

SYNAPSE Flight Control

The Freefly SYNAPSE (sold separately) combines high-quality calibrated sensors with propriertary control algorithms to allow users to execute complex flight patterns with ease. It features:

  • Integrated On-Screen Display
  • High-Bandwidth Position Control
  • Vertical & Ground Velocity Speed Limits
  • Live Graphing
  • Dual Receivers

What's in the Box

  • ALTA 8 Multi-rotor Drone
  • Pelican Case
  • Quick Release Top Handle
  • Inverted Landing Gear for Top Mounting Drone
  • Freefly ALTA App available for download


Key Highlights

  • Unpack & shoot in under 5 minutes
  • Silent-Drive ESC & 3-Phase Motors
  • ALTA 8 APP for critical flight data
  • Ready-to-fly system
  • 8 Motors

Aerial Device

Aerial Payload:
# of Propellers:
Aerial Device Detail:
Camera Required
Aerial Flight Modes:
Manual, Height Hold, Position, Return-To-Home, Autoland
Aerial Motor Details:
Electronic Speed Controller - Freefly Silent-Drive Sine Wave ESC
Equivalent Kv - 384
Max RPM (flat rated) - 6300 RPM
Motor Make and Model - Freefly F45
Motor Max Continuous Power Output - 350 W
Motor Max Instantaneous Peak Power Output - 950 W
Motor Type - Direct Drive 3-Phase PMAC Outrunner
Powerplant Limitations - Max. Battery Voltage - 25.2 V
Powerplant Limitations - Maximum RPM - 6300 RPM
Powerplant Limitations - Min. Average Battery Voltage - 19.2 V
Aerial Controller Notes:
Data Logging Rate - 25 Hz
First-Person View OSD Telemetry - User Configurable
First-Person View System Video Formats - NTSC, PAL
Flight Controller Model - Freefly SYNAPSE Flight Controller
Installed Transceivers - WiFi
Minimum Radio Controller Channels Required - >5
Supported First-Person View Cameras - Ready Made RC
Supported First-Person View Transmitters - Skyzone, BOSCAM, ImmersionRC, Fat Shark
Supported GNSS - GPS, GLONASS, Galileo
Supported Radio Controller Telemetry Systems - Futaba with built-in voltage sense port
Supported Radios - Futaba S.Bus & S.Bus2, DSMX, DSM2 (Spektrum/JR), PPM, PPM Invert, PPM Graupner
Aerial Accessory Notes:
2 x Battery Connectors - EC5 (Parallel)
2 x Min. / Max. Battery Quantity - Battery Packs (Parallel)
Battery: Maximum Battery Size - 9.45 x 7.09 x 3.15" (240 x 180 x 80 mm)
Battery: Nominal Battery Voltage - 6S / 22.2V
Isolation System Options - 3. Stiff/Heavy Payloads = Black O-Rings
Isolation System Options - 3. Stiff/Heavy Payloads = Black O-Rings
Isolation System Options - 3. Stiff/Heavy Payloads = Black O-Rings
Orientation Light Color - Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White
Orientation Lights - 3-Watt RGB LED
Propeller Make & Model - Freefly ALTA Propeller
Propeller Material - Carbon fiber with balsa core
Propeller Orientation - 4x CW and 4x CCW Props
Required Minimum Battery Discharge Rating - 250A / 500A Peak
Status Light - 1-Watt White LED
Status Light - 1-Watt White LED
Vibration Isolation System - Silicone O-Rings
GPS Included:
Max Tilt Angle:
Maximum Yaw Rate = 150° / second
Pitch/Roll Angle = 45°


32 in
32 in
22 in
149 lb
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