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SHAPE Panasonic Lumix S1R / S1 Cage Kit with Shoulder Mount + Mattebox + Follow Focus

Mfr. Code: LS1SMKIT
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This cage provides many accessory mounting options, and includes a QR Rod Base System, Metabones support bracket, push-button top handle, 2-stage 4x5 mattebox, single-sided follow focus, handgrips, and shoulder pad.
Key Highlights
  • Cage with 15mm LWS Rod System
  • For Panasonic Lumix S1/S1R
  • Includes 2-Stage 4x5 Mattebox
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The SHAPE Panasonic Lumix S1R / S1 Cage Kit with Shoulder Mount + Mattebox + Follow Focus is designed for filmmakers, videographers and photographers who want a simple, hassle-free and ergonomic cage that really works. Specifically developed for the Panasonic Lumix S1 and S1R cameras, the form-fitting cage offers additional protection and securely locks the camera to the cage. It also provides easy access to all controls and ports, memory card, battery compartment, lens release button, and multiple attachment points for accessories.

The support between the lens and the camera grip is ergonomically designed with clearance for the user's fingers. The camera can be installed in the cage via a captive 1/4"-20 screw, with the 1/4"-20 Allen key secured under the cage with magnets. The bottom of the cage provides the user with (4) 1/4"-20 and (1) 3/8"-16 threaded holes for quick release tripod plate attachment. The position is secured to the rear and sides of the cage, so it will not shift forward when equipped with a heavier lens. The user can also attach a delta plate adapter to the bottom of the cage to mount it on a quick release plate, rapidly switching from a tripod to a handheld configuration.

All access doors, latches, and strap hooks are fully operable when the camera is mounted inside the cage. It is also equipped with an effective cable retainer system for all three of the left side cable ports. The cage is also compatible with a full-sized HDMI cable protector lock to secure your HDMI 4K cable. With open access to the hot shoe on top of the camera, the user can install the Panasonic audio unit (sold separately).

You can mount many accessories using several mounting options, including (1) cold shoe mount located on the top of the cage, (2) ARRI Accessory Mounts (3/8"-16 with anti-rotating hole pattern), and 1/4"-20 threaded mounting holes. The cage is constructed from CNC machined aluminum, and holds the camera securely while restricting it from rotating, thanks to two anti-rotating tabs at the front.

The cage is connected to its base via the new SHAPE Quick Release Rod Base System using a specifically designed 15mm rod bloc system for the optical center of the Panasonic Lumix S1R/S1 camera. It allows quick mounting and dismounting of the camera, and the cage can easily snap in and be quickly removed from its 15mm LWS base by pressing the release button at the rear of the mount for handheld shooting. A pair of SHAPE 15mm 18" Aluminum Rods (15TUBE18) lets you add various SHAPE and 3rd party accessories compatible with 15mm rods. The included rods are hollow, non-threaded, and made of reliable aluminum, coated with a clear finish.

Changing the lens or adding a Metabones Adapter can be done easily while keeping the camera mounted in the cage. SHAPE created an integrated, removable Metabones Adapter Support Bracket specifically designed for the Panasonic Lumix S1R/S1 camera. The bracket attaches via (2) screws and is height adjustable (15mm vertical adjustment). It will support the weight of your lens and Metabones (not included) and reduces stress on the camera lens mount. When not using a Metabones Adapter, simply unscrew the 1/4"-20 bolt to quickly remove the bracket.

The ergonomic and easily removable SHAPE Top Handle was designed to provide the required space for mounting the Panasonic Lumix S1R/S1 Audio Unit. It offers a comfortable and secure wooden grip for carrying your camera and securing accessories. It also features SHAPE's Push-Button Technology, enabling you to balance the weight and rotate the handle to the position you need on a 360° axis. Simply push, adjust, release, and then its locked.

The Push-Button Top Handle provides multiple mounting options, including ARRI Accessory Mounts (3/8"-16 with anti-rotating hole patterns) on the top, SHAPE Standard 1/4"-20 anti-rotating hole patterns on the top and side, cold shoe mounts, and a 3/8"-16 UNC threaded hole at the front. The optional SHAPE Rod Clamp at the front (15CTH) can be added, allowing you to directly mount a 15mm rod onto the handle. Made of CNC Aluminum, the optional 15mm LW Clamp (15CTH) can be easily attached to the top Handle. The clamp is designed to support a 15mm rod such as the SHAPE REVOLT EVF Mount Bracket (not included). The ratchet knob clamp lets you adjust and strongly fix the position of the 15mm rod to the SHAPE Top Handle and (2) cold shoe mounts, one at the front of the handle and one at the back.

The SHAPE Quick Handle Rod Bloc (HAND5) is a professional video stabilization accessory with (2) camera handle grips, each providing an individual rotation angle of 360°. You can attach the handle to the camera platform using a simple screw knob. A simple Push-Button located at the articulation allows easy attachment and removal. Combined with the anodized aluminum rod bloc, the quick handle offers composite camera support for all 15mm rods. You can achieve precise positioning by sliding the Quick Handle along the rods and tightening the small red knob located on the Rod Bloc. The rod bloc is designed with 2 screw-threaded holes allowing the mounting of the Quick Handle.

The SHAPE Mini Composite Shoulder Pad is cushioned for superior comfort, with slip-free material. It is designed with a 15mm rod block on top for accessory attachment. The screw knob enables attachment of a SHAPE counterweight (PAD1, PADCW1; sold separately). By adding extra male-female rods at the rear, you can also attach a counterweight behind the same rods. The shoulder pad is ideal for switching rapidly to a tripod without having to remove the pad, and can remain on the camera rig permanently.

