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Wooden Camera Canon C300mkII Unified Accessory Kit (Advanced)

Wooden Camera
Abel Code: WC-226100
Mfr. Code: 226100
Estimated to Ship – 5-10 Business Days
Special Order Only
This is a special order item. You will be charged upon placing your order, which is non-cancelable and non-returnable.
Create a cage for your Canon C300 MKII Camera with this Unified Accessory Kit (Advanced) from Wooden Camera. Includes Top Plate + Unified Baseplate + 2x 15mm Rods (12") + NATO Handle Kit (Cheese, 70mm) + Safety Dovetail (8").
Key Highlights
  • Full cage for your Canon 300MKII
  • Top Plate + Baseplate + Rods
  • Also NATO Handle Kit + Safety Dovetail


Wooden Camera Canon C300MKII Unified Accessory Kit (Advanced) is a camera support package designed for your Canon 300 MKII camera. The C300mkII accessory package includes: Top Plate (C300mkII), a top-mounting camera cheese plate for secure camera accessory attachment, Unified Baseplate (C300mkII), a quick release baseplate that holds two 15mm Rod (12") at the correct lens height, Safety Dovetail (8") which interfaces with the ARRI dovetail slot on the bottom of the Unified Baseplate, NATO Handle Kit (Cheese, 70mm), a quick release handle that attaches to the Top Plate.

Also, as part of the included Top Plate (C300mkII), your will have another way to mount accessories with the Universal Hot Shoe, which is used to attach your Canon LCD Unit to any 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 hole.

Top Plate

Top Plate for the Canon C300mkII camera is ideal for mounting your on-board monitors, EVF mount, or camera cage handle. The Top Plate features arrays of 1/4-20 holes in standard 9mm spacing. Multiple 3/8-16 holes are also included for larger accessories. ARRI standard accessory mount can be found on top and sides. Includes Universal Hot Shoe for attaching your Canon C300mkII LCD Unit.

  • Weight: 0.3 lb (117 g)
  • Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.5 x 0.9" (71.4 x 64.1 x 23.3 mm)

(3) 1/4-20 x 3/8" socket cap screws
(1) 1/4-20 low profile screw (Universal Hot Shoe)
(1) 3/8-16 low profile screw (Universal Hot Shoe)

Unified Baseplate 

The Wooden Camera Unified Baseplate is a quick-release baseplate to provide lightweight 15mm rod support at the correct lens height for these Compatible Cameras:

  • Canon C100
  • Canon C100 MKII
  • Canon C300 
  • Canon C300 MKII
  • Canon C500
  • Canon C700
  • Sony PXW-FS7

15mm rods pass through front-to-back and feature (2) locking thumbscrews per side.

  • Weight: 0.8 lb (362.8 g)
  • Dimensions: 2 x 6 x 6" (50.8 x 152.4 x 152.4 mm)

Unified Baseplate includes:

  • Baseplate core module (no dovetail)
  • Dovetail Plate
  • Lower Quick Dovetail
  • (2) 1/4-20 low profile screw
  • (2) 3/8-16 low profile screw

The baseplate quick-releases in two ways which provides you, the camera operator, the option to pack and take your 15mm lightweight rods or to leave them behind.


  • Upper dovetail based on ARCA Swiss dovetail shape
  • Vertical 15mm rod hole for optional support posts
  • Pass Through 15mm lightweight rod openings (with 2x locking thumbscrews per rod)
  • Lower dovetail based on an ARRI standard dovetail shape
  • 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 mount holes for securing to tripod plates or bridgeplates

On the upper dovetail, a vertical 15mm rod opening is included to support a lens adapter foot directly in front of the camera body. (An example of this would be the Sony FS7 using a Metabones Canon EF adapter.) The upper dovetail would be positioned with the vertical 15mm rod opening to the front and the optional Wooden Camera Unified Lens Adapter Support Kit would be installed and threaded into the Metabones support foot. 

