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Freefly Systems MoVI Pro 3-Axis Gimbal Handheld Bundle (MoVI Pro + MIMIC + Bush Pilot + Ring)

Freefly Systems
Abel Code: FFS-950-00067
Mfr. Code: 950-00067
Estimated to Ship – 4-6 weeks
The MoVI Pro uses high performance, calibrated sensors and actuators to allow filmmakers precise, creative control over their camera. This is the Handheld Bundle which includes: the MoVI Pro, MoVI Ring Pro, Bush Pilot, and MIMIC Controller.
Key Highlights
  • 3-Axis Gimbal & Handheld Ring
  • Holds camera rigs up to 15 lb
  • Flip upright to invert


Freefly Systems expanded upon their family of stabilization gimbals with the MoVI Pro, a redesigned structure which improves performance and adds capabilities to increase usability, convenience, strength, and adaptability. You may select either a Handheld and an Aerial option to best suit your production needs.

This is the handheld bundle which includes:

  • MoVI Pro
  • MoVI Ring Pro
  • MIMIC Controller

Those of you familiar with the MoVI M10/M15 will enjoy the familiar ability to execute eye-level shots without much fatigue, to fully integrate with the camera and accessories, plus to execute diverse shot types (hyperlapse, timelapse, motion control, mimic, etc.). You will also retain smooth footage due to MoVI’s 3-axis lens control. Gimbal setup is an easy process with this device.

Utilizing a 3-axis compass for accurate heading information, the world’s smallest 3-axis lens control built into the camera stage, and silent sine drive technology, the MoVI Pro includes the bells and whistles required to ramp up your gimbal work. The MIMIC controller allows the camera to automatically and intuitively follow a user’s movements with internal gimbal motors. The MoVI Pro's drive technology offers smooth, fast, closed loop control of pan / tilt / roll axes. In addition, you won’t need to fumble for a stand or worry about the integrity of your timelapse footage since a stand is incorporated into the MoVI Pro.

Our Nic Somera caught up with Freefly at NAB 2017 to review the MoVI Pro and other new products in his video blog. In the interview, we learned that the MoVI Pro includes stronger motors than previous versions which helps it to operate under tough conditions, such as flying sideways. There is also an integrated screen on the back of the MoVI Pro to provide vital information such as estimated battery usage, status info, and ability to alter configuration on the fly. A four button system offers navigation of the built-in app directly on the MoVI Pro or you can use the MoVI Pro App or an optional MoVI Controller to control the unit.

Performance Highlights of the MoVI Pro:

Change it Up
MōVI Pro can flip from upright to inverted mode with a quick 180 degree roll. You can remove the top handle.

Embedded Display
The addition of an embedded display with a 4-button control system grants users command over basic tuning and adjustments on the fly without the need for additional devices.

Increased Torque
New custom lightweight direct-drive brushless motors provide twice the pan torque of first generation MoVI’s to accommodate demanding camera movement scenarios.

Updated Wiring
Internal wiring is now strain relieved and internally routed to prevent potential damage to cables and enhance reliability in a variety of weather conditions.

Per the manufacturer, you can go from handheld to aerial in less than 60 seconds. With dual GPS antennas, lightweight construction, high torque motors, and an integrated FIZ driver, the MōVI PRO is unmatched in aerial performance.

Versatile Camera Rail
The addition of dovetails, revised camera mounts, easier top mounting, and a wide-body design results in an ultra-versatile, lightweight camera rail that can easily be mounted and removed.

Hot Swapping
One handed battery swaps and hot swapping are now possible through a redesigned battery system which is built to keep the MōVI Pro shooting continuously.

Power for Over an Hour
The MōVI Pro can power itself, the camera, and more for over an hour before swapping by using the combined power of two 22.2V batteries.

Self-Tuning Algorithm
Refined new software allows the MoVI Pro to find optimal stiffness and filter settings within seconds on a button push. While the system can be further tuned manually, the new self-tuning algorithm makes the tuning process more automated and accurate from the start.

