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DJI Ronin-S Advanced Kit

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This kit includes the Ronin-S Motorized 3-Axis Handheld Camera Stabilizer with Command Unit and a Focus Motor, SmallRig Mounting Plate, and (2) AbelCine Cable Ties for cable management.
Key Highlights
  • Includes Ronin-S Stabilizer
  • Includes Command Unit & Motor
  • Includes SmallRig Mounting Plate


This DJI Ronin-S Advanced Kit includes the following items:

  • DJI Ronin-S Motorized 3-Axis Handheld Camera Stabilizer
  • DJI Ronin-S Command Unit
  • DJI Ronin-S Focus Motor
  • SmallRig Mounting Plate for DJI Ronin-S
  • (2) AbelCine Cable Ties


The DJI Ronin-S Motorized 3-Axis Handheld Camera Stabilizer enables independent filmmakers to capture spontaneous moments with clarity, smoothness, and creative articulation.  SmoothTrack optimization now applies to all three axes. Simply hold down the front trigger to transition from Upright to Underslung Mode in one seamless movement, with zero gimbal framework obstruction. A new Sport Mode allows you to easily capture fast-moving action.

Professional Stability

The detachable, modular design of the Ronin-S fits inside a backpack for easy travel. The industry standard quick-release plate design allows the user to rapidly move the camera from a gimbal for tracking shots to a tripod for stills.

Smooth Operation

Auto Tune is featured directly on the gimbal for optimal torque control, with easy and intuitive setup and operation. Powerful, high torque motors actively stabilize your shot when mounted to moving platforms at speeds of up to 46 mph (75 kph).

Camera Compatibility

The Ronin-S supports almost any DSLR or mirrorless camera setup on the market, offering direct camera control*. Manufacturer tests indicate that Ronon-S can capture stabilized footage with up to a Canon 5D Mk IV with 85mm f/1.4L IS USM EF Mount lens in handheld scenarios. See DJI's compatibility list for details.

*NOTE: Supported with a future firmware upgrade.

Focus Control

Achieve critical focus with the easy-to-control Focus Wheel. When a compatible camera system is connected to the Ronin-S, the operator can pull focus via an included cable. An optional external motor (sold separately) can also be added, providing broader compatibility for all lens types while enhancing precision control.

Innovative Design

The Ronin-S's innovative form factor elevates the camera payload above the roll axis, always putting a camera's integrated rear-facing display in your line of sight. In addition to an unobstructed view, the angled roll motor provides increased clearance for balancing more cumbersome configurations.

All-in-One Control

SmoothTrack technology enables the user to transition from motion to camera angle with one hand. Switch between three user profiles with a simple click of the "M" button, or capture fast-moving objects in Sport Mode by holding it down.

Ergonomic & Portable

The ergonomic design of the Ronin-S eliminates unwanted shake when shifting from underslung to upright position in one smooth take (with a properly balanced rig). The detachable design offers numerous usage scenarios. Mount it to an RC buggy for ground level tracking shots or let it act as a stabilized remote head when attached to a jib. This detachment feature also makes the unit more convenient for easy storage.

Automated Features

The Ronin-S includes a suite of automated features within the DJI Ronin app, enabling more creative options for crafting your shots than ever before:

  • Panorama - lets you take advantage of precise gimbal movement to capture a clear, detailed image
  • Motionlapse - lets you set a path for the gimbal to follow during a timelapse, adding complexity without additional gear or prep (set up to five waypoints)
  • Timelapse - turns hours into dramatic seconds with a just a few taps
  • Track - lets you set a repeatable path for gimbal movement while recording video, saving time for multiple takes on set or location


The Ronin-S offers multiple accessory mounts, providing full support for add-ons such as a microphone, LED light, or external monitor. Compatibility with DJI control devices offers a wide range of control options, such as the DJI Force Pro Long Range Wireless Gimbal Controller (sold separately) for intuitive operation and Master Wheels (sold separately) for precise gimbal movements. The Ronin-S also features an S-Bus port for compatibility with third-party remote controllers.


  • Superior 3-Axis Stabilization
  • Max Operating Speed: 46mph (75kph)
  • Tested Payload Capacity: 7.9 lb (3.6 kg)
  • Max. Battery Life: 12 hours
  • Camera Control
  • Fine Focus Control
  • Multidirectional joystick
  • Automated Smart Features
  • Angled Roll Motor
  • 32-bit ARM processor
  • Compatible with 2.4 GHz & 5.8 GHz systems, and D-Bus
  • Compatible with GPS (extended)
  • Multiple profile settings (SmoothTrack, joystick parameters with virtual operation option)
  • Track, Panorama, Time-Lapse, Sport Mode
  • Pro Accessory Compatibility

NOTE: Camera and unlisted accessories sold separately.


The DJI Ronin-S Command Unit enables users to set parameters and control the Ronin-S during shooting without using a mobile device. Adjust motor settings, switch operation modes, and select remote control settings by using the 1.4" screen and 5D button. Users can also access the "Create" feature directly via the Command Unit.


The DJI Ronin-S Focus Motor is used with the Ronin-S Focus Wheel to control the focus, iris, and zoom. Includes basic mounting hardware (15mm), gear strips for still lenses, and a power cable.


