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Canon 24" DP-V2420 4K HDR Reference Display

Abel Code: CN-1827C002
Mfr. Code: 1827C002
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The Canon DP-V2420 is a 24" UHD 4K Reference Display ideal for use as an on-set reference display in 4K cinema locations, and also can be used for 4K-UHD television and commercial productions. Great for cart work on set or QC in post.
Key Highlights
  • 2x HDR Monitoring Modes
  • 4K (4096x2160) display
  • Integrates with EOS & ARRI cameras


The Canon DP-V2420 professional 24" 4K Reference Display supports HDR standards and display methods3 increasingly used for next-generation video production, and provides high luminance and black luminance performance essential for screening HDR content. Canon's DP-V2420 display qualifies as a Dolby Vision mastering monitor and complies with the ITU-R BT.2100-0 HDR standard which specifies a peak luminance 1000 cd/m2 and a minimum luminance 0.005 cd/m2. Allowing for the review and confirmation of high-quality 4K images, the display's expanded dynamic range greatly increases color expression and the contrast between the light and dark areas of an image to achieve luminance expression close to that of the naked eye while also supporting the expression of natural colors and a sense of three-dimensionality.

The DP-V2420 4K Reference Display is an essential tool if you're working in HDR. In a cinema style workflow, its size and capabilities make it versatile enough to use on set on a DIT cart, as a client display or as a close range grading or QC display in post. For sophisticated broadcast workflows, the DP-V2420 will be right at home in your control room or broadcast truck.

This reference display can also integrate with your Canon Cinema EOS cameras and some ARRI camera systems. See more below.


  • Ideal 4K(4096x2160) display for on-set, near-set and mastering applications
  • HDR function supported (SMPTE ST 2084 & Hybrid Log Gamma)
  • Qualification as a Dolby Vision mastering monitor and compliance with the ITU-R BT.2100-0 HDR standard which specifies a peak luminance 1000 cd/m2 and a minimum luminance 0.005 cd/m2
  • Accurate color reproduction includes DCI-P3 and ITU-R.BT2020 gamuts
  • Built-in Cinema EOS 4K Raw Debayering and Canon Log/2/3 Gamma
  • Integration with ARRI Camera Systems
  • HDMI and 3G-SDI is supported to 4K 60P

Compatible with HDR Industry Standards

The DP-V2420 4K Reference Display is a full-specification HDR reference display compatible with HDR industry standards, helping to meet demanding HDR workflows.

The display facilitates a high luminance performance meeting the requirements of HDR standards, SMPTE ST 2084 and HLG. The DP-V2420 fully covers this range by actual luminance to help ensure that gradation and color can be accurately confirmed.

Improved Black Luminance / Shadow Area Gradation Performance

Canon's LCD technology helps ensure a black luminance superior to that of older CRT displays. Furthermore, video image quality is improved since it demonstrates high gradation performance even at low luminance levels and gradation in shadow areas can be more accurately reproduced without black defects.

Compatible with both HDR Standards

To monitor HDR content, two or more gamma curves must be supported. The DP-V2420 qualifies as a Dolby Vision mastering monitor, as it supports SMPTE ST 2084. It also supports Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG), which is in the process of being recognized as a global standard. The DP-V2420 is an excellent choice for either workflow.

SMPTE 2084 Compatible

The SMPTE ST 2084's dynamic range of 0.005 to 10,000 nits can be displayed as an arbitrary range. This is a new gamma curve developed by Dolby Laboratories, Inc. based on the human visual characteristics called PQ. Luminance up to a maximum of 10,000 nits is treated as absolute luminance. It is currently adopted in Dolby Vision and next generation Blu-ray standard (Ultra Blu-ray) HDR10.

Two HDR Monitoring Modes Provided for Specific Applications

The DP-V2420 4K Reference Display provides two HDR monitoring modes to suit specific production requirements.

