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Sony PVM-A170 Monitor VESA / Gold Mount Kit

AbelCine Bundle
Some of the products in this kit should be backordered from the manufacturer. Contact sales for more details
Power your 17" Sony PVM-A170 Trimaster EL OLED Production Monitor and mount it on a compatible stand with this kit, which features: the monitor + a Cameo VESA Mount + Cameo VESA Monitor Battery Mount for your Anton Bauer / Gold Mount / 3-Stud battery.
Key Highlights
  • 17" Monitor + VESA Mount + Battery Plate
  • For your AB Gold Mount batteries
  • Monitor with accurate color reproduction
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A complete field monitor package, the Sony PVM-A170 Monitor VESA / Gold Mount Kit offers you the ability to power your field monitor with your Gold Mount Battery and to mount your battery plate and monitor on your C-Stand or other compatible stand with a 5/8" pin or junior stand receiver.

This kit includes:

  • 17" Sony PVM-A170 Trimaster EL OLED Production Monitor
  • Cameo VESA Mount
  • Cameo VESA Monitor Battery Mount - Anton Bauer Gold Mount

NOTE: Gold Mount batteries and C-Stands are sold separately.


17" Sony PVM-A170 Trimaster EL OLED Production Monitor

The 17" Sony PVM-A170 Trimaster EL OLED Production Monitor features a lightweight, slim form factor that is approximately 40% thinner than the previous PVM-1741A model. Consequently, it is very easy to carry, even by one person, with a detachable handle. 

The PVM-A170 incorporates the TRIMASTER EL™ OLED panel and offers extremely wide viewing angles, making group monitoring easy. The design also includes a robust, optional protection panel and corner bumpers*. The latest camera-linkage functions, such as camera and lens metadata display and a Picture-in-Picture (PiP) function, provide the convenience of working efficiency both in the field and in the post process. 

* Requires optional BKM-PP17 protection kit (not included)


  • 1920 x 1080p OLED panel
  • Useful for a wide range of applications, including field monitoring and installation in a monitor wall and OB van
  • Industry's widest viewing angle, perfect for group monitoring
  • Accurate black reproduction; reproduces accurate black with each individual pixel, enabling users to evaluate each picture image faithfully to the signal
  • Accurate color reproduction offers a wide color gamut with its high purity of the three primary colors, but also maintains this wide color gamut throughout the entire luminance range
  • Quick response with virtually no motion blur
  • Multi-format signal interfaces; standard ports: (2) 3G/HD/SD-SDI, (1) HDMI (HDCP), (1) Composite
  • Waveform monitor and vectorscope display

Camera focus function: the PVM-A170 can control the aperture level of a video signal, and display images on the screen with sharpened edges to help camera focus operation; the sharpened edges can be displayed in user-selectable colors (white, red, green, blue, and yellow) for more precise focusing

Slim & Lightweight

The PVM-A170 monitor features a lightweight and slim body*. The PVM-A170 weighs 13.45 lb and is approx. 40% thinner than the previous PVM-2541A model. This advantage allows users to widen their applications, including field monitoring and installation on a monitor wall and/or OB van.

* Comparing professional broadcast monitors incorporating SDI interface(s) and built-in AC power

Viewing Angle Innovation

The PVM-A170 incorporates the TRIMASTER EL™ OLED panel and offers wide viewing angles, ideal for group monitoring.

Accurate Black Reproduction

A key advantage of TRIMASTER EL™ is the fact that each pixel can be turned completely off. TRIMASTER EL™ is capable of reproducing accurate black with each individual pixel, enabling users to evaluate each picture image faithfully to the signal.

Accurate Color Reproduction

Sony's OLED Super Top Emission technology offers a wide color gamut with high purity of the three primary colors. It maintains this wide color gamut throughout the entire luminance range. With OLED, users can see the details in the blacks, and see the colors as well.

Quick Response with Virtually No Motion Blur

The TRIMASTER EL™ grey-to-grey switching speed (measured in microseconds, μs) is much faster than that of LCD (measured in milliseconds, ms).* This fast response benefits a variety of applications and uses (e.g., in sports broadcasting).

* Sony’s test results

Video Input Versatility

The PVM-A170 monitor is equipped with built-in standard input interfaces: 3G/HD/SD-SDI (x2), HDMI (HDCP) input (x1) and composite (x1).

Computer Input Versatility

Multiple computer signals can be received via an HDMI/DVI interface; the resolution range is from 640 x 480 to 1680 x 1050 pixels.


Yoke-mount and Wall-mount Capability

The PVM-A170 has screw holes on its side bezels for yoke-mounting. This type of mounting is convenient when installing a monitor to a camera crane or monitor stand in the field. There are also Wall-mount 100-mm pitch holes on each monitor’s rear panel.

Room Clearance Connector Panel Design

The connector panel on the rear of each monitor is designed to allow sufficient cord clearance, despite of the unit’s slim dimension. This design allows space saving and cabling flexibility.