REDLink Command Protocol
Integrated REDLink Command Protocol grants users full control over RED EPIC and RED SCARLET camera adjustments. This includes when the user is hundreds of feet away from the mounted camera.

FIZ Control
The MōVI Pro reduces shooting weight and FIZ setup time with all industry standard motors by utilizing the world's smallest, fully integrated 3-axis FIZ controller. FIZ motors are sold separately.

MoVI Pro App

Download the latest version of the MoVI Pro App to your mobile device from the Apple Store or Google Play


  • Innovative structural design to improve performance
  • Embedded display with control over basic adjustments
  • Fast bootup (<2 seconds per manufacturer) and fastboot mode for instant-on shots
  • Floating point processors and high-speed sensors enable 60dB performance at 1Hz
  • Rugged system which is water resistant to withstand outdoor use
  • Dual hot swappable Intelligent batteries (22.5v 1.8Ah) with status indicators
  • Increased motor torque
  • 12-14v 6A D-Tap ouput for camera power
  • 2x 12V 2A D-Tap output for accessory power
  • Majestic Mode
  • Timelapse
  • Dual GPS (top and bottom) for solid signal in either Sky or GroundView
  • Full Red RCP integration (Focus, Iris, ISO, Start/Stop, etc.)
  • Internal long range 2.4GHz frequency hopping radio to connect with the MIMIC
  • Multiple handheld options: MoVI Ring Pro (included) or the optional Low Profile or Classic Handle

NOTE: If you decide to use your MoVI Pro with an aerial device you will need to add landing gear as the MoVI Pro is not equipped with that. Freefly's user manual recommends the ALTA SkyView Landing Gear (sold separately) when using the Freefly Alta 6 or Freefly Alta 8 (both sold separately).

MoVI Ring Pro

MōVI Ring Pro is designed to allow users to create content more quickly and effectively than ever before. It features a built in stand for instant set down to allow users to rest between shots. The built in stand allows for quick setup and balancing without an accessory stand. The built in stand allows users to execute remote head shots almost anywhere. Simply set the MōVI Pro on the ground, table, etc and execute complex pan / tilt moves with ease.  

The MoVI Ring Pro is compatible with all MoVIs.


  • 30mm lightweight carbon fiber
  • Adjustable / removable handstops & top handle
  • Fiber-reinforced modled plastic feet
  • One hand adjustable quick-release monitor mount

MIMIC with Handlebars

MIMIC offers precise and natural control over the MoVI Pro. It intuitively follows a user's movements. MIMIC features a long range 2.4 GHz frequency hopping radio system that provides users access to MōVI Pro pointing control, status information, menus, and RED camera controls.


  • Integrated battery with 6 hour runtime
  • Integrated LCD screen
  • Long range wireless
  • USB connectivity
  • BLE connectivity
  • Quick-release 13mm mount
  • 1/4-20" mount
  • SD card slot
  • 2x COM ports for expansion

NOTE: Fully build your camera package prior to balancing it on the MoVI Pro. This includes any added accessories. Otherwise you may need to rebalance the unit.


Limited 1-Year Standard Warranty (excluding MoVI Pro Battery Packs).

What's in the Box

  • 2.50mm Hex Driver
  • 2.00mm Hex Driver
  • 2 x Bolt 1/4-20 x 3/8"
  • 2 x Bolt 1/4-20 x 1/2"
  • 2 x Bolt 3/8-16 x 5/8"
  • MoVI Rod Mount Adapter
  • COM to MoVI Controller Receiver Cable
  • MoVI Hot Shoe Mount
  • MoVI Pro Adjustable Top Camera Plate
  • MoVI Pro Adjustable Camera Plate
  • 2 x MoVI Pro Battery Charger
  • 2 x MoVI Pro Battery Pack (1.8Ah)
  • MIMIC with Handlebars
  • MoVI Ring Pro
  • MoVI Pro
  • Bush Pilot