The dovetail attached to the bottom of the camera is an ARCA Swiss standard shape which can integrate with many third party products. Additionally, there are threaded 1/4"-20 holes on the bottom for attaching to gimbals or tripod plates when necessary. The bottom of the baseplate is comprised of the Lower Quick Dovetail which featues 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes for attaching to tripod plate or ARRI standard bridgeplate such as Unified Bridgeplate (19mm) or Unified Bridgeplate (15mm Studio).

To remove the camera and leave the LW 15mm rods behind:

Unlock the right side thumbscrew, slide the camera backwards a short distance, then lift straight up.

To remove the camera from the included Lower Quick Dovetail and take the 15mm lightweight rods with you:

Unlock the left thumbscrew, slide the baseplate backwards a short distance, then lift up. This action exposes an integrated ARRI dovetail slot on the bottom which can attach directly to any 2060 Dovetails, Safety Dovetails, or Shoulder Rigs.

For a VCT-14 compatible mounting option:

The Unified Baseplate can be attached to an optional Unified VCT Wedge Plate to provide easy counterbalance ability while on the shoulder. This could then be attached to the Unified VCT-14 Tripod Plate which would be attached to the tripod head.

For mounting on a gimbal/jib/crane:

Additional Unified Lower Quick Dovetails can be puchased to mount to gimbals, jibs, cranes, etc. so you can perform quick and repeatable camera transitions.

NOTE: The Unified Baseplate is backwards compatible with the Wooden Camera original Quick Dovetail (Standard) and Quick Dovetail (DSLR, Large). Camera accessories are sold separately from the Unified Baseplate. 

15mm Rod - 12" (set of 2)

This pair of (2) 12" 15mm Rods fit inside the included Unified Baseplate. These 15mm diameter iris rods used for mounting accessories like follow focus, matte box, lens support, servo motors, and more.

Safety Dovetail (8")

This Wooden Camera Safety Dovetail is an 8" ARRI-style dovetail with a safety catch on one end to prevent accidental camera removal. The manufacturer points out that there is a release mechanism on one end and a stopper screw on the other.

Threaded 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 pass through holes are provided for accessory mounting. Tripod attachment is also included. It can be attached to a shoulder pad for custom, handheld configurations.

  • Weight: 0.6 lb (292 g)
  • Dimensions: 8.0 x 2.7 x 0.5" (203.2 x 68.2 x 13.2 mm)

NATO Handle Kit (Cheese, 70mm)

The Wooden Camera NATO Handle Kit (Cheese, 70mm) is designed for quick release attaching and detaching on the camera, without screws. Simply slide the handle onto its Safety NATO Rail (included) and tighten down the thumbscrew. The 70mm NATO Rail can attach to any two screw points up to 42mm apart, center to center. The cheese grip features a 19mm rear port for a spud (sold separately). Arrays of 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 female threads provide mounting points for additional accessories.

  • Weight: 0.5 lb (222 g)
  • Dimensions: 4.8" x 2.9" x 1.3" (121.3 x 72.7 x 33.3mm)
  • Material: Aluminum


What's in the Box

  • Safety Dovetail (8")
  • NATO Handle Kit (Cheese, 70mm)
  • 2 x 15mm Rod - 12"
  • Unified Baseplate (C300mkII)
  • Top Plate (C300mkII)


Key Highlights

  • Full cage for your Canon 300MKII
  • Top Plate + Baseplate + Rods
  • Also NATO Handle Kit + Safety Dovetail
  • Standard 9mm spacing on Top Plate
  • Universal hot shoe on Top Plate
  • Adjustable baseplate for varied setups
  • (2) 12" 15mm Rods

Baseplates/Bridgeplates & Adapters

Baseplate Options:
Quick Release - (2) options with or without your rod port console
Mount Points:
19mm spud port opening - (on handle, spud sold separately)
2 x 15mm port opening

Camera Cage

Rod Support Size:
Cages by Camera:
Canon C300 MKII
Full Cage Kit:
Cage Pieces:
Top Handle
Top Plate

Handle / Grip

# Handles:
Handle/Grip Features:
End Opening for Spud - single 19mm port


6 in
4 in
13 in
2.9 lb
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