The SmallRig Mounting Plate for DJI Ronin-S provides multiple mounting holes for accessory attachment and attaches to the side of the Ronin-S via (2) M4 screws (included) after removing the small DJI plate which covers the electronic contacts. There are multiple 1/4"-20 threaded holes and one 3/8"-16 threaded hole for magic arm or cold shoe mount for monitor and microphone. This plate also enables mounting of any accessories with a NATO rail directly.


  • Compatible with DJI Ronin-S Handheld Gimbal
  • Multiple 1/4"-20 threaded holes for accessory attachment
  • Features a NATO rail for compatibility with NATO clamp accessories
  • ARRI Accessory Mounts (3/8"-16 threads with locating pin holes)
  • Lightweight and multifunctional design
  • Max. payload: 3.3 lb (1.5 kg)


AbelCine Cable Ties provide an easy, lightweight solution for cable management. Constructed from gray hook & loop material.

What's in the Box

  • Storage Case
  • Hook & Loop Strap for Gimbal
  • Hook & Loop Strap for Cable
  • 2 x Allen Wrench
  • Accessories Box
  • 24W USB Power Adapter (North America)
  • USB-C Cable
  • Multi-Camera Control Cable (Type-B)
  • Extended Grip/Tripod
  • Camera Riser
  • Lens Support
  • Multi-Camera Control Cable (Type-C)
  • RSS IR Control Cable
  • Focus Wheel
  • Camera Mounting Plate
  • BG37 Grip (Integrated Battery)
  • DJI Ronin-S Gimbal
  • DJI Ronin-S Command Unit
  • Power Cable
  • 2 x Focus Gear Strips
  • 4 x Screws
  • 2 x 15mm Rods
  • Rod Mount
  • Focus Motor
  • AbelCine Cable Tie
  • 2 x M4 Screws
  • Allen Key
  • Mounting Plate


Key Highlights

  • Includes Ronin-S Stabilizer
  • Includes Command Unit & Motor
  • Includes SmallRig Mounting Plate
  • Includes (2) cable ties
DJI Ronin-S Motorized 3-Axis Handheld Camera Stabilizer Standard Kit


Battery Mount Type:
Battery Capacity:
Output Voltage:
14.4 V DC
Battery Chemistry:
Li-Ion / Lithium-ion
mAh Rating:
2400 mAh
Operating Time:
12 hours - approximate 2 hour charge time via 24W USB Power Adapter (included)


Input Connector/Port:
USB Type C


Accessory Power Connections:
1 x Dual 4-pin CAN Bus - beneath the camera carriage; provides up to 24W power for a range of DJI accessories (not included)
2 x 8-pin - on both sides of the control panel; provide power and can be used to connect with the Ronin-S Focus Wheel
Motor Current (may be locked):

Software / Apps / Plugins

Mobile Requirements:
Bluetooth 4.0

Stabilizers / Steady Devices

Gimbal Payload:
Up to 7.9 lb - 3.6 kg
Gimbal Axis:
Motorized Gimbal:
Battery Operable:
Remote Capable:
Gimbal Weight:
4.1 lb - 1.86 kg
Gimbal Modes:
See Overview
Functions Included:
See Overview
Max Rotation Speed:
Follow Speed - 360°/s, all axes
Rotation Range:
Pitch/Tilt - 280° (-95° to 185°)
Roll - 360°
Yaw/Pan - 360°


Wireless Range:
Up to 30 feet - 10m (using Ronin mobile app via Bluetooth 4.0)
Up to 1.8 mi - 3 km, when connected to the DJI Force Pro Long Range Wireless Gimbal Controller (sold separately) with no obstruction or interference present
Wireless Frequency:
2.4 GHz - Remote (2.4-2.48 GHz)
DJI Ronin-S Command Unit

Compatibility - Stabilization

DJI Ronin-S


Output Connector/Port:
1 x Specialty - 8-Pin Contacts (Male)
Input Connector/Port:
1 x Specialty - 8-Pin Contacts (Female)


Monitor Size:
Monitor Features:
Joystick Navigation - 5D Button
Monitor Brightness:
Monitor Type:
LCD - 320x320

Stabilizers / Steady Devices

Gimbal Compatibility:
Functions Included:
Set parameters and control the Ronin-S during shooting without using a mobile device
DJI Ronin-S Focus Motor


Cable Type:
1 x Lens Motor - Power Cable

Compatibility - Stabilization

DJI Ronin-S - Focus Wheel

Mechanical & Electronic Controls

Gear Ratios:
# Teeth:
151 - [Gear Strips]
40 - [Motor Gear]
Rod Standard:
Mechanical Options:
1 x Motor
1 x Motor Clamp
1 x Drive Gear
1 x Rod Mounting Bracket
2 x Focus Gear Strip - Length: 14.8" (377mm), Lens Diameter: 1.18-4.3" (30-110mm)


Input Voltage:
6-17V DC


Support Rod Size:
2 x 15mm
SmallRig Mounting Plate for DJI Ronin-S

Compatibility - Stabilization

DJI Ronin-S

Stabilizer Accessories

Gimbal Acc'y Type:
1 x Mounting Bracket
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