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ZEISS 135mm Milvus Telephoto ZE Prime f/2.0 - Canon EF

Abel Code: CZ-2111-636
Mfr. Code: 2111-636
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ZEISS Milvus 135mm Telephoto Lens with maximum aperture f/2.0 and an EF Mount (ZE). Pair this lens with a follow-focus.
Key Highlights
  • Telephoto
  • 135mm f/2.0 Prime
  • Full Frame


The ZEISS Milvus 135mm f/2.0 is a Telephoto Lens ideal for drawing into your subject whether that is in nature photography, portraits or the interplay between foreground and background. Use a follow focus and you can take advantage of video applications since the position of the focus rings does not change.

The Milvus 2/135 includes few glass-to-air surfaces. This design was invented by Dr. Ludwig Bertele at ZEISS in 1930 to provide the fastest lenses of that day for 35mm photography. The lens contains well-controlled veiling glare. The name 'Sonne' is the German word for sun.

This lens features a Canon EF Mount (ZE). Like other lenses in the Milvus family, this is a ZEISS Distagon lens type.

  • Distagon with 15 lens elements in 12 groups
  • Ideal for Full Frame cameras
  • Lens made of special glass with anomalous partial dispersion
  • Lens with aspheric optical surface
  • Features a “Floating Elements” design 

In SLR systems where large image angles are required, the distance between the rear element and the image plane is considerably longer than the focal length (the original field of application of Distagon lenses). This advanced retrofocus design produces modern, highly corrected lenses with longer focal length. 


The Milvus Family of lenses features the ZEISS  T* anti-reflective coating to reduce ghosting and flare effects in critical light situations. All lens edges include a special pitch-black lacquer in a complex manual process along the lens edges. This measure helps optically reduce reflection. Each focal length has its own optical design due to special types of glass displaying anomalous partial dispersion. This reduces color fringes at high-contrast edges of subjects to a minimum.

High-Performance Cameras

The Milvus family is designed for both current and future high-performance, digital cameras. High-contrast images are possible due to the low level of stray light allowed by the lens design. The Milvus lenses deliver high dynamic range (HDR) as well. High resolution across the entire image field is possible due to minimization of coma, astigmatism, and spherical aberrations.

Manual Focus

An ergonomic design ensures that your manipulation of this Milvus lens will produce a controlled result. These lenses include a large rotation angle to enable precise focusing. Your focus changes will be reflected inside the viewfinder. With a precise engraving in both meters and feet, the depth of focus scale provides added support to your manual focusing. It also includes a continuous aperture setting and long focusing range.

DeClick Feature (for ZF.2)

The Milvus ZF.2 21mm lens features the DeClick option where you can declick the aperture’s locking mechanism using a supplied tool and an adjustment screw on the bayonet surface. For video applications, you can now eliminate unwanted differences in brightness as you pan the camera.

Stable Image Performance

The floating elements design of the Milvus lenses permits high image performance in the focal plane – from the minimum object distance to infinity. That falls within the demands of most high-resolution or state-of-the-art digital camera systems. This high performance is achieved by changing the axial distance between individual lens elements or element groups. The adjustment of the element spacing is coupled to the distance setting. That results in the right correction each time.

Ergonomic & Environmental

Reduced camera shake and fatique-free photography is possible with the optimized ergonomic design of the Milvus family lenses. Their all-metal housing will help maintain these lenses for years to come. Special seals inside the Milvus lenses protect against dust and splashes to deliver reliable functionality even in environmentally difficult situations.

What's in the Box

  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • Lens Hood
  • Rear Lens Cap
  • Front Lens Cap
  • ZEISS 135mm Milvus ZE Prime f/2.0 - Canon EF


Key Highlights

  • Telephoto
  • 135mm f/2.0 Prime
  • Full Frame
  • Close Focus: 2.62 ft (80 cm)
  • EF Mount

Lens Characteristics

Prime or Zoom:
Lens Mount:
Max Aperture F-stop:
Focus Scale:
Feet - Imperial
Lens Options:
Filter Thread Size:
Fixed Focal Length:
Max Dimensions (Diameter x Length):
3.53 x 4.53" - 89.7 x 115mm
Elements & Groups:
11 elements in 8 groups
Aperture Range:
f/2.0 - f/22
Minimum Focus Distance:
2.62 ft (80 cm)
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