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Nokia OZO Live Multi Node 1-Year License

Abel Code: NOK-OL201A02R
Mfr. Code: OL201A02R
Not Available Online
A real-time 3D 360° stitching software that runs on reference hardware and allows you to broadcast live VR within a standard 4K workflow. This is a 1-Year License for the software.
Key Highlights
  • Broadcast quality for video streaming
  • Single camera or multi-camera workflows
  • Real-time stitching


The Nokia OZO Live Multi Node 1-Year License software enables real-time, 3D 360° stitching, spatial audio mixing, and monoscopic and stereoscopic video outputs. Along with controls to color correct and do static and temporal denoising, the OZO Live offers an easy-to-use user interface (UI), which is ideal for your broadcast booth or truck.

This software product runs on GPU-assisted reference hardware, which converts the compressed 1.5Gb/sec HD-SDI signal from the OZO into either a standard 5K UHD video signal for live post production, delivered via quad-link HD-SDI, or an RTMP uplink to a cloud delivery service. OZO Live provides advanced, real-time stitching functionality, spacial audio processing, color correction, h.264 encoding, and other options in an easy-to use package.

Three primary deployment modes:

  1. Single-camera workflow with direct RTMP uplink
  2. Single-camera workflow to a single external broadcast encoder
  3. Multi-camera workflows with full production switching and sound reinforcement.

OZO Live runs as two separate services: a core processing service, which performs the real-time video and audio processing functions, and a web service, which presents a graphical user interface to any browser. You can interact with OZO Live using either the web service or a command-line interface (which offers more features).

Mission-Critical Reliability

OZO Live has proven itself in the field at the world's biggest events, including music festivals like Coachella and Austin City Limits, historic moments like the CMAs, World Economic Forum and Obama's Farewell Address, and sports events like the Rugby Sevens.

Plug Into Your Broadcast Workflow

OZO Live works directly with current 4K broadcast workflows for straightforward production with your existing equipment. Plus, you can simultaneously output RTMP and SDI to publish to VR and 360° video platforms, including Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, YouTube, and Facebook.

Benefits Include:

Broadcast Quality - Exceptional 3D 360 live stitching video and audio quality

Multiple Production Formats - OZO Live is production format agnostic supporting 2D 360 (such as streaming to YouTube360) as well as 3D 360 delivery

Real-Time Camera Switching - Use multiple OZOs with standard 4K video switchers

Fits Into How You Work - Standard 4K video output for easy integration into your existing workflow

Flexible Implementation - Player SDK uses reference architecture as guidance

Production-Grade Reliability - You won't drop a frame during mission-critical productions

Capture Events Large and Small - Scalable multi-camera support via standard 4K workflows to broadcast events of any size

Overview of OZO Live Workflow

The OZO Live software takes the feed from your OZO Virtual Reality Camera and works in tandem with your standard 4K broadcast equipment and 4K broadcast encoder. The footage is then processed through your Content Delivery Network (CDN) to the end user who would have either an OZO Player SDK high-end 3D 360° headset or a 2D 360° mobile phone or tablet/desktop/web browser to enjoy the immersive experience you have created.

When you encode and deliver video streams directly to an online video service, OZO Live uses RTMP format.

Video Output Formats

  • UHD (3840x2160) frame over quad-link HD-SDI at 30fps
  • Format options - stereoscopic 360 T/B, stereoscopic 180 L/R, monoscopic 360

  • Projection options - equirectangular, lambert, cube map (mono only)

  • RTMP streaming encoding for live streaming to platforms such as YouTube 360 or Facebook

Audio Output Formats

  • 5.0 surround, stereo, raw OZO microphone pass-thru

  • Full spatial OZO Audio support coming soon

Stitching Features

The OZO Live 3D 360° software offers features to improve your stitching experience. 

  • Real-time automatic and manual per-seam focus depth

  • Real-time seam location and seam width control, per-seam

  • Real-time variable-width multiband blending

Color Correction

OZO Live also includes color correction tools in a convenient and clickable UI. You can adjust global real-time black level, white level, and gamma per channel. There are also adjustments to automated white level and black level matching across lenses. Plus, per-lens manual offsets of all settings.

Mount Options

Nokia recommends physical clearance for 4 dual-width, full-length GPU cards, though only 2 are currently required. This is due to the fact that future upgrades may require more GPU capability. 


What's in the Box

  • Nokia OZO Live Multi Node 1-Year License


Key Highlights

  • Broadcast quality for video streaming
  • Single camera or multi-camera workflows
  • Real-time stitching
  • HD-SDI 30fps UHD (3840x2160)
  • Color correction tools

Color Grading Tools

Operating Modes:
global real-time black level, white level, and gamma, per channel
Color Tool Type:
Software / App / Plug-in


Operating System:
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
Dual (2X) Xeon Processor - E5-2630 v3 or better

Inputs & Outputs

Audio I/O:
Audio Output - Stereo


Recording Resolution:
HD - 1920x1080 - 1920x1080p
UHD - 4096x4096 per eye
RTMP - OUTPUT - Custom resolution for RTMP output, up to 4096x4096
Recording Frame Rate:
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