Key Highlights

  • 3-Axis Gimbal & Handheld Ring
  • Holds camera rigs up to 15 lb
  • Flip upright to invert
  • Aerial ready with dual GPS antennas
  • High torque motors & carbon fiber
  • Hot swap batteries
  • REDLink Command Protocol


Hot Swap:
mAh Rating:
1800 mAh
Operating Time:
Run Times - 130 min. (one battery with camera), 40 min. (one battery + powered camera), 80 min. (two batteries + powered camera)

Compatibility - Aerial

Freefly Systems:
MoVI Pro (with MIMIC + Ring)


Input Connector/Port:
Other - LTC Timecode In/Out, EXP, CANbus + Battery Voltage, CAM, 12-14V CAM, 12V AUX, F, I, Z - GCU - Gimbal Control Unit
USB Type C - GCU - Gimbal Control Unit


Power Input:
1 x DC - 12 VDC, 2A D-Tap

Recording / Media

Media Type:

Stabilizers / Steady Devices

Stabilizer Type:
Handheld Frame
Gimbal Payload:
10.0-14.99lbs - Up to 15lb
Gimbal Axis:
Motorized Gimbal:
Battery Operable:
Remote Capable:
Gimbal Compatibility:
Brushless - Direct-drive 3 phase
Camera Tray Dim.:
7.71 x 7.87 x 6.88" - (196 x 200 x 175mm) - MoVI Pro
Gimbal Modes:
Calibration - Calibrate the compass to increase the performance of the Compass Heading Assist Mode (when used with MoVI Pro App).
Declination - Set the declination angle when using the "Compass" Heading Assist Mode to adjust for the Earth's magnetic variance due to global position (when used with MoVI Pro App).
Dual Op Mode - Allows one operator to concentrate on framing/lens control while the 2nd operator controls movement. Possible using the MIMIC, MoVI Controller, or certain 3rd-party RC controllers.
Heading Assist - orients the MoVI Pro (when used with MoVI Pro App). "Fixed Mount" works when the MoVI Pro is stationary to avoid pan drift, "GPS" can be used on an aerial platform, and "Compass" can be used when the MoVI Pro is either handheld or aerial.
Majestic Mode (continued) - Tilt Mode (to Smooth Lock - maintains a set tilt angle regardless of handle position), or Majestic Angle (links the tilt axis to handle movement).
Majestic Mode - Permits a single user control over the MoVI Pro by stabilizing the camera and following user movement inputs. Provides Tilt Smoothing, Tilt Window (to ignore unconventional movements)
Pan Trim to increase or decrease the pan trim and set a new neutral pan angle - when hardmounted on a multi-rotor aerial device so the MoVI Pro is aligned with the front of the multi-rotor device (when used with MoVI Pro App)
Roll Trim - to increase or decrease the roll trim angle. This levels the camera during Majestic Mode - when used with MoVI Pro App
Target Mode - Tracks a GPS coordinate or the Freefly MIMIC automatically. The MoVI Pro then autonomously frames the selected subject using positional data from the MoVI Pro and/or MIMIC sensor.
Timelapse Mode - Create and edit keyframes and adjust Timelapse Interval and Timelapse Duration. Works best when Heading Assist is set to "Fixed Mount."
Functions Included:
Connections - Bluetooth Low Energy v4.2 & 2.4GHz Custom FHSS Radio
Data Logging Rate - 5, 10, and 25 Hz
Max Rotation Speed:
360°/s - Tilt
360°/s - Tilt
360°/s - Tilt
Rotation Range:
+165° above horizontal to -90° below horizontal - Tilt (Range of Motion in Inverted Mode)
+/- 60° - Roll (Range of Motion)
+90° above horizontal to -165° below horizontal - Tilt (Range of Motion in Normal Mode)
Unlimited - Pan (Range of Motion)


Wireless Frequency:
2.4 GHz


26 in
26 in
16 in
24.14 lb
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