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Canon CN-E 24mm Cinema Prime T1.5 L F - EF Mount

Abel Code: CN-6569B001
Mfr. Code: 6569B001
Estimated to Ship – 5-10 Business Days
The EF Cinema primes provide great optical performance and reliability in a compact lens design which is ideal for professional shooting environments. Compatible with standard cine accessories such as follow focus gears, marking disks, and matteboxes.
Key Highlights
  • Markings on both sides of lens
  • 11-Blade Rounded Diaphragm
  • 300˚ Barrel Rotation


The Canon CN-E24mm T1.5 L F Prime (EF mount) lens offers a compact, consistent lens design and proven Canon lens elements for performance and reliability in professional shooting environments. Canon EF Cinema Prime Lenses were developed to support high-end digital motion imaging. These compact, lightweight lenses were designed to meet the optical requirements for emerging 4K digital production image formats (from both ITU and SMPTE).

Intended for the working professional, the EF Cinema prime CN-E24mm T1.5 L F lens has markings on angled surfaces on both sides of the barrel, making it easy to read focus and aperture settings from behind or from either side of the camera. Focus markings can even be switched from standard labeling to metric. The control rings are engineered to maintain the proper amount of resistance with consistent operating torque.

Designed to fulfill contemporary 4K production standards, it features a full-frame imaging circle in a lightweight, compact design-this phenomenal lens is also perfect for any number of applications. It also features an 11-blade aperture diaphragm for beautiful background blur and innovative glass construction that counteracts barrel expansion and contraction to avoid temperature induced marking discrepancies.

Canon's Cinema Prime lenses offer spectacular optical performance for demanding high-end productions. Featuring a compact and consistent lens design, these lenses offer consistent form factors and markings optimized for motion picture production. Sharing the same gear position, diameter and rotation angle, and front diameter-the lenses' compatibility with third-party accessories allows crews to easily change lenses without making adjustments to the rig setup. Perfect on the EOS C300, these lenses are also compatible with all Canon EOS DSLRs.

4K Ready

The CN-E 24mm T1.5 L F Cinema Prime Lens is designed to provide outstanding optical performance and is capable of full 4K-Resolution performance. Whether you're shooting in HD with a Canon EOS DSLR camera or in 4K using an EOS C500 Digital Cinema Camera, the CN-E 24mm T1.5 L F will help you to create a cinematic masterpiece by providing superb image quality, contrast and color fidelity.

EF Mount

The CN-E 24mm T1.5 Cinema Prime Lens features a genuine Canon EF mount and works with all Cinema EOS camera models, as well as, all EOS HD-DSLR cameras including Full-Frame models. The EF mount has electronic contacts on both the lens and camera sides that allow direct communication between each device. This communication allows lens metadata including T-numbers to be displayed in the viewfinder. Both the T-number and the focus position are recorded in the video file.

Attractive Bokeh

The use of an 11-blade iris produces artistic and beautiful out-of-focus areas or Bokeh. The 11 blades allow for attractive circular blurring in out-of-focus regions, while the use of an odd number of blades helps reduce flaring of specular highlights. Additionally, the iris ring is mechanically controlled with no click stops for smooth exposure adjustments while recording.

Designed for Cinema

Designed to meet the needs of professional cinematographers, the CN-E 24mm T1.5 L F Cinema Prime Lens features unified front lens diameters and gear positioning on the focus and iris rings making lens switching quick and convenient. Additionally, the Focus ring features 300º of smooth rotation to help facilitate consistently accurate focusing especially when pulling focus during a shot.

Control rings work to maintain the right amount of resistance and operating torque in order to help provide the camera operator or assistant with a consistent feel and predictable lens operation.

Dust & Water-Resistant

The CN-E 24mm T1.5 L F Cinema Prime Lens is equipped with gaskets and seals for dust and water resistant operation, helping to make them ready for shooting, even in severe conditions.

Minimized Focus Breathing

The CN-E 24mm T1.5 L F Cinema Prime Lens is designed to minimize variations in the angle of view while focusing, a phenomenon known as focus breathing. This feature is extremely important while focus pulling, where changes in the angle of view due to focus breathing could become apparent to the viewer.


  • Switchable Unit for Focus Marking: The outer piece on marked focus rings can be switched from metric to non-metric labeling
  • Cinematic Blurring:  An 11-blade aperture diaphragm results in soft, cinematic blurring of out-of-focus areas
  • Unified Front Lens Diameter and Gear Position:  Uniform gear positions eliminate the need for accessory gear position adjustment when switching lenses
  • Outstanding Manual Control:  EF Cinema Prime lenses give distinctive resistance and feedback for satisfying manual control
  • Solid Optical Performance:  Minimizes focus-induced changes in the angle of view
  • Supports Standard Accessories:  Compatible with standard accessories such as follow focus gear, marking disks and matteboxes



What's in the Box

  • Lens Pouch
  • Rear Lens Cap
  • Front Lens Cap
  • Canon CN-E 24mm Cinema Prime T1.5 L F - EF Mount


Key Highlights

  • Markings on both sides of lens
  • 11-Blade Rounded Diaphragm
  • 300˚ Barrel Rotation
  • Designed for Cine projects
  • EF Mount

Lens Characteristics

Prime or Zoom:
Lens Mount:
Focus Scale:
Blade Count:
Fixed Focal Length:
Front Diameter:
Image Circle:
Max Dimensions (Diameter x Length):
4.49" x 4" - 114mm x 101.5 mm
Aperture Range:
T1.5 to T22
Minimum Focus Distance:


8.9 in
8.8 in
10.3 in
4.2 lb
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