Waveform Monitor, Vectorscope & Audio Level Meter Display

An input signal’s waveform and vectorscope with an SDI‑embedded, 2-channel audio level meter can be displayed on screen. Both the waveform monitor and vectorscope have various modes, including a zoom function (area of 0 to 20 IRE) with the waveform monitor, and a zoom function (central black area) with the vectorscope, for adjusting white balance. The waveform of a specified line can also be displayed. In conjunction with the Picture & Picture function*, the waveform monitor and vector scope display can monitor two camera signals. In addition, an audio level meter can display the embedded audio signal from the SDI or HDMI input. It can display on screen ch1 to ch8, or ch9 to ch16.

* Supported with V1.1

Camera Focus Function

The PVM-A170 monitor can control the aperture level of a video signal, and display images on the screen with sharpened edges to help camera focus operation. Further to this, the sharpened edges can be displayed in user-selectable colors (white, red, green, blue, and yellow) for more precise focusing.

The PVM-A170 offers a line-doubler mode*, which is helpful when checking for field order/dominance and line flicker. In addition, LTC and VITC time code can be displayed at the top or bottom of the picture. 

*Supported with V1.1

Auto White Adjustment*

The PVM-A170 monitor employs a software-based color temperature (white balance) calibration function, which is called "Monitor_AutoWhiteAdjustment". Combined with a PC and commercially available calibration tools**, this function enables simple adjustment of the monitor’s white balance.

* Supported with V1.1

** Konica Minolta CA-210/CA-310/CS-200, DK-Technologies PM5639/06, X-Rite i1 Pro/i1 Pro2, Photo Research PR‑655/670, Klein K-10, and JETI specbos 1211

Picture & Picture Function*

The unique Picture & Picture function of the PVM-A170 allows simultaneous display of two input signals on the monitor’s screen. This function helps with color adjustment and setting of camera frames. Various modes are available: side by side, wipe, blending, difference and auto input switching. This function works when synchronous SDI signals are input.

* Supported with V1.1

2K (2048 x 1080) Input and Image-slide*

The PVM-A170 monitor can display 2K (2048 x 1080 resolution) input. The 2K signal is displayed in two ways – as a full 2K image scaled into a full-HD (1920 x 1080) screen, or as a 2K native display with an image-slide function.

* Supported with V1.1

Camera/Lens Metadata Display Function & On-screen Tally*

The PVM-A170 monitor can display the camera and lens metadata set of a camera system, according to the SMPTE RDD-18 document for Acquisition Metadata Sets for Video Camera Parameters. Further to this, these monitors also support a subset of Sony’s private metadata.** The monitor is also equipped with a three-colors red, green and yellow on-screen tally function. The position of the tally display can be changed to either the upper or lower section of the screen.

* Supported with V1.1 

** Not all metadata is supported.

Anamorphic Image Conversion & Active Format Description (AFD) Functions*

The monitor's anamorphic image conversion function** correctly displays horizontally squeezed 3G/HD-SDI signals from an onset camera system. The signals include two major systems: 16:9 1920 x 1080 (1280 x 720) signals and 17:9 2048 x 1080 signals. These signals can be appropriately displayed on the monitor’s screen. The Active Format Description (AFD) function*** also reads the ancillary data flag on an SDI, and can upconvert the SD image to display automatically on the full HD resolution screen. This is achieved by adjusting the resolution and aspect ratio.

* Supported with V1.1

** Only 3G/HD-SDI and dual-link HD-SDI are supported. 

*** Only SD-SDI signals are supported.

Grid Display, (2) Center Markers & Flip Functions*

Grid Display function displays arbitrary multiple vertical and horizontal lines to help when users check the composition of a picture. In addition to a standard Center Marker 1, Center Marker 2 is also available. This second marker enables easier checking of the centre portion’s focus. The Flip function turns the reversed image to a normal view, horizontally or vertically.

* Supported with V1.1

Power-on Setting*, DC Low Power Indicator

Power-on setting allows users to make choice when the monitor starts up; this includes last memory, user preset, and factory preset settings. So, users can set the monitor accurately and quickly. This function is very useful for rental equipment. DC power supply is available in the range of 12V to 16V. The power indicator blinks when the DC power supply is low.

* Supported with V1.1

User Presets with Password Lock & Shortcut to Function Key Configuration*

When multiple users share the same monitor, each user can memorize his/her setting data and retrieve this data whenever required. This frees the user from time‑consuming and repetitive setting tasks. When multiple users share the same monitor, each user can register his/her own password for color temperature and user preset data. This ensures the user correctly recalls previous user preset data, and keeps preset information safe from unauthorized use. For improving speed of the F-Key configuration, the user can take a short-cut to the settings menu screen by simply pressing the function key repeatedly.

* Supported with V1.1

Optimized Low-Latency I/P Conversion

An I/P conversion system delivers automatically optimized signal processing according to input signals, with low latency (less than 0.5 field). This helps with editing and monitoring fast-moving images, and with synchronizing audio with lip sync.

Multiple Monitors Upgrade Utility*

Multiple PVM-A and LMD-A Series monitors on the same Ethernet network can be upgraded by simple operation providing an efficient solution for large infrastructure.