Peak Luminance Priority Mode

Video can be monitored at the maximum luminance (peak luminance) supported on the DP-V2420 main unit. HDR image quality can be confirmed at high luminance on the DP-V2420 as an HDR reference display in post-production editing rooms, for example. Even when the area of bright parts of content changes due to switching between individual scenes in films or dramas, for example, changes in the brightness of the overall screen can be minimized. This allows the capabilities of the DP-V2420 to be fully demonstrated in high-luminance HDR production workflows.

Sustained Luminance Mode

In this mode, whatever the luminance of the video content that is being input, video is monitored without altering the luminance of the display main unit. The performance of the DP-V2420 can be fully demonstrated in scenes where shooting conditions during sports and music broadcasts fluctuate in real time due to changing weather and stage lighting even if the camera angle is fixed. This allows high-luminance HDR video images to be monitored without varying image quality at the individual luminance of displayed content, without so-called loading characteristics.

HDR/SDR Split Screen Display

The DP-V2420 4K Reference Display supports split-screen display of HDR and SDR signals. Since video is displayed simultaneously on the left and right screens, differences in luminance ranges and gradation/brightness can be compared at a glance, thus allowing HDR shooting to be conducted more confidence and efficiency.

Various other features can be combined to make HDR production easier to perform: Range Compression Display according to specific production applications, Clipped Display, Camera Information Display, and Waveform Monitor Display.

HDR Compatible Waveform Monitor Display

The Wave Form Monitor can be selected to display HDR scales (e.g. SMPTE ST 2084 nit) or Canon Log (%) for maximum flexibility in HDR production.

HDR Range Variable Adjustment Function

Variable adjustment of the HDR range is possible to suit specific applications. For example, the dynamic range of the HDR standard signal or LOG signal can be displayed to fit within the luminance supported by the display main unit (range compression), or required actual luminance parts of the range can be displayed with the highlight range area excluded (range upper limit clipping). Desired values can also be registered in advance to function or channel buttons. This lets you call up respective HDR standard videos for confirmation by one-touch operation.

HDR Meta-Information Display

Metadata information (color gamut, gamma, maximum luminance, average luminance maximum value of content) from PCs for HDMI-compatible video editing and Blu-ray players, cameras and other devices can be displayed on screen. This is useful for appropriate HDR production since videos can be monitored while confirming the HDR information at the same time.

Integration with Your Canon Cinema EOS and ARRI Camera Systems

The Camera Link-Up feature of the DP-V2420 4K Reference Display allows seamless linking to your EOS C500 and EOS C300 Mark II digital cinema cameras and your ARRI ALEXA SXT camera system, allowing for increased flexibility on-set for camera assistants and DITs.

Camera Information Displays

When a Cinema EOS System camera or ARRI Camera system is connected to the DP-V2420, the camera's metadata can be obtained, and its contents can be displayed. This means that camera set up and confidence checks during shooting can all be done on the DP-V2420 itself rather than on the camera's viewfinder or display. This allows checks without disturbing the operator and increases on-set flexibility. (This feature is available when the 3G-SDI RAW format has been selected by Cinema EOS System camera, the 3G/HD-SDI format has been selected by ARRI Camera system.)

Camera Image Quality Linkup

An image quality linkup function automatically switches the image quality of the display based on the camera's meta information. This occurs when the Cinema EOS System camera or ARRI Camera system is connected to the DP-V2420. The fact that the image quality settings are linked automatically for the camera and for the display means that setting errors can be minimized.

Pre-Set Log

Presetting by Cinema EOS System's Canon Log/Canon Log2/Canon Log3 and the ARRI Log C video display are also supported. Log C is preset to the main unit menu. So, all you have to do to check image quality is connect the camera- there is no need to add any special LUTs.

