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ARRI ALEXA Mini Digital Cinema Camera

Abel Code: alexamini
Mfr. Code: K0.0014799
Compact, lightweight 35mm camera with versatility for gimbals and aerial work, plus integrated lens motor control and ND filters. Features the same ALEV III Sensor as the ARRI ALEXA.
Key Highlights
  • ALEV III sensor same as ARRI ALEXA
  • Compact for rigs and aerial work
  • Integrated ND filters


The ARRI ALEXA Mini Camera expanded the ARRI line to deliver a self-contained camera with enough versatility to enhance your cinema shooting options. The ALEXA Mini camera body with titanium PL lens mount weighs approximately 5lbs which should help you leap into the next frontier of gimbal and aerial work while using other ARRI cameras on the same production in a more traditional manner. Your recorded footage can then include the same look when you shift into post production. Also, the ALEXA Mini offers the ability to interchange lens mounts to allow you access to most of the latest lenses and anamorphic options available. The Mini supports the ARRI MVF-1 viewfinder and it features built-in remote controls, motorized ND filters, and WiFi.

Not only does the compact and rugged ALEXA Mini camera fit on gimbals and aerial vehicles, the ARRI ALEXA Mini also suits small camera rigs for long production schedules. Your shoulder will thank you for the lighter weight-not just on long shoots-but when you transport your camera as carry-on luggage.

ARRI incorporated a handful of design elements to elevate the ALEXA Mini to the professional level. The ALEXA Mini’s carbon fiber housing includes a solid titanium PL Mount to connect with the internal, titanium sensor mount. This helps ensure a stable flange focal distance with large lenses. Integrated and sealed electronics fill out the interior of this nimble camera body.



Size isn’t the only thing which matters; versatility is king. Operate the ALEXA Mini camera via wireless remote control, attach the ARRI MVF-1 multi viewfinder to function as a normal camera, or use the camera with an on-board monitor and control it via the user button interface on the camera body. In addition, the symmetrical nature of the ALEXA Mini means you can operate it upside down or sideways, should you choose to do so. It is also ideal for 360° plate shots and works well in a multi-camera productions.

The lightweight ALEXA Mini camera can be held comfortably-at arms length-to achieve shots on-the-go with a gimbal rig. Its compact body suits shooting within tight spaces. You can also leap to new heights with aerial work.

Of course, all of that is hype when you consider the inside of the ARRI ALEXA Mini camera and the ability to interchange your lens mounts.


Interchangeable Lens Mounts

Lens Mount options include:

  • Titanium PL mount with L-Bus connector and LDS (Lens Data System)
  • EF mount
  • PL mount with Hirose connector and LDS
  • B4 mount with Hirose connector(A)


Sensor & Image Quality

The same image quality you have come to expect across the ARRI family of cameras resides within the small form of the ALEXA Mini: the ALEV III sensor. The Mini delivers 14+ stops of dynamic range.

When you require multiple cameras on the same production, you prefer well-matched images in post. It saves you time and money. ARRI has provided you that capability now the ALEXA Mini joined the ranks of the ALEXA SXT and others in their line-up. That means, not only do the images you record on multiple ARRI cameras share the same sensor, they deliver the same color space. Your variance is mainly the size of the unit. Check out the comparison image we posted to view the size difference between these cameras. 

You shoot only anamorphic productions? Good news for you: the ALEXA Mini camera can match your other ARRI cameras on set thanks to a 4:3 sensor (an upgrade) and automatic de-squeeze function. Workflows will also be identical.


You can upgrade your 4:3 ALEV III sensor in two manners, should you decide to do so:

  • 4:3 License Key – achieve ProRes in 4:3, 4:3 cropped, or 16:9 anamorphic, plus de-squeeze both the viewfinder image and the HD-SDI signal
  • ARRIRAW License Key – records 2.8K 16:9 ARRIRAW internally

Install both upgrades on your camera to unlock Open Gate ARRIRAW.

A graphic table of frame rates has been provided in our photos for your reference.



You can record ProRes or uncompressed ARRIRAW in-camera to CFast 2.0 memory cards. You can also capture slow-motion imagery with the ALEXA Mini’s maximum frame rate of 200fps in HD instead of using a high-speed camera. Like the ALEXA AMIRA, capture 60fps when in 3.2K or UHD modes. Visit the specifications for this product to view its recording format particulars.