The back pad features a powder coated, anodized aluminum plate and arm which are attached to a thick padding on the side facing the user. The back pad is compatible with the SHAPE Mini Composite Shoulder Pad (SHPAD3) and can be attached or removed easily from your rig via a 1/4"-20 camera screw knob. Additionally, the back-pad position can be adjusted to the user's preference (up to 2" vertically and 360° horizontally). The bottom of the back pad is designed with (2) 1/4"-20 threaded holes for other accessories or counterweights.

Kit Features:

  • For Panasonic Lumix S1R/S1 cameras
  • Form-fitting, anti-twist cage design
  • Multiple accessory mounting options
  • Compatible with standard dovetail Arca swiss quick release mount
  • Strap hooks can remain attached to the camera while mounted in the cage
  • Wooden Push-Button Top Handle compatible with Panasonic DMW-XLR1 Audio Unit (not included)
    • Push, adjust, release
  • 15mm LWS Quick Release Rod Base System
  • Includes (2) 18" 15mm Rods
  • Includes Metabones Adapter Support Bracket
  • Includes SHAPE Follow Focus Kit with Single 15mm Rod Clamp
  • Includes SHAPE 2-Stage 4" x 5.65" Mattebox
  • Includes SHAPE Quick Handle Rod Bloc
  • Includes SHAPE Mini Composite Shoulder Pad with Back Pad

NOTE: Panasonic camera & accessories sold separately.


The compact SHAPE Follow Focus Kit with Single 15mm Rod Clamp features a modular design that allows the user to add and remove any of the components without screws or tools, and its small profile enables use of a mattebox or other lens accessories. At the core of the kit is a rubber, anti-slip follow focus wheel attached to a single aluminum 15mm rod clamp. The clamp rotates to adjust to most lens sizes, and is tightened by a locking lever. The clamp rotates to allow the focus wheel to easily swing out of the way when changing lenses. Five drive gears are included to fit a variety of lens sizes (0.5 MOD/78T, 0.6 MOD/64T, 0.8 MOD/38T, 0.8 MOD/43T, and 0.8 MOD/78T). The gears can be flipped from front to back to facilitate different lens configurations. A 49mm rubber friction wheel is also included for the 0.5 MOD/78T gear (most commonly used with DSLR lenses). For alternate fine-focus configurations, use the included speed crank or 11" whip, both of which attach to the center point of the knob (an ARRI-standard accessory port). Four magnetic marking disks are also included to attach to the focus wheel.

Follow Focus Features:

  • Designed for compact cameras
  • Tool/hardware free
  • Includes Follow Focus Wheel with Crank & Whip
  • Single 15mm Rod Clamp (Swing Arm Design)
  • (5) Drive Gears Included, 1:1 Gear Ratio
  • (4) Magnetic Marking Disks
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Focus Knob
  • Compatible with most lenses
  • Aluminum construction


The SHAPE 2-Stage 4" x 5.65" Mattebox can be used as a clip-on matte box and can be mounted on industry-standard 15 mm rod system. It is designed for light control, insertion, and adjustment of filters. It features a two-stage rotating 4 x 5.6″ filter holder. The matte box accepts lenses with a front diameter up to 114 mm. It comes with a 82 mm filter ring and six step-up rings that allow you to fit lenses with an outer diameter (52-82, 58-82, 62-82, 67-82, 72-82, 77-82)mm.

Mattebox Features:

  • 2-stage bracket for 4x5 rotary filters
  • Compatible with photo lenses with a minimum diameter of 52mm
  • Compatible with professional video optics with up to 114mm maximum front diameter
  • Weight: 2.4 lb (1.08 kg)
  • Includes (2) Filter holders
  • Includes (2) Clip-on adapter rings (84mm & 114mm) to attach your lens to the mattebox
  • Includes 82mm filter ring
  • Includes (6) Step-up rings (52-82mm, 58-82mm, 62-82mm, 67-82mm, 72-82mm, 77-82mm)
  • Includes side flags and (1) french flag for maximum light control
  • Includes 15mm rod-to-mattebox bracket

What's in the Box

  • SHAPE Panasonic Lumix S1R / S1 Cage
  • 15mm LW Quick Release Rod Base System
  • Wooden Push-Button Top Handle
  • 2 x 18” 15mm Rods
  • 2-Stage 4" x 5.65" Mattebox Kit (mat4x56)
  • Single Rod Follow Focus 15mm LWS Kit (FA123)
  • Pair Of Push-Button Quick Handles (Hand5)
  • Back Pad (Pad1)
  • Shoulder Mount (Shpad3)


Key Highlights

  • Cage with 15mm LWS Rod System
  • For Panasonic Lumix S1/S1R
  • Includes 2-Stage 4x5 Mattebox
  • Includes Rod Mount Follow Focus
  • Includes Top Handle
  • Includes Metabones Support
  • Includes Shoulder & Back Pad
  • Includes Dual Handgrips

Camera Cage

Full Cage Kit:
Cage Pieces:
Lens Mount Support
Baseplate - QR
Top Handle

Handle / Grip

# Handles:
Handle/Grip Features:
Left Hand Ergonomic
Right Hand Ergonomic
Push-Button Adjustment

Lens Accessories

Rod Clamp Size:
15mm LWS


Mbx Filter Tray Capacity:
Mbx Filter Frame Size:
4" x 5.65"
Mbx Connection:
Clamp On
Mattebox Kit:
Mbx for Lens Diameter:
114mm - Maximum

Mechanical & Electronic Controls

Focus Knob:
Single vs. Dual:
Rod Standard:
15mm - Single

Shoulder Rigs

Shoulder Rig Rod Type:
15mm - LWS
Rig Features:
Shoulder Pad
Back Pad
Shoulder Rig Grip Type:


Support Rod Length:
18" (457.2 mm)
Support Rod Size:
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