* Supported with V1.1

Detachable Handle

The monitor is equipped with a detachable handle for portable applications. It can be removed to reduce weight when installed in a monitor wall or when it is rack mounted.




Cameo VESA Mount

The Cameo VESA Mount fits onto a standard 5/8" stud or junior stand and is the most advanced mount on the market in terms of monitor positioning and safety. The unit offers 360° of rotation which allows for easy monitor leveling or on-the-fly vertical to horizontal repositioning, as well as 230° of tilt adjustment. Internal friction pads prevent monitor slippage when adjusting either axis.

Simply twist the large knob to tighten the VESA Mount into position on your stud or stand. Use the convenient lever on the side of the VESA Mount to lock or unlock the ability to adjust monitor tilt. Notice how the easy-to-use knob is large enough to be tightened or loosened while wearing gloves in cold weather. 


  • Rated to support a monitor up to 50 lb
  • Internal friction system for maximum tilt and rotation control
  • Compatible with 75 mm and 100 mm VESA spacing standards
  • Add-ons for additional mounting and carrying options

Be sure to view Ian's blog on the VESA Mount for a visual demonstration of the VESA Mount in use. It also features the Cameo Battery Mount positioning so you can power your monitor with a battery.

Also available from Cameo:

Battery Mounts:
CAM-VESA-120 Cameo VESA Monitor Battery Mount - AB Gold Mount
CAM-VESA-130 Cameo VESA Monitor Battery Mount - V-Mount

Monitor Handle:
CAM-VESA-110 Cameo VESA Monitor Handle

Accessory Plate:
CAM-VESA-140 Cameo VESA Monitor Accessory Plate



Cameo VESA Monitor Battery Mount - Anton Bauer Gold Mount

The Cameo VESA Monitor Battery Mount is an Anton Bauer gold mount battery mount. The mount includes a 12" cable with a right-angle XLR 4-pin connector. 

Pair the battery mount with a 2-axis Cameo VESA Mount (CAM-VESA-100) to power your monitor and adjust positioning (230° tilt and 360° rotation). The same long screws provided with the optional Cameo VESA Mount will attach through both the battery and the monitor mount to secure both products together. The convenient, short cable on the battery mount stays close to the monitor to prevent catching during rotation.

View Ian McCausland's Cameo VESA Mount Blog to check out the battery mount and VESA monitor mount in action.  


What's in the Box

  • Limited Warranty
  • Cameo VESA Mount
  • Cameo VESA Monitor Battery Mount - Anton Bauer Gold Mount
  • CD-ROM
  • Handle, including 4 screws
  • AC plug holder
  • AC power cord
  • 17" Sony PVM-A170 Trimaster EL OLED High Grade Monitor


Key Highlights

  • 17" Monitor + VESA Mount + Battery Plate
  • For your AB Gold Mount batteries
  • Monitor with accurate color reproduction
  • VESA mount rotates your monitor 360°
  • Tilt monitor up/down 230°
Cameo VESA Mount

Monitor Accessories

Monitor Acc Options:
Monitor Bracket / Mount

Special Features

Optimized For:
5/8" stud or junior stand
Compatible with 75mm and 100mm VESA spacing standards
Monitors weighing up to 50lb


5.25 in
5.25 in
9.75 in
2.6 lb
Cameo VESA Monitor Battery Mount - Anton Bauer Gold Mount


Battery Mount Type:

Battery Accessories

Battery Plate Type:
Accessory Type:
Battery Plate


Input Connector/Port:
4-pin XLR

Special Features

Optimized For:
Anton Bauer Gold Mount Batteries


7.75 in
3.25 in
6.5 in
1.35 lb
17" Sony PVM-A170 Trimaster EL OLED Production Monitor


Bit Depth:
Monitor Resolution:
1920x1080 (Full HD)
Monitor Input:
1 x Composite - BNC, 1.0 Vp-p ±3dB sync negative
Monitor Size:
15" and Above - 17"
Monitor Power:
AC - 100 V to 240 V, 0.9 A to 0.5 A, 50/60 Hz
DC - 12 V to 16 V, 6.4 A to 4.8 A
Monitor Audio Options:
Internal Speaker (Mono) - 1.0W
1 x Headphone Output - Stereo mini jack
1 x Stereo Mini Jack - -5 dBu 47 kΩ or higher
Monitor Type:
Monitor Options:
Monitor Output:
SDI - Output impedance: 75 Ω unbalanced
1 x Composite - BNC, Loop-through, with 75 Ω automatic termination
Viewing Angle:
89°/89°/89°/89° - (typical) (up/down/left/right contrast > 10:1)

Special Features

General Notes:
Diagonal Picture Size - 16 1/2" (419.7mm)


Relative Humidity:
Operating Humidity - 30% to 85% (no condensation)
Operating Temperature:
0°C to 35°C (32°F to 95°F) - Recommended: 20°C to 30°C (68°F to 86°F)
Storage Temperature:
-20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)


11.3 in
10.5 in
20.9 in
13.25 lb
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Included Products

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