Information that can be displayed includes:

  • Color temperature
  • f-value
  • ISO speed
  • Shutter speed
  • Gamma
  • Color gamut
  • Resolution
  • Frame Rate
  • I/P/PsF
  • Camera Status (shooting / playback)

Canon Cinema EOS Workflow with 4K RAW Format Image Debrayering

The RAW data which is output through the 3G-SDI cables from the Cinema EOS C500/C500PL or Cinema EOS C300 Mark II can be debayered in the DP-V2420 4K Reference Display and displayed. The fact that the 4K RAW format image debayering is done in the display unit itself means that there is no need for any external debayering equipment. This enables a 4K-production environment to be constructed with minimal wiring connections. This makes for a more compact camera and display combination and can help increase mobility during shooting.

On-Set LUT and CDL Functions

Color Grading System Link-up

The DP-V2420 (and the DP-V2410) 4K Reference Display can connect to various color grading systems. For example, while shooting on location you can connect to LiveGrade via a LAN, and manage your color using LUTs and CDLs while RAW debayering is executed. This information can later be transferred to your editing or grading session, helping to simplify your workflow and give you more consistency.

User LUT and CDL Functions

The DP-V2420 4K Reference Display allows you to set multiple LUTs for each picture mode same as the DP-V2410.

As a result, users can select up to eight LUTs in one picture mode for improved convenience. In addition, presets from CDL1 to CDL15 and a CDL details setting screen have been added. Users can also change the name settings for CDL1 to CDL15.

Signal Input Formats & Connectivity Options

There is a broad choice in signal inputs to the DP-V2420 4K Reference Display including two variants of 4K and the ability to upscale either 2K or HD all at multiple frame rates, the table below summarizes the key input signals. All of the signal interfaces are in full conformance with established SMPTE Standards for serial digital inputs.

The DP-V2420 4K Reference Display features the following connections:



  • 4x BNC (75 Ω) receptacle connectors (1 line)
  • 3G-SDI: SMPTE 2048-2/274M/296/372/425-1/428-19/428-9 standards supported
  • HD-SDI: SMPTE 2048-2/274M/292-1/296/428-19/428-9 standards supported


  • 1x Type A connector (1 line)
  • Authorized standard: HDCP 2.2



  • 4x Connectors (1 line for pass-through)


  • 1x stereo mini-jack

USB (Control)

  • 1x USB-A receptacle connector
  • Universal serial bus specification revision 2.0 compliant LS (Low Speed)/FS (Full Speed)/HS (High Speed) modes supported
    Enhanced host controller interface specification revision 1.0 compliant


  • 1x RJ-45 connector
  • IEEE 802.3 10BASE-TX, IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX compliant


  • 100-240 Volt AC
  • 50/60hz

Interface - Input:

  • 4 x 3G/HD-SDI (1 system) BNC (75Ω)
  • 1 x HDMI (1 system) Type A terminal (4K 60P Support); copy protection: HDCP 2.2

Interface - Output:

  • 4 x 3G/HD-SDI (1 pass-thru system)
  • 1 x Headphone Stereo Mini-Jack; supported impedance: 32-64Ω

Interface - Control:

  • 1 x USB A Receptacle TerminalUniversal Serial Bus Specification Revision 2.0 Compliant LS (Low Speed)/FS (Full Speed)/HS (High Speed) Mode Compatible
    Enhanced Host Controller Interface Specification Revision 1.0 compliantLAN
  • 1 x RJ-45 LAN terminal IEEE802.3 10BASE-TX / IEEE802.3u 100BASE-TX compliant

Supplied Accessories:

  • AC Power Cord
  • Instructional Manual


What's in the Box

  • Limited Warranty
  • Instruction Manual
  • AC Power Cord
  • Canon 24" DP-V2420 4K HDR Reference Display


Key Highlights

  • 2x HDR Monitoring Modes
  • 4K (4096x2160) display
  • Integrates with EOS & ARRI cameras
  • HDMI and 3G-SDI support
  • Ideal for DIT cart work


Monitor Resolution:
4096x2160 - 8.8 megapixels
Monitor Size:
15" and Above - 24" or 61.1 cm
Monitor Type:


Power Input:
DC - Rated voltage - 100 - 240 V AC. Rated Frequency - 50 / 60 Hz


19 in
19 in
29 in
41.8 lb
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