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K 5600 Joker-Bug 400W/800W Combination 2-Light HMI Kit

K 5600
Abel Code: K5-K0400/800JB
Mfr. Code: K0400/800JB
Kit consists of the Joker-Bug 400W and 800W fixtures, including a multi-voltage AC power supply, 25' extension cable, a set of 4 lenses, a beaker, a beamer, 4 leaf barndoors, HMI bulb, and 2 wheeled hard shell kit cases
Key Highlights
  • Parabolic reflector (PAR)
  • Small, quiet ballast
  • 400W Beam Focus Range 5º - 55º

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The K 5600 Joker-Bug 400W/800W Combination 2-Light HMI Kit are the perfect companion lights and have been assembled in this 2-light lighting kit. The Joker-Bug 800 draws only 11 amps allowing it to be used on the same circuit as a 400W Joker-Bug. Both lights also have a small footprint.

In the Bug-Lite mode (without optics) the lights are used as traditional light banks. It is also used as a lantern using the sides as a large reflector and collecting the max output of the lamp. This allows it to fill the front screen very evenly. The 800 Watt and 400 Watt fixtures are very powerful in daylight interiors and can operate in any position including pointing straight down.

The Joker is in Joker-Bug mode is when the Beamer Optical Accessory is in use. It becomes a directional PAR unit offering various beam patterns through quick lens changes.


Joker-Bug 400W

The Joker-Bug 400 is comparable to a 1500/2000 Watt quartz fixture with a power draw of only 5.5 Amps. The Joker-Bug is often used for fine daylight interiors, car shots, two camera interviews, TV magazines, documentaries and industrials.

This light offers the most flexible optical configuration for location lighting by achieving spot to flood rations of 80 to 1 with beam angles from 5 degrees to as wide as 55 degrees.

The MSR lamp with its GZZ 9.5 base is considerably smaller than the next traditional Wattage, the 575 (G22 base); this in turn allows for more compact and shorter fixture design. The shorter arc gap of the 400 makes up for the difference of output between 400 and 575 and the lower Wattage does not require forced air cooling of the power supply.

The small, quiet ballast can be hidden anywhere and plugs in a circuit without the risk of overloading.


Joker-Bug 800W Light Fixture

Because of the increasing use of Chimera® Lightbanks for fine daylight interiors, two camera interviews, TV magazines, and documentaries, K 5600 designed the Joker-Bug 800W fixture to take full advantage of the large reflective material inside a Lightbank. Utilizing their BUG™ bare-bulb design the light can produce an amazing 50% more output than an optional Joker 1200.

Includes 4x lenses: 

  • Super Wide
  • Wide
  • Medium Flood
  • Frosted Fresnel


  • Less is more - outputs 50% more light than a 1200
  • Small is great - fits in the same case size as a Joker 400 and is smaller than its nearest low wattage 575 fixture
  • Low power draw - draws only 11 amps so that you can power your Joker 400 on the same circuit
  • Solid, one piece machined aluminum housing
  • 7" diameter specular parapoblic reflector

Ready to Fly

Due to its small size, this light is also ideal for setting up quickly on location or on set, plus it travels well.

The Joker-Bug 800 fits in one small airline case and weighs only 38 lb. The next wattage up (1200, sold separately) is twice the size and weight. The actual size of the kit is exactly the same as a Joker-Bug 400 Kit.

Location Friendly

When working in practical locations such as homes, offices or business, your power consumption can become a key factor in your production. The Joker-Bug 800 will produce as much output as a 4,000 Watt quartz fixture with the power draw of only 11 Amps, without the risk of overloading your circuit. The next size up (1200) monopolizes an entire circuit whereas the Joker-Bug 800 will allow for another source such as the optional Joker-Bug 400 on the same circuit.

The Housing

Joker-Bug 800 is housed in an aluminum casting in high termperature black. The Striker compartment is manufactured from aluminum in a light gray finish for a stylish light fixture.

9" accessories can be mounted to it's front. 

Includes a shielded extension cable for powering.