The ARRI ALEXA Mini, like its big brother the high-end ARRI ALEXA, can record 4K UHD ProRes 4444 images and deliver real-time 4K UHD output on the ALEV III sensor with bayer color filter array. The sensor provides an image with high dynamic range, low noise, natural skin tones, and the true colors you require.

NOTE: Verify current recording media compatibility with ARRI's Supported Recording Media Overview


The Look

The color and look of the ARRI ALEXA Mini camera includes several focus and exposure control functions to assist you, including: peaking, zebra, false color, and waveform. Choose to either automatically or manually white balance. You can import custom 3D LUTs and adjust image parameters such as knee, gamma, saturation, black gamma, and saturation by hue.

Should you desire control over the Log-C image you may use ARRI’s Colour Tool which is a free software download to create, modify, and store LUTs.


Got Wireless?

The ARRI wireless controller WCU-4, which is sold separately, makes use of integrated ARRI Lens Data System (LDS) technology. This delivers metadata about focus, iris, and zoom settings to the palm of your hand so you can make precise adjustments during a shot. The data also permits lens mapping to pre-marked focus rings.

Use the built-in WiFi connectivity for remote control of camera functions from iOS or Android devices without a special app which means you can use a web browser interface instead. Our very own Ian explains how remote control via WiFi can boost your capture abilities in various rigging scenarios in his ALEXA Mini Quick Tip video.


Additional Features

The ALEXA Mini can be powered with 10.5-34 V DC or via Lemo 8–pin. A USB 2.0 interface has been provided for user sets, looks, etc.

Another feature of the ARRI ALEXA Mini camera is how well-suited it is to capture footage from gimbals, UAVs, or specialty rigs. Its compact and lightweight shape not only suits the sizing constraints with room to spare, it allows standard PL mount lenses to fit on aerial systems or gimbal rigs. The camera’s ability to shoot in low-light also makes it ideal for underwater work. Several third-party underwater housings are available which fit the ALEXA Mini.

Connect active lens motors to the titanium PL mount on the ARRI ALEXA Mini to control focus, iris, and zoom settings from ARRI hand units, such as the WCU-4, without an external box due to the integrated lens motor controller built into the camera. Additional functionality is available with the WCU-4 to alter camera settings. 

Internal ND filters (0.6, 1.2, 2.1) inside the camera are motorized and can be remote controlled. They permit rapid response to changing light conditions and eliminate the need for a mattebox for ND filters when you’ve no room for one.

Collect sound via the 4-pin Lemo connector on the front of the camera. There is no on-board microphone to conserve space so you’ll need to determine your audio capture strategy. If you are unsure what works for you, please reach out to your local AbelCine sales team.

Remember that the size of the ALEXA Mini means there is no exterior LCD screen. Pair it with an ARRI MVF-1 Viewfinder or a third-party external monitor/recorder (each sold separately) to navigate camera settings. The MVF-1 Viewfinder includes a flip-out touch screen display to help with this, along with the traditional eyecup.

Third-party camera rigs are also available to fit the ARRI ALEXA Mini. Mounting points exist on the titanium sensor carriage instead of the carbon fiber body.

What's in the Box

  • 1 x ARRI ALEXA Mini Camera Body


Key Highlights

  • ALEV III sensor same as ARRI ALEXA
  • Compact for rigs and aerial work
  • Integrated ND filters
  • Frame Rates from 0.75 to 200 fps
  • Recording in ProRes on CFast 2.0 Cards
  • RAW & anamorphic options Available
  • High dynamic range & true colors

Aerial Device

Aerial Compatible:

Camera Lens System

Camera Lens Mount:
B4 - with Hirose connector(A)
PL - Titanium PL mount with L-Bus connector and LDS
Canon EF
Lens Metadata:
ARRI Lens Data System (LDS) technology - Metadata about focus, iris and zoom settings


Supports 3D LUTs:
LUT Details:
Custom Look: Import of custom 3D LUT, ASC CDL parameter (slope, offset, power, saturation)
Gamma Modes:
Log C
Color Gamut:
REC 709

Inputs & Outputs

SDI Output:
1 x 6G-SDI
Timecode In/Out:
Inputs - SDI-Genlock (optional activation through ARRI Service), Timecode (in and output)

Mechanical & Electronic Controls

Electronic Options:
Wireless - Control focus, iris and zoom settings with an ARRI hand unit (sold separately) without an additional external box.


