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Digital Juice Pro Flag Kit - 24 x 36"

Digital Juice
Estimated to Ship – 5-10 Business Days
With a portable flag kit you will be ready to fine tune and modify your lighting as you need it. Includes, frames, flags, compact rectangular scrims and dots, plus a handy carry bag.
Key Highlights
  • 5x collapsible flag frames
  • 5x fabric flags (scrim/black/diffusion)
  • 2x dots + 2x finger rectangular flags


Available in two configurations, the Digital Juice Flag Kits are portable lighting modification systems that allow you to quickly and easily duplicate studio lighting effects on location. These compact flag frames unfold and lock into place to create a rigid support which will hold and stretch a range of interchangeable lightweight fabric screens or scrims taut to help with light shaping and modification.

Industry standard border colors on the fabric screens provide a quick and easy way to identify each piece in the kit when you need it. Once the fabric screen is stretched on the frame, it can be attached to any support, such as your C-Stand, to create contrast, change light ratios, add diffused light, or block light completely in specific areas. Once the screen is removed from the frame, the three-sided metal frame collapses for storing and transport.

The portability and small footprint of the Digital Juice flag kits is ideal for shooting on location. Flag Kits should fit into most lighting kits or can be carried separately in its own compact, lightweight carry bag. These kits are so versatile you will want to take them with you every time you leave the studio. You may also find they work equally well in-studio to fine-tune your lighting patterns. In fact, if you are just starting to build a light kit and don't have a budget for all sizes of scrims, flags, dots & fingers, a Digital Juice kit is a great way to start.

Flag Kit includes:

  • 5x Collapsible Flag Frames (24 x 36")
  • 5x Fabric Flags (24 x 36")
    • Black Single-Net Scrim
    • Black Double-Net Scrim
    • Black Block Solid
    • Single-Stop White Silk
    • Double-Stop White Silk
  • 2x Dots
    • 6" Solid Dot 
    • 6" Single Net Dot
  • 2x Fingers
    • 4" x 14" Solid Finger 
    • 4" x 6" Single Net Dot
  • Storage case

Flag Frames & Fabric

The five collapsible steel flag frames (24x36") feature (2) arms on each frame which fold out at 90-degree angles from the center bar and lock into place to securely hold the fabric flags. Each interchangeable fabric cover mounts onto the frame easily, by sliding the two side pockets or sleeves onto the locked arms. You will then secure the third side of your fabric flag to the bar with the Velcro / hook & loop closure.

Step-by-Step Assembly:

  1. Each flag frame includes (2) collapsible arms that swing up and lock into place. Lift one arm towards the corner.
  2. Lock the arm in place by pushing down until both the bottom and side locks engage.
  3. Repeat this process with the second arm to form a "C" shaped frame (an open position).
  4. Once the frame is locked open, slide the two sides of your desired fabric flag / screen onto the (2) arms. Makes sure the third color-coded side is facing towards the back bar (the back of the "C") when you perform this task.
  5. When the fabric flag slots are slid to the end of each arm, your Velcro closure (the third color-coded side) will meet the middle/back bar of your frame.
  6. Comfortably position the fabric on the side arms, then wrap the Velcro closure around the middle/back bar of your frame.
  7. Be sure your flag sits in a taut, smooth surface on your flag frame.

Flag / Finger / Dot  Usage

Black / Opaque Flag (Black Border) - used to block ALL light. The solid black fabric absorbs and blocks all light from reaching your subject or you can position it between light and camera to eliminate lens flare.

White Silk (Gray Border) - use as a diffusion panel to modify and affect the quality of the light. Diffusion, by its nature, softens and spreads the light beam. The amount of softness and spread are controlled by several factors, including the thickness of the material or the distance between the panel and the light. The durable, tight weave of a one-stop slik (gray border) will reduce the light overall by roughly the equivalent of one camera stop.

2-Stop Silk (Yellow Border) - reduces or diffuses the light overall by roughly the equivalent of two camera stops.

Single-Net Black Scrim (Green Border) - cuts down background light on your subject and also reduce the exposure of the ambient background light.

Double-Net Black Scrim (Red Border) - further cuts down background light and the exposure of the ambient background light.

6" Single-Net Dot - a small, round scrim used to manipulate and control light in small areas. Usually placed in front of a light source. The thin, spring steel frames won't cast a shadow.

6" Solid Black Dot - also a small round frame. This dot will block light from falling on a smaller specific area so you can have finer control over your light.

4x14" Single-Net Finger - compact rectangular frame to control small, specific regions of light when placed before a light source. The thin wire frame will not cast a shadow. Fine-tune your lighting and provide more precise control. It cuts down the amount of light on your subject in a very small, specific area.

4x14" Solid Black Finger - small rectangular frame to block all light in a small, specific area.

Carry Bag

This lightweight yet sturdy carry bag with handles folds open to provide access to all your flags and frames. The bag opens flat so you can spread it out for easy access on location. Inside, are clear vinyl pockets for your flags and bigger pockets for the frames, dots, and fingers.

What's in the Box

  • Storage carry bag
  • Solid Finger Rectangle 4 x 14"
  • Single-Net Finger Rectangle 4 x 14"
  • Solid Finger Rectangle 4 x 14"
  • 6" Single-Net Dot
  • 6" Solid Dot
  • Double-Stop White Silk (Yellow Border) 24 x 36"
  • Single-Stop White Silk (Gray Border) 24 x 36"
  • Black Block Soild (Black Border) 24 x 36"
  • Black Double-Net Scrim (Red Border) 24x36"
  • Black Single-Net Scrim (Green Border) 24x36"
  • 5 x Collapsible Flag Frames (24 x 36")


Key Highlights

  • 5x collapsible flag frames
  • 5x fabric flags (scrim/black/diffusion)
  • 2x dots + 2x finger rectangular flags
  • Mount on your c-stand, clamp or hold
  • Includes lightweight carry bag

Bags & Cases / Covers

Case Wheels:
No Wheels
Bag Physical Type:
Soft Bag
Bag Handle Type:
Hook & Loop

Lighting Accessories

Silk (Artificial)
Frame / Mount / Stand:
Effect Created:
Soften or block light


46 in
4 in
14 in
17 lb
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