The Bulb

Joker-Bug 800 accepts a G22 lamp socket 800W bulb. The socket is highly insulated for hot restrike.

Bulb features a 600 hour maximum life on average.


Joker-Bug 800 throws a 16 foot wide beam with 164 footcandles from 20 feet when using a Super Wide Lens (not all lenses are included). Here are additional photometrics for your reference:

Footcandles and Beam Throw @ 3 Foot Distance

  • Spot Lens = 232,667 footcandles (0.2H, 0.2V)
  • Medium Lens = 35,000 footcandles (1.4H, 0.7V)
  • Wide Lens = 20,122 footcandles (2.3H, 0.6V)
  • Super Wide Lens = 7,300 footcandles (2.4H, 2.4V)
  • Fresnel Frost = 4,311 footcandles (2.0H, 2.0V)

Footcandles and Beam Throw @ 6 Foot Distance

  • Spot Lens = 58,167 footcandles (0.5H,0.5V)
  • Medium Lens = 8,750 footcandles (2.7H, 1.4V)
  • Wide Lens = 5,031 footcandles (4.5H, 1.2V)
  • Super Wide Lens = 1,825 footcandles (4.5H, 1.2V)
  • Fresnel Frost = 1,078 footcandles (4.0H, 4.0V)

Footcandles and Beam Throw @ 10 Foot Distance

  • Spot Lens = 20,940 footcandles (0.8H, 0.8V)
  • Medium Lens = 3,150 footcandles (4.5H, 2.3V)
  • Wide Lens = 1,811 footcandles (7.5H, 2.0V)
  • Super Wide Lens = 657 footcandles (8.0H, 8.0V)
  • Fresnel Frost = 338 footcandles (6.7H, 6.7V)

Footcandles and Beam Throw @ 15 Foot Distance

  • Spot Lens = 9,307 footcandles (1.1H, 1.1V)
  • Medium Lens = 1,400 footcandles (6.8H, 3.5V)
  • Wide Lens = 805 footcandles (11.3H, 3.0V)
  • Super Wide Lens = 292 footcandles (12.0H, 12.0V)
  • Fresnel Frost = 172 footcandles (10.0H, 10.0V)

Footcandles and Beam Throw @ 20 Foot Distance 

  • Spot Lens = 5,235 footcandles (1.5H, 1.5V)
  • Medium Lens = 788 footcandles (9.0H, 4.7V)
  • Wide Lens = 453 footcandles (15.0H, 4.0V)
  • Super Wide Lens = 164 footcandles (16.0H, 16.0V)
  • Fresnel Frost = 97 footcandles (13.3H,13.3V)



What's in the Box

  • Joker Bug 800W head
  • Joker Bug 400W head
  • Lamp MSR/SE 400W, 5600K, 700hrs
  • Lamp UV Stop 800W, 5600K, 600hrs.
  • 2 x Electronic power supply,110V/240V, 50/60Hz
  • 2 x Beamer Optical accessory
  • 2 x Fresnel Frosted lens with ring
  • 2 x Super Wide Flood lens with ring
  • 2 x Wide Flood lens with ring
  • 2 x Medium Flood lens with ring
  • 2 x Four leaf Barndoor
  • 2 x Frosted Glass Beaker
  • BugLite Speed Ring Adaptor Mount
  • Lightbank Video Pro Xtra Small+ rem. screens
  • 2 x Extension cable 25 Feet
  • Carrying case with lens case with casters
  • Carrying case with Casters


Key Highlights

  • Parabolic reflector (PAR)
  • Small, quiet ballast
  • 400W Beam Focus Range 5º - 55º


Lighting Features:
Convection Cooled
Yoke Mount
Lamp / Bulb Type:
HMI - Joker-Bug 400
Color Temperature:
5600°K - Daylight
Beam Focus Range:
5º - 55º - Joker-Bug 400
5º - 45º - Joker-Bug 800W (spec not confirmed by manufacturer)
Parabolic reflector (PAR)
Lens Diameter:
7.75" - Joker-Bug 400
9" - Joker-Bug 800
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