Power Input:
DC - 10.5-34 V DC
LEMO 7-pin


Sound Level:
< 20 dB(A) at standard frame rates


Recording Resolution:
2.39: 1 2K Anamorphic - 2048 x 858 * Requires ALEXA Mini 4:3 License Key,
2K Cine 16:9 - 2048 x 1152
HD (2.8K Downscale) - 1920x1080 Recorded
3.2K Open Gate - *** Requires both ALEXA Mini 4:3 and ARRIRAW Licenses Keys
3.2K / 4K UHD - 3840 x 2160 (up-sampled from 3.2K)
4:3 2.8K - 4: 3 2880 x 2160 (padded to 2944 x 2160)
S16 HD - 1920 x 1080 (up-sampled from 1600 x 900)
HD Anamorphic - 1920 x 1080 * Requires ALEXA Mini 4:3 License Key,
Recording Max Frame Rate:
Up to 200fps - Open Gate / MFX/ARRIRAW 3.4K Open Gate 0.75
Up to 50fps - 4:3 / ProRes 4:3 2.8K 0.75
Up to 120fps - 6:5 / ProRes 2:39:1 2K Ana. 0.75 * 4:3 cropped
Recording Format:
Anamorphic ProRes with 2x in-camera de-squeeze
Apple ProRes 4444
Apple ProRes 442 HQ
Apple ProRes 4444 Regular and XQ
Apple ProRes 422 LT
Apple ProRes 422

Recording / Media

Media Type:
CFast 2.0
Recording Format:
ProRes 422HQ

Sensor Specifics

Sensor Size:
Super 35
Sensor Type:
Sensor Dynamic Range:
14+ stops
Sensor Dimensions:
28.25 x 18.17mm

Stabilizers / Steady Devices

Gimbal Compatibility:


Compatibility Notes:
Yes - ARRI ALEXA Mini provides good low-light performance. ARRI advises to switch the sensor to High Humidity mode when using the camera in an underwater housing. This helps prevent condensation on the sensor.


EVF Screen Type:
LCD - flip-out LCD screen
OLED - Multi Viewfinder MVF-1 Eyepiece
EVF Brightness:
Daylight Visible
EVF Features:
Alternate Left/Right Usage
Mounting Bracket - Lightweight sliding bar
Zebra Mode
False Color Mode
EVF Display Size:
3.01"-3.50" - 3.2" fold-away
EVF Imagery:


Motor Control Notes:
ARRI Lens Motor Control - Built-in white coded radio interface for ARRI lens and camera remote control L-BUS motor output for daisy-chainable cforce lens control motors Lens Data Archive


Recording Formats:
Apple ProRes - 4444XQ, 4444, 422 HQ, 422LT, 422
ARRIRAW - in-camera recording to MXF-wrapped ARRIRAW files (2.8K 16:9: 2880 x 1620; requires ALEXA Mini ARRIRAW License Key); Open Gate: 3424 x 2202 (requires both ALEXA Mini 4:3 and ARRIRAW Licenses Keys)
Anamorphic ProRes
Video Output Types:
2 x HD-SDI - 1.5G and 3G: uncompressed HD video with embedded audio and metadata
SDI - 6G SDI in UHD and 3.2K recording modes.
Media Cards:
CFast Cards (2.0)
WiFi Interface:
Camera Options:
Camera Body Only
Camera Features:
USB - USB 2.0 (for user sets, looks etc.)
ND Filter Built-In - motorized ND filters 0.6, 1.2, 2.1
Custom Functions - Optional GPIO interface for integration with custom control interfaces
Adjustable Image Parameters - Knee, gamma, saturation, black gamma, saturation by hue
On-Camera Controls - Camera Control Panel (CCP-1) LCD control panel with option to daisy-chain MVF-1
Remote Control (WiFi)
Remote Control (App)
False Color
Remote Control (Web-based)
White Balance
Imaging Processor:
Ethernet Interface:
for service and web remote control
Accessory Interface:
EXT accessory interface - with RS pin and unregulated power output (outputs battery voltage)
WiFi Notes:
Web-based remote control from phones, tablets and laptops
Camera Autofocus:


24 in
24 in
24 in
14.34 lb

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